Main Street U.S.A.  Fun Fact -

 Well it’s impossible not to have walked on this road before if you’ve ever been to Disneyland park in California, or Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida…  They don’t call it “Main Street” for nothing.

     Many things are to be said about Main Street, but for now, I’d like to settle on one of my favorite, and so very subtle, facts about it.

     If you’re a keen eye or just an amateur observer, you’d notice right quick that on almost ever window on the facades that run along the sides of Main Street, there are names.  Names, you notice, that each have a profession as to add to the idea that the people who go to these names run period appropriate businesses in the rooms above the shops we all know and love.  

     Actually, the names are real people!  In fact, every name you see up on those windows, are the names of the people who’ve contributed to Disneyland and Walt Disney World, respectively.  However, one name stands out specifically:  Elias Disney.   It wouldn’t take a detective to deduce that Elias Disney was Walt’s father.  Also, if you know about Elias and his life, you’d also know that he was a contractor for many buildings in the the town Walt grew up in.  In fact, Elias built the house they lived in.  If you look, under Elias’s name on the window, it plainly says “Contractor”.

Nothing Earth-shattering, but still a wonderful homage to the late Elias Disney.

–  An Enthusiast 

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