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Fic Rec of the Day

Title: they kill us for their sport

Author: dance_at_bougival

Rating:  T

Pairing: Elia Martell/Rhaegar Targaryen, Elia Martell/Oberyn Martell, Rhaegar Targaryen/Lyanna Stark

Summary:  "You need only remember this.  We are Martells.  And we are not weak.“

Why I Love It:  Before I read this story, I’d never really given too much thought to Elia Martell.  But oh BOY, did that change.  The author has a really wonderful prose style: clear, concise, and powerful.  It’s told in a series of short scenes, all from Elia’s point of view.  Her perspective is one of a bright, passionate woman trapped in a situation not of her choosing, and it’s so beautiful and tragic.  

they kill us for their sport

Of Sand and Snow Fancast - Part 1

Pedro Pascal - Oberyn Martell
Adelaide Kane - Lyanna Stark
Ghassan Massoud - Doran Martell
Gina Torres - Mellario of Norvos
Aishwarya Rai - Elia Martell
Michał Żebrowski - Rhaegar Targaryen
Sam Claflin - Ned Stark
Eleanor Tomlinson - Catelyn Tully
Viggo Mortensen - Robert Baratheon
Tamsin Egerton - Cersei Lannister
Liam Neeson - Jon Arryn
Isolda Dychauk - Lysa Tully


Because if it weren’t for Joanna Lannister’s death, Cersei could have married Oberyn Martell and Jaime could have married Elia. It would have been fun to watch Cersei in Dorne, with a husband as womanizer as Robert, but not at all like him. And Jaime would have grown somehow far from Cersei with sweet Elia as his wife.

“Elia and I were older, to be sure. Your brother and sister could not have been more than eight or nine. Still, a difference of five or six years is little enough. And there was an empty cabin on our ship, a very nice cabin, such as might be kept for a person of high birth. As if it were intended that we take someone back to Sunspear. A young page, perhaps. Or a companion for Elia. Your lady mother meant to betroth Jaime to my sister, or Cersei to me. Perhaps both.”


Tyrion: “You were close to your sister?”

Oberyn: “As children, Elia and I were inseparable, much like your own b r o t h e r  a n d  s i s t e r.”

Tyrion: Gods, I hope not.

Rucha Vadya as Child!Elia | Parth Dave as Child!Oberyn | Ranveer Singh as YoungAdult!Oberyn | Deepika Padukone as YoungAdult!Elia


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