Five years ago today, I introduced myself to my beautiful fiancée. It was on a message board called IDF, in Lacey Schwimmer’s thread on August 27th, 2007.

Serendipity. Plain and simple. We are a happy mistake. I added her on MySpace, thinking I knew her, on accident. And now, we’ve been together for almost five years.

I wouldn’t trade her for anything in my life. She walked into my world with the most impecable timing. She’s saved me time and time again and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her. She is my everything. I love her more than I love milk (and trust me, I really fucking love milk.)

You’re my perfect thing, Nicole. You’re my sunshine and my moonlight. You’re in everything I see. Thank you for being you and letting me love you and loving me in return.

Date: 07/10/2007

mmmkay so

I’ve been thinking of ways to say this.
and none seem perfect enough…
because you’re so beautiful..
and perfect..
and brilliant..
and gorgeous..
and honest..
and amazing..
and just…
no words…

I’ve never been good at this…
but then I thought I’d be cute and
draw it out in the doodles that I

and I’m hoping that you’ll say yes…


(omg I’m nervouss lol.)
well my love.. I’ll await your answer.

yours truly,
Elanor Gabriela.

Four years ago today :)

you see that girl right there? you see that girl with them luscious lips? the girl with the gorgeous hair and the gorgeous face? thE GORGEOUS EVeryTHIGN?????? yeah well this lady right there is my lady. my beautiful perfect woman on earth and it’s her birthday today. i love nicole more than milk and that’s like extreme, but it’s true 100% 5 gold stars 10/10 would bang i mean

anyway, she’s now 24 years young and the most amazing and stunning person ive ever met and i hope to keep her around me for the next 24 + infinity years and i’d love for everyone to wish her a happy birthday riiiight here.

I LOVE YOU BABY I HOPE YOU HAVE THE MOST MAGICAL BIRTHDAY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :********

anonymous asked:

how did you and nicole exactly happen? i mean i got how you met, but not how you became a couple? and when/how did you decide to meet each other in person? (you're perfect together btw)

we kind of feed the stereotype tbh

we met on august 27th, 2007. we decided that she was going to visit me in february of ‘08 on september 5th or so of '07. thus the countdown of around 169 days began until we met in person. then about a month later on october 7th of 2007 I asked her to be my girlfriend. so we were already planning to meet in person before we were official.

it all happened real quick. first I thought, oh! another friend! and then it became more of a wow I really like her?????????? and soon after (like two weeks into us talking) I realized I was in love with her. it wasn’t until a week into us being together that we said those three words and we haven’t stopped since.

for my previous anon

these are some of the notes I used to write nicole and then take a photo and send to her over the internet. weren’t we precious?

(see you can see the countdown of days starting from early september of 2007. the earliest number I can remember on the countdown was definitely around 169 so you do the math.)