elias grover

I’m not ready

I want a season 2 of WH I don’t wanna new MC I don’t want new characters please solomare don’t ruin my favorite app ever! I want season 2 of klaus especially along with luca and Azusa and sigurd and randy like DON’T TORMENT ME SOLOMARE!

Wizardess Heart Boi Types
  • <p> <b>Elias:</b> Book Boi<p/><b>Luca:</b> Trouble Boi<p/><b>Yukiya:</b> Soft Boi<p/><b>Klaus:</b> Strict Boi<p/><b>Randy:</b> Sweet Boi<p/><b>Azusa:</b> Killer Boi<p/><b>Joel:</b> Singing Boi<p/><b>Vincent:</b> Sexy Boi<p/><b>Leon:</b> Very confused Boi<p/><b>Cerim:</b> Rock Boi<p/><b>Guy:</b> Sporty Boi<p/><b>Glenn:</b> Strong Boi<p/><b>Leslie:</b> Tree Boi<p/><b>Sigurd:</b> Coffee Boi<p/><b>Mel:</b> Plant Boi<p/></p>