New Shark Behavior

Notes from a Shark Junkies Journal with Eli Martinez

During an early morning dive I had all my usual suspects in, fighting for attention, when one of the lemons, Slash, did something that surprised the hell out of me. Slash circled around me and the box like she normally does. But instead of swimming off, she instead turned towards me and burried her face between my knees and stopped swimming. I looked down at her and started rubbing her back. After a few seconds she swam off and as I watched her, I thought to myself, “that was weird, cool, but weird.” A few minutes later, she did it again, this time staying longer and again, I repeated the back rub. This happened a few more times - each time, staying longer and longer.

exerpt from: https://medium.com/p/bec005c7f64d

Apparently Slash the Lemon Shark needed a scratch where she couldn’t reach.
If the sharks are getting nippy in WA, they don’t need drum lines they need masseuses in chain mail!  XD



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NEW SINGLE: Long Drives Home - Out With The Old

This song is pretty good. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP!


Lemons are awesome sharks too!  
Taxi is such a daddy’s girl  XD

Please remember me 2

Sorry this took so long guys I got some inspiration from the movie the vow so there will be some similarities but I tried to keep it original. Please tell me what you guys think :)

Spencer x Reader

(If you haven’t read the first story I suggest you read it. You can find it in the description below)

Description: After the events of You’re not alone you wake up in a hospital with no memory of the past eight years. The team is heart broken but none of them more so than Spencer who not only has realized that he is in love with you but also blames himself for your memory loss. Determined not to make the same mistakes Spencer and the team work together to help you recover your memories. 

Previous parts: Part 1

Song: Right here by Ashes Remain

Warnings: None that I can think of

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It hurt. Everything hurt. When the doctor had told you your parents had died that same dull ache from before came back only ten times worse. You cried out and grabbed your head standing up from the bed to find some sort of reprieve but all it did was cause your knee’s to buckle and you to fall to the ground.

You heard voices and shouting causing the pain in your head to grow until you were sure that your head would pop off. The shouting finally stopped helping a little bit with the torment then there were hands on you lifting you up off the floor.  At first you began to panic and push away from the person holding you but then a familiar voice broke through the fog.

“Y/n I need you to look at me. Please I can help you just look at me, like we did it before.”

You moved your hands away from your eyes and looked up into the same brown eyes from before and immediately began to feel the pain ebb.

“That’s it just like before breathe in and out. Don’t think just look at me and breathe.” He said in a soothing voice reaching up to run his fingers through your hair.

You took deep breaths in and out still staring into his eyes taking comfort in his strong arms while the pain slowly began to drift away.          

You stayed like that just looking at each other for what felt like hours but was really only seconds until someone cleared their throat. You jumped at the loud noise and tore your eyes away from the man and towards the rest of the people in the room.

There was a nurse, doctor Martinez, and another man you didn’t recognize with dark skin, brown eyes, and a shaved head.

“Hello y/n you probably don’t remember me my name is Derek Morgan and that is my college Doctor Spencer Reid.” The man with the dark skin said indicating to the man that still had you wrapped in his arms while he held his hand out to help you up.

You hesitated for a second not ready to leave the safety Spencer’s arms provided then reached out and grabbed his hand. “Nice to meet you Derek” you said releasing his hand when you were on your feet. But then you scrunched your eyebrows thinking back “Did we know each other?” You asked giving him another once over “according to Doc here I apparently lost three years of my memory.”

You saw his eyes widen while he considered his response looking back at Spencer who had just gotten to his feet as well. You spun around to look at him as well waiting for some kind of response.

“Uh maybe we should get to that a little later.” Spencer said “You should lie down again you were in a lot of pain.” He obviously changing the subject and walking over to Derek.

You scrunched your eyebrows suspiciously at the two of them and reluctantly got off your weak shaky feet and climbed back on to the hospital bed. Lying down now you remembered what had cause the head pain to begin with and began to feel tears slide down your cheeks.

“Are my parent’s really dead?” You asked your voice coming out so small and weak while you felt your heart break already knowing the answer.

Derek spoke up from where he was standing “I’m sorry to tell you hun but yes. They passed away three years ago in a car crash.” He said hearing despair in his own voice that you didn’t register.

All you wanted was to be alone with your sadness but it didn’t look like they were leaving anytime soon, you hated when people saw you cry but sometimes there was nothing you could do to stop it. You feel what you feel. So you let the tears fall grieving their loss while the others discussed your condition. You felt so alone.

Spencer’s attention kept slipping away from the conversation and towards you. He could feel his own heart breaking watching you go through this again. The first time it happened you had only known each other for two years but it was that single event that drove you closer together than time ever could. But now looking at you, so small and fragile he didn’t know if his touch would be welcome.

