elias is a badass


Recasting Game of Thrones: The Sand Snakes:

Cynthia Addai Robinson as Obara

Deepika Padukone as Nymeria

Anastasia Tsilimpiou as Tyene

Maria Borges as Sarella 

A fanfic where Elia Martell finds out about the annulment of her marriage to Rhaegar and her children being cast out as bastards ( Maybe a Dornish Maester finds out and out of a sense of duty he sends a message to Elia ahead of time to let her know of this betrayal.) The Rebellion is lost, Robert is smashed on the Trident, but Elia…Elia and her children have vanished. 

Rhaegar finds out that Elia had packed her bags, gathered the children and was smuggled out of King’s Landing…but not before writing a letter to her beloved husband. Rhaegar finds the letter near his battered harp and reads.

 She tells him that he can keep his Stark bride, but he will no longer have any access to his first children, the children she almost lost her life for to bring them into this world. She tells them that Rhaenys and Aegon are legitimate Martells and will no longer bear the cursed name Targaryen (not unless they want to when they are of age.) She writes that he can keep the throne and his new Queen, but on her honor as a Martell he will never again lay eyes on her or their children.

“You have given up the right to be their Father when you divorced me in secret and married Lyanna Stark,” she writes. “I have no hatred in my heart towards her or her son, but you, I hold you responsible for nearly ruining our family and humiliating me and my children. They shall be the Dragon Suns of Dorne and will rule Sunspear alongside their cousins. Good luck to you, Rhaegar. May your prophecy bear fruit.”

Rhaegar is furious by the letter. He’d hoped to send Elia back home and their children raised as royal bastards but he was too late. He wants to gather up what’s left of his army, storm Sunspear and take his children, but Westeros is bleeding and the Lords are tired from war, so Rhaegar has no choice but to accept what his ex-wife did.

Bonus Points: 

Lyanna is alive and named Queen, but realizes that she’d traded one cage for another and that after Jon she cannot have anymore children. 

Elia was pregnant with Rhaegar’s child when she’d left Kings Landing and gives birth to his “Visenya” in Dorne. She gives the girl a Dornish name and is extremely smug about having the child Rhaegar always wanted. Maester Pycelle had lied about her being barren all along.

Rhaegar finds out and after an investigation that shows he was loyal to Tywin all along he has Pycelle executed.

Oberyn comes back from his travels with four dragon eggs. The eggs are the colors of House Martell and are hatched one night. A sun dragon for each child. The fourth egg hatches for Elia and now she has her own personal bodyguard. A giant red-gold dragon. Elia and her kids become badass Dornish dragon riders. 

Rhaegar is even more incensed and sends a letter demanding that Elia bring his children and the dragons.

Elia sends a very smug letter about how they have dragons and if he so much as tries to invade Dorne he will be met with dragonfire and spears. ‘We have built an empire that rivals Valyria. Come and get us if you dare.’ she writes. ‘We’ll make the Field of Fire sound like a fairytale if you declare war on Dorne.’

Rhaegar can’t do shit and is suffocating in his jealousy and regrets. He shuts himself away in his solar to pool over scrolls and books. He no longer pays any attention to Lyanna or Jon.

Lyanna wisens up and surprisingly becomes a warrior Queen in her own right. She finds out that being Queen doesn’t mean she has to be trapped. She can wield a sword without anyone telling her she can’t, she can ride as long as she lives and she can make some significant changes.

Rhaegar is not in his right mind to rule properly and Lyanna ends up running the kingdom ( with help from Rhaella). She learns from her past mistakes and even goes to Dorne to apologize for everything that’s happened.

Elia has no hard feelings towards her.

In fact, the two end up in bed together and become lovers. They are the song of Ice and Fire. Elia is Fire. Lyanna is Ice.

Shit happens. The Others come. Elia’s children and Jon band together and defeat them with their dragons. Everyone wins. Rhaegar dies. Everyone lives happily ever after.

