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Rave master : Favorite chapter

This manga is one of my favorites and one of the first ones that i read. I loved this manga so much. I read it again just to revive the funny moments and this interesting story about raves and etherion. I was thinking in this chapter that it’s actually my favorite of the whole manga, they all in happiness before the last battle

¡how much i loved this chapter! it’s all about both realizing their feelings to each other but at the end they couldn’t say it HAHAHA


In this part, Haru is overthinking in Elie and when she smiles to him, he gets crazy. Musica tells him that if he has something to say, he had to say it now, because they don’t know what could happen tomorrow, then haru says that he doesn’t want this to be the last night and that it was (lyingggg)

Julia tells Elie that she loves Haru and that she should go and kiss him while she is drunk but elie refused, then we realize that it’s a plan from Julia and Musica to put them together (i loved these two for that omfg friends goals)

Musica holds haru at the floor while Julia says to him that she’s going to undress elie and she says it’s okay, because you don’t care huh? and then haru it’s like (STOP PLEASE SHES MY WOMAN WTF) not really but…Then he says ‘’I like elie. (MY FEELINGS JUST EXPLODED) but elie was drunk lol. Julia tells him to come and tell her that otherwise she’s going to undress elile completely as she was born lol

Haru puts some courage and takes a whole bottle of alcohol and says he is gonna do it!, also he gets naked here (yk girls huh)


When he’s about to say it, elie spits fire on him because of that alcohol that Julia gave her at the beginning.

(belnika is concentrated in her thing…HAHAHA)


I really cannot wait for what is coming with Nalu confessing feelings!

Anyway, that’s the end of the chapter, for me it was pretty funny and they realize their feelings, even if they didn’t tell each other. They will say it later.

Last night i was imagining this scene with Natsu and Lucy, Julia as Cana, Musica as Gray, think about it and laughhhh!

So Hiro Mashima wants his next series to be all about love...

Well on the one hand I can’t fault him for trying to focus on the thing thats resonated with audiences a lot more, but I have a few things I wanna say.

If you told me Hiro Mashima was going to do a series about love 5 years ago. I’d be okay with it. Afterall, I think Haru and Elie was one of the best done romances in manga. But aalso looking at one of the issues of FT is that Hiro could not balance multiple romances. So the idea of him having a series focusing on it seems off.

Before someone sites Rave’s multiple romances, lets look at the others. Romances like Let x Julia were already together in the series. Shuda x Cattelya got together off screen, Musica x Reina was handled over 2 arcs then concluded with her death, Musica x Nagisa was in one arc that got dropped after a while, and Musica x Belnika didn’t get any real resolution. What I’m saying is that as much as Hiro can do one romance really well, he still can’t do multiple.

As for FT, we all could get into essay long arguments on “Why this ship works” or “Why this relationship is abusive” etc. Look lets get one thing straight, whether you like the “big 4″ or hate them, you can’t deny a lot of them were not given enough time. In fact, the reason why Gajeel x Levy does work out of the 4 is due to both being a side cast so it makes sense that they might not get all the attention, but Natsu x Lucy resulted in either akward moents that either will be called “Romantic, Platonic, or plain intrusive” out of all the big 4 I haven’t a big problem with this ship, but if there was love, then it was definitely more ambiguous than the others. Gray x Juvia is a can of worms that has no gray area, either you love it or hate it. For me my problem is that Juvia eventually just became “I’m in love with Gray” which is something I have issue with Jellal because that was all his purpose was in the story. Oh sure he had a narrative purpose of “Fight Zeref” but in reality all he was was Erza’s love interest.

Given that we now know that Mashima had no idea what he was doing with the series, I think it’s fair to assume that he came up with a lot of these romances too late and didn’t give them enough time to justify them.

Now on to the big question, will this next series be about FT or a new universe? Well, I’m hoping it is about a new universe, not just because I want Hiro to actually write something that isn’t about FT, but because a lot of the “Big 4″ were concluded. Gajeel and Levy got together, Gray gave a pseudo confession, Erza and Jellal have mutual feelings for each other, there’s not much more you can do. The only ideas I could come up with that could possibly work with FT and romance as a continuation of the story is: it’s a jerza story that concludes their romance (Though again, we kinda now their in love), make it more of a slice of life manga about them as couples, or do the same slice of life thing only instead with their kids. This is the best I could come up with, and even I think these would be trite pandering.

Before you get the wrong impression, I actually like romance in series. In fact, one of my top 5 favorite series is a romance. What I want is a romance done well and it seems Hiro would be a lot more capable of doing that with new universe than trying to rework characters hes already had to work on with so much establishment. I personally also think that transferring to another universe allows him to make the switch of genres a lot easier. At the end of the day, FT was not a romance, but an action adventure shounen. Trying to do a sequel where it’s genre has changed could be tougher than it sounds. With a new series, he can start from scratch. I also hope it’s a new series because doing a story solely focused on romance would a call experiment. Mashima can see what he’s good at or not outside of action shounen.

That’s my thoughts on this whole thing. I still standby look forward to Hiro’s next original work and now that I know it is about romance, well that’s good to know it won’t be an after thought.

You know you’re fangirl asf when you’re listening to a love song and instead of thinking of someone that you like, you’re thinking of your OTP

Mashima’s couples

The couple that takes forever

to come to terms with their feelings.

The couple that starts as a one sided love,

but the other side actually cares as well.

The couple that can’t be together for a long time,

but then they have a tearful reunion.

So yeah, I didn’t use too many pics for NaLu and Haru x Elie even though they probably have the greatest amount of shared moments. Also I might redo this once Fairy Tail ends if I’ll have more suitable pictures then.

And if you don’t believe me that Musica x Belnika is real just check this:

Fairies at the Beach - FT volume 5 omake.

shoutout for mashima

for being the only shonen mangaka who know how to build up a strong healthy and slow but sweet relationship and have the balls to make his main characters end up togethere like how he builded it throu his entier series instead of doing the cliché that we recently saw