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Clark Bockelman, Lars Burmeister, Elia Cometti, Patrick Kafka, Mariano Ontañon, Misa Patinszki, Tobias Sørensen, Marlon Teixeira, Florian Van Bael and Edward Wilding by Adriano Russo for Esquire Serbia

upcoming requests: (in no order)

-Jordie Benn Her or Me part 2

-Tyler Seguin first time smut

- Auston Matthews: cuddly Auston; phone sex; pregnancy scare; Matthews Kasperi Kapanen threesome; Birthday request (THAT IS SUPER LATE I’M SO SORRY)

-Sidney Crosby: Stanley Cup; jealousy

-Elias Lindholm: smut

-Gabe Landeskog: Smut

-Nolan Patrick: smut; Daddy

-Alec Martinez: at the beach

-William Nylander: smut

-Kasperi Kapanen: threesome with Auston

-Morgan Rielly: first meeting

-Alex Nylander: sexting

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Chicago PD 4.20 Sneak Peek“Grasping for Salvation” 4/26/17

Al still got it. Al comes out with a solution about opening cell phone records. Erin and Jay sharing a
Look. Just like the title I’m grasping for anything Linstead

Credit: https://youtu.be/j3EHfCmoz4c. Viben on Films

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me (Cover)
Fall Out Boy
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me (Cover)

so here’s a cover of this (fuckin amazing) song from fall out boy (sorta a celebration for the announcement of mania?? a bit late but whatever) 

i love from under the cork tree so so much

past covers!! || request a song

(also: if you ever want to download a cover of mine, just shoot me an ask/message and i’ll give you a download link!!)