elien and jake


“Yakone! OI!” The woman rocked back on her heels, hands on her hips. “I challenge you to an arm wrestle! You better fuckin’ accept, or I get your goddamn man card for a week.” Jake heaved a sigh in the background, shrugging rather apologetically in the other man’s direction.


Yakone turned around and smirk; he couldn’t resist a challenge. 

“Don’t get into something you can’t win,” he told her, stepping in front of her. “Challenge accepted,” he said, looking around for a flat surface they could arm wrestle on.

“Over here,” the woman waved an arm, motioning at a nearby crate on the side of the street. “This’ll do, so long as it doesn’t up and break,” she snorted, and thumped her elbow down on the thing, waiting for him to do the same.

“Just, y'know. Don’t cry when I win,” she added, grinning.