I can’t remember a time in my book blogging career where I wasn’t waiting for a new Throne of Glass book to be released and the fact that’s going to change soon makes me sad

“Lorcan followed Elide inside the tavern, some part of him admitting that for all his five hundred years of surviving and killing and serving, he’d never quite encountered someone so… unimpressed with him. Even gods-damned Aelin had some sense of the threat he posed. Maybe living with monsters had stripped away a healthy fear of them. He wondered how Elide hadn’t become one in the process.”

Empire of Storms, Sarah J. Maas

Probably one of the most underrated parts in EoS🙌🏼

(also Elide has A LOT of bde and is at the same time a total babe)


author’s note; For the KOA fic swap hosted by @rayonfrozenwings and @bookofmirth  Hope you enjoy @manontrashbeak !!!

ship; malide, Elide Pov 

tags; malide, HEA, post-KOA

It’s an unnaturally hot day in Perranth, Elide notes. It’s certainly made no better by the sweaty jostling bodies of the early-morning markets crowd, filled with people from all walks of life hoping to nab the finer produce before the rest of the rush come in, only to realize too late that everyone else had the exact same idea.

Elide was starting to regret coming out here for the day. But she had no other choice! She hated it, the constant meetings full of sniveling, scheming nobility, who only wanted to adjust the playing field for their own personal gain, the unending flux of responsibilities that kept her cooped up inside for days on end made her relive certain memories she wanted to stay buried.

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When Chaol Gets Back
  • Chaol: Wait, so you're telling me
  • Manon and the Thirteen: *smirking*
  • Chaol: That we are allied with witches
  • Ansel: *playing with a dagger*
  • Chaol: That we control Melisande's fleet and are working with the Queen of the Wastes
  • Silent Assassins: *training*
  • Chaol: That we have 200 legendary assassins at our disposal
  • Galan: *talking with his men*
  • Chaol: That Wendlyn is finally making themselves useful
  • Rolfe: *glowering at everyone*
  • Chaol: We have the legendary Mycenians fighting with us
  • Lysandra: *is Aelin*
  • Chaol: That freaking MAUVE kidnapped Aelin and Lysandra is playing Queen until we can rescue her so she can die for us all
  • Rowan: *is basically King*
  • Chaol: That Aelin actually married him
  • Dorian: *pocketing two Wyrd Keys*
  • Chaol: That we have possession of two Wyrd Keys
  • Chaol:
  • Everyone:
  • Chaol:
  • Chaol: I need a drink

Remember when we thought Aelin was Celeana and she was just some badass assassin who just had a bad day and got thrown in prison but when she won the competition she’d just go on cool missions and that would be Throne of Glass HAHAHAHAHAHAHSHJDBCDSC same

Friendly Reminder

That Rowan, Gavriel, Lorcan and Elide are all coming for Aelin.

That Chaol, Nesryn, Sartaq and Yrene are going North with an Army, a Navy and an aerial cavalry.

That the Silent Assassins, Rowan’s cousins, Gallan Ashryver, Ansel’s army and Captain Rolfe’s fleet have joined the side of Terressan.

That Yrene Towers can heal anyone who had a Valg inside of them.

That Fleetfoot has been promised to survive.

That Fenrys will fight to protect Aelin as much as he can from Maeve.

That Manon Blackbeak, the last Crochan Queen and Heir to the Blackbeak Coven has the wyrd keys and Maeve does not.

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