You lifted your tear stained face and caught the brown eyes of Spencer looking at you. You saw torment in them that closely mirrored your own which confused you on top of being completely devastated.  So you decided not to think about it too much, thinking about it could bring on another head ache you weren’t ready to have. So you looked away from him and out towards the window lost in your thoughts and grief.

Spencer took that as a sign that his touch would be unwelcome and focused back on the conversation.

“We need to do tests. I’m worried about the pain she got when she tried to remember something from her past.” Dr. Martinez said looking from Derek to Spencer. “When you were calming her down earlier did you say that it happened before?” He asked Spencer looking at him intently.

“Yes just before you walked in I asked her if she remembered me, she tried to think back and remember but then she started to grab her head in pain. So I told her to look at me and breathe much like I did just a second ago. And I don’t know why but it somehow worked and she was pain free.” He responded unable to resist looking at you again.

Dr. Martinez scrunched his head in concentration. “Hmm, that is very peculiar.”

After a moment of everyone thinking their own thoughts the doctor spoke again “I think that when you guys tell her more about her past that you “ he said pointing at Reid “should do it. She already seems to be very comfortable with you and since we don’t know how these head episodes happen, you’re our best bet to keep her pain down.”

Spencer nodded his head in agreement “Yeah I don’t plan on leaving her anytime soon.” He said conviction entering his voice as he continued to look at you. He wanted so badly to reach out and comfort you. It took all his strength to physically stay where he was while the rest of him yearned to be with you.

Derek saw this and already knew that this was going to more painful for Reid than he had previously thought. “I should go update the rest of the team before one of them walks in here and sees her awake. They would probably be all over her and freak her out even more than she already is” Derek said to Spencer who’s gaze was still on you.

But with Derek’s words he looked away and at him and gave him a grateful smile “Thank you so much Morgan. I’m just not ready to leave her yet”

Derek smiled back and hugged him “I know kid. I know. You do what you half to I’ve got the team covered” He said letting go and leaving the room.

As Derek left another set of heavy footsteps entered the room.

“Ah yes “Dr. Martinez said indicating for the man to come in “This is my son it’s his first day at this hospital, he is following me around so I can show him the ropes. This is Dr. Spencer Reid and y/n.” The doctor said pointing at Spencer and you

You looked away from the window and froze when you saw the young man’s face.

During your Senior year of high school you met the infamous Eli Martinez. He was the best wide receiver on the school’s football team and his short dark hair, bright blue eyes, and built frame gave him just as much if not more female attention than the schools quarterback which was what made you so surprised when talked to you.

You began to date and found that not only did he look good on the outside but he was also good on the inside. Smart sincere, funny, strong, you fell for him hard and to everyone’s surprise, especially yours, he fell hard for you too.

You dated all that year spending every moment you could together, He was your first in almost every way, first kiss, first love, first person you made love with. And then found out that you both got into the same college, him on a football scholarship and you on an academic one, and you couldn’t have been happier. You moved in together and made it through the first few months of school until football season started.

That’s when everything started to go downhill. During his first game he got injured and found out that he could never play football again. He was devastated, rightly so, and you did your best to try and take care of him but that’s when he began to push you away. Telling you to leave him alone over and over again until one day you caught him in bed with another girl and you finally got the message.

You were heartbroken you thought that he loved you but you were mistaken because someone who could cheat like that and then act like it was no big deal like he did when you found them together obviously didn’t love you.

That’s when it dawned on you that he was the thing you were crying about in the car. The last memory you had. You sat there wide eyed in shock as he shook Spencer’s hand and then turned to look at you. You could tell when realization struck him because he paused mid stride and his eyes bore into yours.

You felt your heart thumping wildly in your chest which was then shone on the screens making Spencer and Dr. Martinez rush over to you in concern.

“Y/n are you alright what’s wrong?” Spencer asked looking over the machines and looking at you. You didn’t answer eyes still glued to the man in front of you.

You took a deep breath trying to steady your heartbeat as you whispered his name “Eli?”

                                                                                                                            Part 3


Eli Martinez Great Ham Expedition!


odd note - never heard it before but i love that song OO;


“Let’s face it, people save what they love.  And I want people to love sharks.”

-Eli Martinez

Pt. II of Charismatic Mammals Aren’t The Only Animals Worth Saving; coincidentally, also Pt II of Holy Shit, Fish Have Personalities.

Sharks are one of THE BEST CREATURES.  They’re so important ecologically, their physiology is AMAZING, they’re some of the most evolutionarily ancient species on the planet, and, apparently, they likes them some pettin’s.