Gold Commissions!

I am set on crafting another ghostly weapon, this time Azureflame. However since I don’t get too much time in a day anymore I don’t get a chance to run dungeons or world events as often as I should. 

What I am offering:

A portrait of your character - 10 gold

A halfbody of your character in similar style - 20g +10 for any extra character (Max 3)

A fullbody of your character - 40g + 20g for every extra character (Max 3)

I also accept payment in Charged Cores/Lodestones, Orichalcum Ore/Ingots and Ancient Logs/Planks of same value! 


  • I will draw humans, norn, charr, asura, sylvari, skritt… Basically you name it. It doesn’t even have to be a GW2 character, it can be an OC, or character from other MMO! I accept payment only with GW2 currency however.
  • You have a choice to either pay me full amount up front or pay half, see sketch and then pay me the rest. Please let me know which payment method you prefer.
  • Please provide me enough reference! If you want me to meet your character in-game and snap all references that can work too, as long as you let me know.
  • Send payment to either triksykitty.6102 or by character name, Cavyn Elias
  • Give me at least 2 weeks to complete your commission. I will link the complete work to you. Let me know if you want it posted or kept private.
  • If you have any questions or want something that is not listed here feel free to message me and we will figure something out :)

Thank you in advance!