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That moment in clip 2 episode 1, when Yousef and Sana glare at Elias. Oh, wow. Look at this badass couple. #goals. *eight episodes later* ahhhhh, this swan scared me. I'm only tough next to you.

i’m NEVER getting over that look honestly ????????


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ok but sana always reminding yousef that he cant cry while telling their wedding vows because then she would cry too and at end yousef doesnt cry as she told him but after first sentence of his vow she starts to cry and yousef immediately starts to cry too and elias then cries to and everyone ends up crying because the badass queen sana cries and it's just too much

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send me cute yousana / the balloon squad / the bakkoush siblings headcanons !!

I suppose it’s time to accept what is going to happen with Viserion and I’m so pissed off… “THE DRAGON HAS THREE HEADS” THREE, NOT TWO, THREE! F*CK YOU D&D! They destroyed everything, just like they did with the Sand Snakes! I love the three dragons in the books, at least they could have shown more interaction between Dany, Viserion and Rhaegal but noooo! And then one fuckin complete season without Ghost?! Seriously?! I read all the stupid nonsense about Jonsa vs Jonerys and I’m just here, lying in my bed thinking about how the dragons deserved better, how the direwolves deserved better, HOW ELIA MARTELL DESERVED BETTER! HOW FUCKIN BADASS DORNE DESERVED BETTER! And I’m not even going to start with the list of characters that also deserved better but D&D did their bs! WHAT DID THEY DO WITH MY FAVORITE SERIES?!

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To do list:

This is a list of posts I have planned for my fixing game of thrones series, if you want to request one don’t hesitate to do it, I could really use some suggestions:

  • Rickon lives
  • Shireen lives
  • Rickon and Shireen are in love
  • Queen in the North Sansa Stark
  • Dorne:
    • The Sand Snakes are properly cast*
    • Arianne Martell appears + (is her true bamf self and rules dorne)**
    • Ellaria is her actual self*
  • The blackfish lives
  • King Bran Stark
  • Bran and meera and rickon and osha reunite
  • Cersei and Myrcella get reunited
  • Ned and Catelyn as King and Queen in the North*
  • Elia survives Robert’s rebellion
  • Sansa as Lady of the Vale with a squad of badass friends* (I am so into this idea)
  • Gendry finally stops rowing*
  • Mya Stone appears*
  • The brotherhood without banners gets the recognition they deserve*
  • Margaery survives*
  • Theon being accepted as a stark *
  • Robb survives*
  • Theon and Sansa are bethroted*
  • Jeyne Poole exists

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Elia being a badass . Slaying 10 lannisters and saving her kids before being killed by the mountain.

It’s all a blur, but the one thing she can remember thinking clearly is, How unfortunate that you chose the Red Viper’s sister to target.

She’s no warrior, so instead she coats the tips of her guards’ spears with Oberyn’s own brand of poison, and all they have to do is nick the Lannister soldiers, then wait, and within moments the soldiers begin writhing on the floor until they don’t.

They fell Amory Lorch but Gregor Clegane is a different monster entirely, one Elia knows she cannot beat; instead, she hides with Aegon, hides with Rhaenys, and lives.

  • Person: Hi ther-
  • Me: Hello I am obsessed with AEITA and ATATN! Marcus is a bitch. Keenan's a fake ass motherfucker. Helene is a warrior slayer. Afya is a badass. Laia and Elias are the loves of my life. They are my parents and I am their adopted daughter! They don't know it yet but that's alright because that's what fanfiction is for.
  • Person: ...
  • Me: *Smiles*
  • Person: So I forgot that I left my toaster in the oven. Gotta go! *leaves*
My Thoughts on the Half-Season Order for ‘Person of Interest’

So, it’s been confirmed that ‘Person of Interest’ will have a 13 episode season next year, possibly its last at CBS.  People are understandably upset, but I think that this may be a real opportunity in disguise for the writers.  Some great writing and showrunning can come from working within limitations, and I think that with a little effort, this team can rise to the challenge.  However, there is a decent amount of rethinking that needs to happen for this to succeed.  They need to make this thing tight.  Make it count.  

