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Do u know any fics where Sherlock is jealous?


I love Jealous Sherlock so much. I know I’m missing a tonne of them here, but these are the ones I could quickly find or remember being Jealous!Sherlock! I’m also adding Possessive Sherlock here as well, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE “his / My John” SO SO MUCH and literally I fave every fic that has it in there. GUH. 


  • Unimpressed by 221b_hound (M, 3106 w.) – Sherlock has no intention of attending the Met’s New Year’s Eve party. The start of a new year is all but meaningless to him. But he ends up there anyway, having odd conversations, and John does not find Sherlock’s jealousy the slightest bit cute. And then there is dancing. Part 10 of Unkissed
  • Unforgiven by 221b_hound (M, 4721 w.) – Sherlock’s latest case is for his ex boyfriend, the brilliant and handsome Professor Victor Trevor. John is not too happy about that. But things aren’t what they seem, an old friend of John’s is involved in the case, and John has a few surprises up his sleeve. Also - a proposal! Part 16 of Unkissed
  • Mine (He Says While Still Being Smol) by beejohnlocked (E, 1,319 w.) – A suspect flirts with John. Sherlock gets a bit jealous. Okay, a LOT jealous.
  • Maintaining A Personal Life by Gingerhermit (E, 24,284 w.) – Sherlock and John discover some interesting revelations about each other’s sexuality, which lead them both to question the assumptions they’ve made about one another for years. In the midst of their mutual discoveries, a dangerous psychopath looms on the side-lines who threatens to destroy their new beginning.
  • For you, there’s only me by shock_blanket (E, 19,557 w.) – Sherlock realizes he has fallen in love with John, but believes he is unlovable. Cue lots of pining and jealousy on Sherlock’s part, followed by our favorite cuddly marksman making it all better. Because for Sherlock, there’s only John.
  • Matters of National Security by mistyzeo (E, 8,465 w.) – John starts dating a male client of Sherlock’s, and Sherlock can’t figure out why he’s so incensed about it.
  • Velvet by headlessjess (G, 1,155 w.) – It’s the day, the wedding day - John and Mary, getting married. And then there’s Sherlock, in pain and in love, without knowing how to deal with it.
  • 5 Times John Got the Girl (and lost her) and 1 Time John Got the Guy (and kept him) by LiviKate (M, 21,695 w.) – John has always had good luck with the ladies. He’s charming, friendly and funny, not to mention great in bed. However, his usual skill with the opposite sex is constantly being thwarted by Sherlock and his outbursts. How will John ever get a leg over when Sherlock is always cockblocking him?
  • Five Times John Noticed But Didn’t Really by ScandalousMinds (T, 6,383 w.) – 5 times John (thought) he noticed something peculiar about his and Sherlock’s relationship but really missed the obvious.
  • The Kissing Disease by cottonballz_of_death (E, 30,856 w.) – John brings home a boyfriend, shocking Sherlock, who long ago gave up hope that his straight flatmate would ever take a romantic interest in him. In a bid to reconnect with John, he tries to infect himself with a “harmless” virus. Neither of them is prepared for the emotional fallout that results.
  • Surety by hudders (G, 2,477w.) – “Sherlock is pissed because it seems that four pints of larger, two shots of tequila and a glass of wine has resulted in Lestrade becoming a little bit too friendly with everyone. And by everyone, Sherlock really means John.”
  • Butterfly, Pinned Under Glass by billiethepoet (E, 4,648 w.) – It started as a desire to keep John safe and whole, and ended up as just desire.
  • Correspondence by Cleo2010 (T, 8031 w.) – Sherlock’s been spirited away on a case for Mycroft. Part of the deal was that he and John could communicate via letter until the case was completed. Maybe the cliche is true, absence does make the heart grow fonder. Or perhaps something is growing on the feet in the fridge. Read their letters month by month. Written after series one.
  • Presence by LostGirl (M, 8625 w.) – Sherlock has recently noticed a shift in his own perceptions, but he can’t quite figure out when it started.
  • Obsession, Appassionato by shinychimera, Yeomanrand (E, 4,249 w.) – John is late, and he hasn’t called, and Sherlock works himself into a state. Part 1 of Love and Ysaye (FAVE!!)
  • Interlude by sussexbound (SamanthaLenore) (G, 2,837w.) – “Are you actually doing anything?” Sherlock scowls. “What?” “Are you busy? Because if not, I could use your help peeling potatoes.” “I’m not eating what you’re making. Why should I peel the potatoes?” John just shakes his head. “Because it might be a polite and thoughtful thing to do for the person who loves you. Just a tip.”Oh…Part 8 of The Homecoming
  • Understanding by sussexbound (SamanthaLenore) (T, 4,556 w.) – John’s face stretches into a smile that fades again, just as quickly. “It just comes like that, sometimes—all of a sudden. You don’t expect it.” He murmurs against Sherlock’s skin. “What does?” “Grief.” Part 9 of The Homecoming
  • Sibling Rivalry Or Fighting Over John Watson by Jessa7 (T, 8K+ w., Romance and Humour, FFNet) – Mycroft is just as much of a genius as Sherlock is. He keeps randomly kidnapping John for chats, and the locations get better. Cue Sherlock’s younger sibling complex rearing up and jealousy ensues.
  • Come Home by hudders-and-hiddles (E, 3,763 w. | more pining than jealous but close enough) – When John leaves for a medical conference, Sherlock tries to entice him back home.
  • The Semantics of Crop Circle Formation: a case study by Sherlock Holmes [unpublished] by canolacrush (M, 41,710 | Cockblocking Sherlock) – “Look at these photographs,” I said, gesturing to the wall of crop circles. “What do you observe?”“Crop circles,” John replied.“Obvious. What else?”“Are…are those intestines surrounding them?”“Yes. The majority are bovine and ovine in origin. The farmers who have acquired these crop circles in their fields have also had a tenth of their livestock murdered and arranged thus.”“Why?” John said, presumably in a rhetorical fashion.I detest rhetorical questions. “That is what I must find out, John.”
  • Down with this Ship by FrostedFlame (PinkOrchid) (M, 10,862 w.) – Sherlock drags John undercover to a gay bar - for a case, of course - looking forward to seeing John flustered by their surroundings (since you know, he’s NOT GAY). John decides that he has hidden both his orientation and his feelings for his daft flatmate for far too long. He is done hiding, time to be honest with his bloody best friend in the world. He just hopes it won’t change anything between them. And then it does.
  • That Partitioning of the Things of Youth by wearitcounts (Sher_locked_up) (E | 35,353 w.) - Victor Trevor is in town, and nobody’s happy. [[I really like this one. Jealous John AND Sherlock and lots of Angst]].
  • Paparazzi by SilentAuror (E, 10,543 w.) – John moves back into 221B Baker Street after his marriage falls apart and the paparazzi won’t leave him and Sherlock alone about the status of their supposed relationship. Sherlock, of course, never denies it, until one day he does…
  • Pattern Behaviour by SilentAuror (E, 14,835w) – Sherlock doesn’t even know why he resents John’s dates so much. Until the day he does know. Slight angst, unrequited feelings (but don’t let that scare you off!) (FAVE!) 


