Lesbian Problems...

As if it wasn’t already hard enough being a young lesbian, add on the fact that I’m a young lesbian who is only attracted to older women. I have zero attraction to women my age, this is a problem! So like, am I gonna have to wait until I’m in my late 30′s to early 40′s to start dating women who I find attractive? *sighs* Being gay is so hard FML :/


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Elsword History Lesson 101

Henir, God of Darkness
Elia, God of Light 

  • Creates the physical world 
    • Demon world is created as a reaction of that
    • Demons spew out of the dimensional portal in the north sometimes

Ismael, Goddess who follows Elia

  • Bestows El to the physical world
    • Names the continent Elrios, meaning “Blessed land where El exists”
    • Gives the ability to control the power of El to people who are born near El

Elian: Race who can control the power of El

  • Devrian: Elians who are adept at El energy
    • Genius Devrian named “Adrian Nasod” creates a technology with AI running on El energy
      • Names them Nasod after his own name
  • Rubenian: Race with immense El power

In time Elians and Nasods start a war over El

  • Elians invent Alterasia
  • Lost Devrians and remaining Nasod forces escape to a different dimension and creates a sky city called Elysion
    • Some ancient Nasods frozen in preservation device

El’s power begin to wane.
Goddess Ismael descend upon one girl to help.
The girl sacrifices herself to restore the power of El.
People call her the Lady of El. 

  • Throws Harmony Festival (called Festival of Coexistence in Korean) every three years as a memorial for the sacrifice of the Lady of El and to circulate the power of El

To control the power of El, successors to the Lady of El and 6 different Masters of elements are elected:

  • Master of the Sun, Solace
  • Master of the Moon, Ebalon
  • Master of Fire, Rosso
  • Master of Water, Denip
  • Master of Wind, Ventus
  • Master of Earth, Gaia
  • And also El priestesses who support the Lady of El and the Masters

Solace thought it’s a terrible fate to dedicate one’s life to control the flow of El, “decides” to kidnap the Lady of El at the time (Harnier) on the day of the Harmony Festival.

  • During this festival, Lady of El and the Giant El almost become one

After the disappearance of the Lady of El, the Giant El explodes and destroys the contient:

  • Elrios is divided into Lurencia and Fluone as a result
  • Cultures that thrived and depended on El’s power begin to wane
  • Nasods who were coexisting with humans stop all function

The remaining 5 Masters move to where the shards of the Giant El are and sacrifices themselves to restore the power of the El:

  • Other survivors join and found kingdoms around these El shards

Adventure Starts for Players


Eliane Radigue, Naldjorlak I (for cello):  mouvement 3

“What is most important in the music is its ability to elicit, on the part of the listener, the inward creation of his own music(…) sounds act as a mental mirror. They reflect the mood in which you are at the time. If you are ready to open yourself up to them, to listen truly and devote yourself to listening, they have a truly fascinating magnetic power. I know this to be true also, otherwise I would never have done it”- Eliane Radigue


I know I don’t have a lot of followers but I need yall. I am genderfluid. My given name is Christine Eliane. I’ve been wanting to change it but my mom says it costs too much. I asked to be called Charlie and her response was “when you’re 18”. I need you to reblog this and spread it like wildfire so I can show her how many people agree that she should address me as Charlie. Please. I can’t stand it anymore.


Okay so, I’m trying to get into taking more screenshots so when I actually talk about my characters y’all might know who I’m talking about. Here are the idiots characters that I’m currently playing. (on Shadowlands if any of y’all wanna play js).

Caia Zaphrosi: cinnamon roll/jedi consular

Elian Wynteriion: idiot who would flirt with air/smuggler

Kadoc Omari: problem child/rogue agent

Lucian Adler: looking good af in dark III/jedi knight

Maeva Castello: hella gay and in charge/inquisitor

Oliander Vantoni (Ollie): aka the stick up Jorgan’s ass/trooper

Oosha N’tonvita: choked by a sith and she liked it/ agent (medic)

O’to Mylark: loves his big brother too much/trooper

Iri’shu Nitivoe: crushes on her master/ jedi knight (in training)

Rayleigh Viitanio: sass master, supreme pain in the ass/emperor’s wrath

emperor-shitpost  asked:

SWTOR ask - 16, 17, 30 - for the kitty cat in your display image because I don't even know who she is, to my embarassment, and I gotta fix that.

That’s Elian! He’s my smuggler lol. Don’t worry about not knowing who he is. There isn’t a whole lot of photos of him on my blog cause I haven’t taken enough of him.

16. What do they do in their spare time?

Elian sleeps during his spare time because he rarely gets any during a job. He’s kinda like a kid when he’s working.. Way too excited about the job to worry about anything else. If he’s not sleeping then he’s with his crew. Whenever they’ve got some down time Elian makes it a point for them to al go to dinner or do something as a group. He likes to reinforce the family mentality that they’ve got.

