elias paz

É capaz de conquistar, tudo que ousa sonhar, jeito de menina, mas é tão mulher, que levanta e corre atrás do que quer. E sabe que o simples quase sempre é mais, pois todo amor e paz estão nas coisas mais simples. Não foge da guerra, mas luta pela paz.

my younger cousin Elias won this muscle milk contest along with a few other people. the winners of the contest got to go to the warriors practice facility and have a 3pt shooting contest against each other in front of Stephen Curry. My cousin won the 3pt contest. Winner of that contest was able to hang with Curry, get some hoop tips and win some free gear and stuff. he also had to go up against curry 1 on 1 in a 3 pt contest. he lost. lol but he still got a bunch of warrior gear and free courtside tickets to an upcoming game. how cool.. i’m jealous. he’s not gonna bring me to the game with him hahaha.