  • Perdition’s Flames by i_ship_an_armada (E, Treklock, 63,435 w., | mild Possessive Sherlock) – Sherlock would do anything to save him. Risk anything. Give anything. His money, his life. His soul. What he does, though, is change both of their destinies forever. Genetic re-engineering is the only option left. It turns out researchers underestimated the life expectancy and potential abilities of genetically re-engineered subjects. The British government and what would eventually become the United Federation of Planets, however, had not. Part 1 of PF Universe
  • The Things You Hide *Adult Edition* by verityburns (E, 10,821 w.) – Sherlock and John have been working and living together for nearly a year, each finding the other’s friendship to be the one thing they would not risk or want to live without. Until something happens to disturb the status quo…
  • Let Go by thisisforyou (G, 2,743 w.) – In the end, separating John’s things from Sherlock’s in the chaos of their sitting room is like pulling a limpet from a wet rock. Especially when the rock is clinging on for dear life, because Sherlock doesn’t want to let go. 
  • In the cherry blossom’s shade by Eliane (M, 3,934 w.) – “This isn’t new. Sherlock has already done this – has gone through cities, and dingy hotels, and sleepless nights but it was different before. John wasn’t there before. They’re in this together.”
  • The Marriage Proposal Negotiation by Goddess_of_the_Night (G, 2161 w.) –  Sherlock hasn’t ever really done anything the traditional way, so of course it wouldn’t bother him to propose to John even though they’re not even dating. And the fact that John is already on a date with someone else when he decides to do it? Tedious. Marrying John was the only thing he could do to ensure John was his.
  • The Light of Day by allonsys_girl (M, 7297 w.) – Rewrite of the end of Sign of Three. John actually notices Sherlock leaving the reception early, and chases after him. Angsty Johnlock. Happy ending, for sure. Part 1 of The Light of Day
  • Let the Sun Fade Out by nothingislittle (E, 2711 w.) – “He could warm the sun itself, Sherlock thinks, could heat their flat with just his presence, could brighten the room with one dazzling smile or just the sparkling in his eyes. Everything hurts when John looks this beautiful, but it’s a dulcet, aching pain, one that consumes Sherlock from the inside, that sends soft pangs through his abdomen and lodges a lump solidly in his throat. John glows, he glitters, he’s light itself, Sherlock thinks, and doesn’t even bother to scold himself for exaggerating, because he’s not, he’s not, John is everything, he’s beautiful and he shines, he’s everything.”
  • On a Sunday Morning by SD_Ryan for jimmytiberius (G, 3136 w.) – Sherlock has a little problem. He can’t stop obsessing about John Watson.
  • His by I’m Nova (T, 1K+ w., Humour & H/C) – Sherlock doesn’t share what he’s fond of. (FAVE!!)
  • Foresight by niffler09 (K, 2K+w) – It’s raining and neither John nor Sherlock have an umbrella so they huddle under Sherlock’s coat. And then Mycroft walks past and makes smartass remarks. (FAVE!!)
  • Possessive by Fang323 (T, 850w. H/c & Friendship) – His John did not belong. Not here. Not in this blasted hospital. It simply was not logical.