17. Do they have family? Siblings, parents, children?

He doesn’t remember his birth parents. He grew up in a foster home on Coruscant. He wouldn’t exactly call Irsha and Ducan his family. If he had to pick then he’d probably say that Aja and Barri were most like family. When he and Yael get together, her family kinda adopt him into their home. Yael has a rather large family in Elian’s eyes. She has both parents (Nym and Droffel) and then two siblings in her litter (Taw’nii and Mii’vo) and then the twins who are around 10 years younger than the triplets (Aeko and Natuli).

Not to mention that he thinks of his crew as family. So you’ve gotta add Rusi, Vynton, Nizana, and Abraxas to the list as well.

Aja and Barri belong to @carterashofficial btw.

30. Do they like to boogie? Do they dance to that good old cantina band?

Ahahaha. Elian dances but whether he’s good at it is a different story. Yael would probably prefer if he didn’t dance. But yeah, he likes to boogie.

Why Ain Needed to Come Down to Elrios In the First Place:

We all know Ain descended to Elrios to

“bestow power onto El which has lost its power”

But why? Ishmael sent herself down to Elrios in the past to restore the El before! Why has she sent Ain? 

Let’s back track to Elsword History 101.

  • At the peak of the El culture, Debrians of Elians created Nasods and used them to abuse the power of El (not stated clearly what they did).
  • Central AI Adam, created to manufacture Nasods, was aware of this abuse, and in order to protect their race, started a war against humans.
  • Outnumbered, humans used the power of El in reverse (how? idk) and absorbed the El energy from Nasods, and Nasods stopped functioning.
  • From this abuse, El began to go unstable in an incredibly fast rate.
  • This caused continents to split and oceans to devour land.
  • It is at this time Ishmael descened to Elrios to a girl and the girl sacrificed herself to restore El.

But the restored El was not as powerful as it once was. It was unstable. It was incomplete.

  • This is why Harmony Festival was needed.
  • This is also why they need Ladies of El from this point on.
  • Every 3 years when “the Sun and Moon becomes one”, they hold a 3 day long Harmony Festival.
  • Sky becomes dark and every living being rests quietly and assimilate with the energy of nature.
  • At this time, El regains the energy it’s been radiating from nature and restores energy.
  • But it is also when it’s at its most vulnerable state. When it’s circulating its energy, it’s completely defenseless.
  • During the festival, Lady of El controls the El entirely by being connected to the El through mind, and stabilize its energy.

But we also know that the El eventually takes over Lady of El… as she slowly loses herself and becomes a literal part of the great El.

We know she sent Ain right before the El exploded, i.e., during Solace and Harnier’s time, but we know for a fact that the tradition of Lady of El and the Harmony Festival predates that time period. It’s been going on for so long. 

They’ve been literally sacrificing young girls to the El for GOD KNOWS HOW LONG.

My theory is that Ishmael sent Ain to stop humans from sacrificing girls to the great El.

Well, whatever the actual truth and intent is, I think the fact that the El that Ishmael restored in the past is incomplete was a fact unknown to most people. I myself was not aware of it until I re-read the Elsword history description on KR Elsword official website (they seemed to added more info than I last remember…) I also added more information about what Harmony Festival is and what it does based on lines said by Solace in Elyison Epic Quest.

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re-discovered this passage in my Source book (which i adore, if you’re into the mid century avant-garde scene) today. Source magazine, in the 1960s ffs, were not only sensitive to why women had a lack of presence in the field, but more proactive in getting female composers into the public consciousness than many publications were decades subsequent.

this is a conglomerate of people i greatly admire & work- music- theory- the sum of every detail that made up each composers’ viewpoint- that holds much significance to me. you grow numb to learning the ‘academic’ art circles you love were historically rife w/ misogyny, so seeing contrary for once, is neat.

emperor-shitpost  asked:

OTP prompt - 14, 28, 32 - for that couple you always want to talk about but are worried nobody is interested because you have more popular ones.

Okay so it took me longer than it probably should have to figure out which pairing to use. I’m going to go with Nizana and Abraxas for this one. They’re not as well-known because they’re completely headcanon but whatever. They’re two members of my smuggler’s crew.

14. Who kills the spiders?

You’d think that between a zeltron warrior and a sith assassin they’d kill the bugs, right? Wrong. They have the 13 year old twi’lek kill the bugs. I kid you not.

28. Who is the book worm?

Brax would definitely be the book worm. He spent way too long on Belsavis and needs to catch up on some reading (mainly gossip holos)

32. Who likes to have really long (deep) conversation?

Honestly? Brax at first because he’s the one that falls in love with her before she even looks his way. He’d be way too happy with a long ass conversation with her.