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Bad boys and Good Boys

If our bad boys aren’t cheating, scheming, being arrogant and right pains in the arses they are all lost souls with dark hidden secrets. They all try to hide behind a false facade. Our good boys bring out best in our bad boys. With this good vs bad, which makes our couples interesting and more natural. They all try to work on their relationship skills, their feelings and their demons. Give James and John Paul over Harry and Ste any day. James and JP are electrifying, tense and unpredictable. Where as Ste and Harry are boring, no chemistry and predictable.
Our bad boy and their good boy boyfriends have had endure break ups, interference from family and friends, kidnappings, shooting, coming out of the closet, affairs and the odd death and still bounce back.
So give me the Aaron’s and Roberts over Billy’s and the Sean’s of the world.

Whenever I get anxious with the Great Robron Break Up of 2017, I remember that it’s still not nearly as painful as when Lari knocked up Sanni, but dated her older brother Kalle, all the while still madly in love with Elias, whom he originally bullied while dating his best friend, Iida. And don’t even get me started on the gay conversion therapy sl Salatut elämät put them through.

That said, if you want to see said Finnish duo (that make Robron look like a well adjusted couple that communicates beautifully) a lovely YouTuber, missfinalndia88, faithfully subtitled their story here:


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What's your top gay ships?


Ste x Harry (Hollyoaks) obvs are #1 <3 OTP for life <333
Ian x Mickey (Shameless)
Christian x Oliver (Verbotene Liebe)
Deniz x Roman (Alles was Zählt)
David x Fer (Física o Química)
Keller x Beecher (Oz)
Will x Sonny (Days of Our Lives)
John Paul x Craig (Hollyoaks)
Max x Iago (El Cor de la Ciutat)
Brian x Justin (Queer as Folk)
Lenny x Carsten (Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten)
Manuel x Lalo (Botineras)

Some Honourable Mentions:
Tom x Ulli (Verbotene Liebe)
Elias x Lari (Salatut elämät)
Ste x Brendan (Hollyoaks)
John Paul x Kieron (Hollyoaks)
Robert x Aaron (Emmerdale)
Noah x Luke (As the World Turns)
Christian x Syed (Eastenders)
Kaldrick x Tariq (The L.A. Complex)
Jude x Connor (The Fosters)
Zero x Jude (Hit the Floor)
Todd x Karl (Coronation Street)

And my new ships:
Ian x Trevor (Shameless)
Isak x Even (Skam)
Philip x Lukas (Eye Witness)

And honestly this is just the tip of the iceberg but I’ll stop for now lmao I’m trash

Spoilers for next week :)

  • Lari is surprised to see Elias still in Finland. Elias reveals he stayed because Lari’s love means more than anything else to him.
  • Even though pleased about Elias’ decision, Lari becomes hesitant as he thinks Elias might not have thought about things long enough and tells him he should really think about it more before actually making a decision.
  • Elias hears Marianna is pregnant with his father’s child.
  • Elias is determinant to show Lari he wants him and goes to see Lari in Moose. 
  • Elias tells Lari he loves him and wants to be with him and won’t let anything ruin it anymore. He asks Lari to get back together with him.
  • Lari kisses Elias and the two are officially back together. Larias is back :)
  • Kalle sees Elias and Lari cuddling in Moose and gets upset.
  • Ilja is stil missing and presumed dead (even though viewers know he’s alive and kidnapped by someone). Tale and Sanni organize a memorial for Ilja and Sanni invites Lari there which doesn’t please Tale. 
  • Kalle sees Elias in a mall and spies him…
Zero’s Jealousy

Really, is there anything better than the sights of a Jealous Zero?

Danny made Zero jealous (without even trying)

Lucas made Zero jealous (oblivious to the fact that his life almost ended in/during the process).

And poor Jude. He doesn’t even realize that he has this effect on Zero.

Isn’t it just obvious how much I love this couple? All I need now are Larias and Coliver and I will be all set!!!!!

Spoilers for next week :)

  • Ilja is stil missing and presumed dead (even though viewers know he’s alive and kidnapped by someone). Tale and Sanni organize a memorial for Ilja and Sanni invites Lari there which doesn’t please Tale.
  • Eventually Tale lets Lari to come to the memorial too.
  • Kalle flips out when he sees Elias and Lari together at the memorial and Tale gives him a lecture for his behavior
  • Lari breaks down to tears at Ilja’s memorial, but Elias is there for him. Lari thanks Elias for his amazing support and says he wouldn’t have survived without him.
  • Kalle sees Elias in a mall and spies him as he’s hopeful Elias is cheating Lari with some other guy, but only ends up embarrassing himself big time…