TCEI Event Excellence Awards-2015 – Hybiz.tv

TCEI Event Excellence Awards-2015 – Hybiz.tv


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On this week’s ‪#‎WHresident‬ feature, we have one of the co-founders of Elico Corp Singapore. Always one of the earliest to arrive every morning on his trusty bicycle, David Praire is a man that is always challenging his limits.

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David Praire - Elico Solutions

Rain or shine, one thing that doesn’t change is the whirling sound of chains as David Praire coasts down to Workhouse everyday. A fan of cycling to work, he values the convenience that his bike offers him when traveling around Singapore.

“Cycling is the fastest way to get to work, or anywhere else in Singapore for that matter,” David shares. “It’s also good training for my next triathlon, although I do wish the Taxi Uncles here would be more friendly to cyclists.”

Transferred here two years ago by his previous company, David has since fallen in love with Singapore and the amazing food our island has to offer. Dim sum, curry, tropical fruits and many more are all on his favourite food list however he admits has yet to acquire a taste for the iconic king of fruits, the Durian. During his time here, David met Dominique, an early partner of Elico Corp in Shanghai.

“2014 was a year of expansion for Elico and Dominique realised the potential Singapore held,” David recalls. “Soon enough, Dominique asked me to open the Singapore branch with him.”

As the Co-founder for Elico Solutions’ Singapore branch, David works as a project manager helping companies to implement the business software Odoo. An open source and integrated business software, they are able to customize or build specific modules to cater to the unique needs any business might have ranging from customer relationship management to human relations, logistics, accounting and many more.

Since David spends a lot of time at Workhouse, he appreciates the convenience the space has to offer his team.

“Workhouse is a fantastic place in many aspects. It is spacious, very well-designed, not too big, with an easy-going and friendly environment,” David says. “We also like it because it is very central, reasonably-priced, and only a 5-minute ride from home! It is the perfect mix for us.”

While David isn’t busy working, he enjoys the challenge of pushing his limits as a fresh Triathlon addict.

“I love the camaraderie you build when overcoming the odds with close friends and it’s an excellent reason to enjoy a fresh Tiger afterwards,” he says. “It’s a challenging but rewarding experience!”