is the slovenly method, still frequently employed, of completely covering the error with ink, so that not a letter thereof can be traced. (From oblitero, “I blot out.”)

is the act of striking out the erroneous matter by a simple dash of the pen. (From elido, “I strike or dash out.”)

is the wiping away the ink while it is yet wet, and then continuing the writing over the space which had been in the first instance occupied by the error. (From deleo, “I wipe out.”)

from A Dictionary of the Art of Printing, William Savage

illustration by Lou Marchetti

Dharmata Experience #2: August 14th, 2010.

@Mickey Finns in Port St. Lucie, FL.

This was nearly a year and a half after my first Dharmata experience. You could probably guess I was dying to see them again by this point. Anyway, they were playing at a festival called Mickey Palooza which was at a bar called Mickey Finns. Luckily, this place is only 3 minutes from my house so there was no way I was missing this event. Elido was playing too! Those two bands were the only bands I cared to see, so I didn’t bother planning to see any other bands. Dharmata was scheduled to go on around 6:30 and Elido would go on at 7-something. So I just asked my sister to drop me off at 6 and then pick me up around 8:30. When I got there, within 15 seconds I ran into a friend from high school. We chatted for about 10 minutes but it was hard to hear because it was inside the bar and the band was shit. I walked towards the back door but I waited for some friends to show up before I went outside to the big stage. Once they got there and we met up, we went outside and hung out and chatted for a little while. We spotted the dudes from Dharmata and talked about them. None of us went over to say hi though. Shortly after, my buddy Jimmy and his wife and daughter showed up so I said hi to them and stuff.

Finally Dharmata came on and I left my group of friends and I stayed by Jimmy’s side. I wasn’t an expert at Dharmata’s music, but I had learned the choruses to a few of their songs. (Their music isn’t easy to find online). Kevin, the bassist, looked at us at one point and Jimmy pretended to fangirl over it. It was funny! He’s really good friends with the guys in the band. I didn’t know that at the time, though. Otherwise, I would’ve stayed by the stage after their set to meet them. I don’t know why I didn’t anyway! I have no idea what I was thinking. Whateverrrr. Dharmata freaking rocked the place and I left the parking lot an even bigger fan!

I went back inside the bar to check out another band to kill time before Elido. They were a funk-rock type band called Speaking Volumes. I actually really enjoyed them!! Their music is fun and they have a very laid-back kinda style. The dude’s voice reminded me of Everlast. I looked over and saw Jimmy and his family having a good time. Apparently, he’s friends with that band too! I swear… he knows everyone. Jimmy’s wife Steffanne called me over to talk. She asked where my sister was and I told her she was at home. Then she asked where Bill (my sister’s husband) was and I said, “Probably sitting on the couch.” and she gave me a weird look. She said, “Then who are you here with?!” and I was like, “NOBODY!!” and she gave me a look like ‘niceee’. Kinda like a nod of approval. haha. Anyway, if you feel like checking them out, you can find them on iLike and download their entire album for free. My favorite songs are “Funky Fried Chicken” and “Fo Sho”.

After Speaking Volumes was done, I went back outside to wait for Elido to come on stage. At this point, my sister and her husband were friends with the lead singer, Russ, from seeing his other 80s rock cover band Metalucious. (Check them out, THEY’RE HILARIOUS!!) Once Elido came on, I rocked out! They blew me away. Still wasn’t familiar with their music because they literally have NO music online anywhere. After their performance I walked up to Russ and introduced myself and told him that I was Michelle’s little sister. They talked about me before so he kinda knew who I was. So I chatted with him for a few minutes and he gave me a free Elido demo cd (FUCK YEAH!) and then I had to go.

As I was walking I saw Jimmy and I was about to walk up to him to let him know I was leaving, until I realized he was in a huge argument with this asswipe named Mic. This dude starts shit with EVERYONE. So I avoided that and walked back inside and headed towards the front door. I passed by Jay Slim (singer from Dharmata) and I was so nervous, but I turned around and grabbed his shoulder, gave a thumbs up, mouthed “Great Job”, nodded, and flashed a nice smile. haha. We couldn’t talk because there was a band on and we wouldn’t be able to hear each other. So I left and waited for my sister to pick me up.

Once I got home, I was there for about a half an hour before I had to leave again. Why? Mic was threatening to bring like 10 dudes over to our house to kick Bill’s ass. For what? Who knows. Mic is an idiot. Michelle told me Steffanne would come pick us up and take us to their house. Jimmy came to our house and told me he would’ve introduced me to Dharmata if he’d known I was leaving. Inside, I was like FUCKKK! But I told him why I left without saying goodbye. Butttt if I would’ve known he was going to introduce me to Dharmata, I definitely would’ve waited until his argument was over!! Anyway, my brother and I left with Steffanne to their house and Jimmy stayed at our house. I stayed there until nearly 2am. Nothing ever went down at my house, but better safe than sorry. But omg. The ride home was SO. MUCH. FUN. Jimmy was drunk, but not drunk to the point where he couldn’t drive. If that makes sense. He’s the funniest fucking dude when he’s drunk. Anyway, he was blasting “Splinter” by Sevendust SO FUCKING LOUD and we had all the windows down. He was going 80mph in a 30. You’d think I’d be scared shitless but I was literally having the time of my life!! He hit a mailbox with his passenger mirror on the way and shouted “THAT’S THE THIRD FUCKING TIME I HIT THAT MAILBOX!!!” and this dude in the front seat goes, “Well fucking watch out for it then!” and Jimmy was like, “Oh no, that time it was on purpose.” hahaha. How many more crimes could we commit in the 15 minute ride home? Luckily no more. But it was fun as fuck!