As I’ve said in the past, all my rec lists are of fics I’ve read, so I’m sure I’m missing a tonne more that are probably on my MFL list, but please feel free to add your own recs! 


on a thousand miles and more

by Eliane

“That’s why, after Granada, they decide to stick to the places they went to together.
Retrospectively, maybe that’s when it becomes less of a holiday and more of a pilgrimage. Louis thinks he’s beginning to understand what they’re searching for. It’s something akin to closure, but not closure exactly. Something more tenuous than that. More difficult to put into words.
Something like the first exhalation you take after a particularly horrendous nightmare and you think god, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t real.
Except that, in their case, it was.”

[Harry and Louis go back to the places that made them who they are.]


Drone / Ambient / Doom selection :

- Lull ‎:  Like A Slow River

- Klaus Schulze ‎:  Mirage

- Coil  :  Time Machines

- Henrik Rylander ‎:  Power Model X (Motherboard Drone Live)

- Paul Bradley ⁄ Colin Potter ‎:  The Simple Plan

- Nurse With Wound ‎:  Soliloquy For Lilith

- Arcane Device ‎:  Diabolis Ex Machina

- Eliane Radigue ‎:  Transamorem - Transmortem

- Earth :  A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction

Whatever It Takes: Chapter 2

ACOTAR Figure Skating AU

Summary: Nesta firmly believes that if you want something, you have to work your ass off for it. And she wants a National title attached to her name. But when her coach decides that a change in discipline is what Nesta needs, she’s far from impressed. Now, instead of training as a ladies single skater, she has to switch gears and skate as a pairs skater. And her partner? Someone she can’t stand. Non other then cocky, flirtatious, former Men’s skater Cassian.
Edited by: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter


Azriel stood just a few feet away from boards waiting, watching.

He watched everything. He kept his eyes on the players around him, skating up and down the ice at top speed. He kept his eyes on the puck, watching as it was passed from player to player.

He watched everything, taking it all in. No one paid much attention to him. They were all too concerned about the puck and trying to get it in the net.

But that’s how it always was.

They called him the Shadowsinger - no one ever knew where he was or when he was going to show up. Even if they knew to keep a look out for him, if someone looked away for just a moment, he was there, sneaking up behind them. His blades seemed to not even make a sound, as if he appeared out of the shadows themselves.

Azriel hadn’t been too sure about the nickname at first. But after a while, he’d grown accustomed to it. He played off of it. He took the name and made it a part of him.

So he stood back. He let the other players do what they needed to do. They passed the punk between them, slapping it across the icy surface. They took shots on the net only to have the goalie deflect them. There was yelling - from between the players and the coach - mixed in with the sound of blades plowing up snow.

Throughout the chaos, Azriel simply stood in the shadows. Waiting. Watching.

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Lesbian Problems...

