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REPUTATION: a speculative aesthetic playlist (LISTEN)

i. BAD REPUTATION - joan jett / ii. FUCK WITH MYSELF - banks / iii. BAD BLOOD - taylor swift feat. kendrick lamar / iv. COPYCAT - billie eilish / v. SOBER II (MELODRAMA) - lorde / vi. PROM - sza / vii. BLANK SPACE - taylor swift / viii. HAPPY WITH ME - holychild / ix. THUNDER - imagine dragons / x. TRAINWRECK - banks / xi. WHICH WITCH - florence + the machine / xii. REVOLUTION - elias

Ractions to 2x08

When Bellamy told the guards to hold the fire for Clarke:

When Kane came back:

Bellarke moments:

Finn telling Raven: “may we meet again”

The discussion about if they should hand over Finn:

Clarke getting hit in the head:

Bellamy telling Clarke she’ll be okay:

Finn handing himself over to the grounder:

Abby talking to Indra (african american grounder):

Bellamy and Clarke looking at each other right before she leaves camp Jaha:

Clarke talking/kissing/killing Finn:

Watching the 2x09 promo:

Realizing there’s no The 100 untill January 21st:


Tuesday crazies are out in full force! What the hell happened? I went to bed last night and we had all said our peace and made peace and were basking in the glow of amazing pictures! It turned out to be a great day with lots of great stuff including photos, interviews, periscopes, a closer look at Med (did I mention yesterday how freaking excited I am!!) and most importantly: the renewal of two awesome shows that none of us want to live without… (And adding a third to that in a week baby!) We get another season to laugh, cry, complain and celebrate together. Oh and most importantly drool over these amazing men (and all the other amazing men/women on these shows not playing favourites here) Come on peeps, quiet the negative anons that like to divide us. We have lots to come together over!!!