Season 4 lacked the coherency of the earlier seasons, lacked the intimacy and the wonderfully simply character dynamics.  By attempting to inject ‘interpersonal drama’ into the show, I think the writers did it a disservice.  Facing down an AI apocalypse was more than enough, you didn’t need every character suddenly failing to be the incredible superheroes we’d seen them be before.  They had challenges to equal their talents, so why were all their talents hobbled?

So, a few suggestions to make season 5 kick all the ass season 4 didn’t:

1. Both showrunners need to be 100% involved.  Nolan ran off during season 4 to work on other projects, and it showed.  Greg Plageman cannot hold everything together on his own.  He has to cut corners and trust others to do things without supervision, and it made a lot of the episodes by the non-senior writing staff feel very flabby and sometimes out of character.  So Nolan needs to be on-board.  None of this half-assed shit.  This is your baby, Nolan, and it may be on its last legs.  Are you going to piss off and leave it floundering, or are you going to step up for those 13 episodes and make them count?

2. Do away with the fake identities.  The writers were already talking about doing more with John Riley and all the alternative identities plotlines.  NO.  We don’t have time for John to have a girlfriend or Root to get odd jobs or Harold to grade papers, all cut off from one another.  Instead of dicking around with that bullshit, start them on the run, having to literally live and exist underground.  Have their surface appearances dictated by the shadow map, and anything anywhere else by ski masks.  Show us why superheroes have to cover their faces, particularly in this world.  Starting the team in the subway and keeping them there during their off-time is a great way to get a lot of good character interaction and downtime in without taking away from the main thrust of the plot.  Do what you did in early seasons, and get the character moments in while they talk about exposition.

3. Have Fusco be their go-between with the real world, and for him to be under suspicion.  Fusco had no storyline in season 4, and it was painful to see such a great character have nothing to do for an entire season.  With John out of the police, and Fusco the only one of them with a legitimate identity, seeing him navigating an increasingly Orwellian world would be a very interesting way to reincorporate him into the story.  Particularly if Samaritan operatives within the NYPD itself suspected him, we could get him involved in the AI plot without any rejiggering of his position in the team.

4. Bring in old Numbers.  One of the biggest successes of the end of season 4 was bringing back Caleb Phipps to help.  Think that, but larger.  If this is to be the last season (which it might be), make it worthy.  Call back to all the people John and Harold helped, and how those Irrelevant individuals can change the world by helping the team in a thousand small ways.  If we don’t get Number of the Week stories, instead remind us of why all lives matter, and no one is truly irrelevant.  

5. Have a plan and stick to it.  No dawdling or side-paths.  At the beginning of the season, Harold should have a plan to bring the Machine back and take out Samaritan.  We shouldn’t necessarily know how it’s going to play out, but the characters need to ALL be in on it.  Each of them needs to bring different skills and contacts to this plan, and over the course of the 13 episodes, we need to see it unfold to perfection.  We are reminded that Harold is a genius, Root is a consummate infiltrator, John is a superhero, and Lionel saves the day when all hope is lost.  Give us a major win in season 5.  We’ve spent two seasons doing nothing but losing, and that wears on an audience.  A lot of viewers lose interest if every character they used to get vicarious superhero fantasies through is a shadow of their former selves.  So give us those heroes and make them amazing.

Remember, there are a lot of incredible shows that routinely only get 12-13 episode runs a season.  ‘Agent Carter’ had that order, and it was possibly the best show of last season.  The major British shows only get around 13 episodes per season, and many others have a 4-episode season, yet the good ones can take that limited time and make it incredible.  

You can do a lot with only 13 hours, but you have to use every second.  You have to know what matters, and what can be cut.  You have to focus.  Often, the best writing comes from limitations.  ‘Person of Interest’ has been given a limitation, now it’s time to see them rise to that challenge.