As if it wasn’t already hard enough being a young lesbian, add on the fact that I’m a young lesbian who is only attracted to older women. I have zero attraction to women my age, this is a problem! So like, am I gonna have to wait until I’m in my late 30′s to early 40′s to start dating women who I find attractive? *sighs* Being gay is so hard FML :/

foreign music recs - romance languages edition

some songs I personally enjoy which means the list is pretty limited so please add your own recommendations! (I can’t guarantee you like these songs, my music taste is whacky and I don’t learn/speak all of these languages but hey please enjoy)


  • Adiós - Rombai
  • Ana - Maná
  • Animales - Pereza
  • Besos - El Canto Del Loco
  • Buena Vista Social Club
  • Cannabis - Ska-p
  • Círculo de Amor - El Gran Silencio
  • Contamíname - Ana Belén
  • Conteo Regresivo - Gilberto Santa Rosa
  • Copacabana - Izal
  • Danky - Tunacola
  • De Colores - Joan Baez (Joan Baez is cool, she sings in like 6 languages)
  • Derroche - Ana Belén
  • Dormir Soñando - El Gran Silencio
  • El Rey Tiburón - Maná
  • Falta amor - Maná
  • Guantanamera - Joan Baez
  • Hasta el Amanecer - Nicky Jam 
  • La vereda de la puerta de atras - Extremoduro
  • Locura transitoria - Extremoduro
  • No te pares - Ska-P
  • Papa Cuentame Otra Vez - Ismael Serrano
  • Que hace una chica como tu en un sitio como este - Burning
  • Quizaz Quizaz Quizaz - Caterina Valente
  • Rebelde al Destino - Cuco Sánchez (sounds weird but the lyrics are bautiful)
  • Vendedora de Caricias - Panteon Rococo 
  • Volví a Nacer - Carlos Vives


  • Avenir - Louane
  • boum Boum Boum - MIKA
  • Champs Elysèes - Zaz
  • En Chantant - Louane 
  • Formidable - Stromae
  • J’ai pas envie - MIKA
  • Je reviendrai à Montréal - Rufus Wainwright 
  • Je vais t’aimer - Louane
  • Je veux - Zaz
  • Je vole - Louane
  • Le chant des sirènes - Fréro Delavega 
  • le temps de l’armour - Francoise Hardy 
  • Moi je jou - Brigitte Bardot 


  • Àguas de Março - Antônio Carlos Jobim, Elis Regina
  • Bolinha De Papel - Miltinho
  • Canta Canta Minha Gente - Martinho Da Vila
  • Cho Chua (Cada Macaco no seu Galho) - Riachão
  • Chove e Não Molhe - Elton Medeiros 
  • Dizer Que Não - Dengaz
  • E Baiana - Clara Nunes
  • Essa mina é louca - Anitta
  • Isto Aqui O Que É - Eliane Elias
  • Malandragem dá um tempo - Bezerra Da Silva


  • Azzurro - Adriano Celentano
  • Fatti mandare dalla mamma aprendere il latte - Gianni Morandi
  • La Pigiatura - Clown 
  • La Pulce D’Acqua - Adriano Branduardi
  • Tipitipitipso - Caterina Valente


  • El Rossinyol - Joan Baez
  • Mai més - Mishima
  • Jean-Luc - Els Amics de les Arts


  • Un Canto a Galicia - Julio Iglesias 

♡★ Foxy the Pirate Fox. ★♡

Entertainment name: Captain Foxy.

Human Name: Elian Ibáñez. (?)

Age: 27 (Appearence) Real age; ???.

Height: 1,81 Cm / 5'11 ft.

Weight: 90 kg.

Eye color: Honey yellow colour.

Skin tone: suntanned.

Ocupation: Pirate Show entertainment for Kids.

Has a Hook and a metal glove.
Can’t see on a eye.

// Personality. ♥ //

Eli Does not talk too much, He prefers to be alone in his pirate cove.
He’s very quiet but can be agressive too!
Idk if he’s shy or just don’t want to talk with people (Out of show).
Stills talking a lot with Chica! And he’s happy bc of that, He really likes her.

Probably is scared of Goldin. (Do not ask)

Fastest and skilled.
Stills, Admires and respects Freddy uvu.

My god, His body ^//p//^ ✨❤

He’s Handsome and popular with girls! But are not interested in relation shipps with another one out of Chica.

He’s umpredecible-

Actually cute, INNOCENT and pure. ♥

// E x t r a. ★ //

- Brat.

- Doesn’t know how to flirt-

- Agility, Skill and Intelligent. Also strong.

- Rawr.


- Spain :o