მე არ ვისწორებ არც საყელოს და არც სახელოს,
მე არ ვშლი ქოლგას, წვიმას რომ არ გაუსკდეს გული.
ვიქნები ასე უპირსახო და უსახელო,
ქალაქის მტვერი, ანამც ღრუბლის პატარა ქულა..

5 Qs tag game ^-^

marlon @feathereddean tagged me in this, thank you !!!

Rules: Answer the 5 following questions, tag 10 people.

1. What is your follower count?

561 (idk how though??)

2. How many are you following?

1,237 people xD

3. How many posts do you have queued/scheduled?

none bc idk how to use the queue lol

4. How long have you had your tumblr?

uhhhh…close to 2 years? i think i made it december 2014 so yeah!

5. Tag 10 people. i’m gonna tag the last 3 people i talked to as usual

the last 3 people i talked to i just tagged in the last thing so i’m gonna do the 3 after that lol which isssssss *hang on lemme figure it out* @merlypops, @yellowhalcyon, and @nineteeneightiesniall (katy, jori, eliava)

and as always you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but feel free to do it even if i didn’t tag you!!

dia @broken-wing tagged me in the handwriting tag!  and like…i actually have slightly different answers lol + i have a SUPER GOOD PEN (i’m too excited about this whoops) and i stuck with my “tag the last 3 people i talked to” rule so like !! wow @me!!

i’m tagging @internetgirlbynight, @nineteeneightiesniall, and @orange-excuses (eliora, eliava, cons) but like…it’s up to you if you want to ^-^ (& if you want to and i didn’t tag you, go for it!)