New Shark Behavior

Notes from a Shark Junkies Journal with Eli Martinez

During an early morning dive I had all my usual suspects in, fighting for attention, when one of the lemons, Slash, did something that surprised the hell out of me. Slash circled around me and the box like she normally does. But instead of swimming off, she instead turned towards me and burried her face between my knees and stopped swimming. I looked down at her and started rubbing her back. After a few seconds she swam off and as I watched her, I thought to myself, “that was weird, cool, but weird.” A few minutes later, she did it again, this time staying longer and again, I repeated the back rub. This happened a few more times - each time, staying longer and longer.

exerpt from: https://medium.com/p/bec005c7f64d

Apparently Slash the Lemon Shark needed a scratch where she couldn’t reach.
If the sharks are getting nippy in WA, they don’t need drum lines they need masseuses in chain mail!  XD

What’s even more awesome that swimming with sharks? Swimming with a shark who gives you a high-five!

"Eli Martinez was interacting with the lemon shark in the balmy waters off the coast of The Bahamas. Eli, who works as the editor of Shark Diving magazine, said: "This particular shark I had encountered before. She is very laid-back so I knew if I held my hand out she would come over. At first she was swimming straight towards me, but I didn’t expect her to turn at the last moment. She tapped my palm with her fin like we were high-five-ing."

Photo by Paul Spielvogel

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Eli Martinez gets a shark to roll over at Tiger Beach off the Bahamas. He says: I’ve been going to the same spot for the last 10 years and after a few repeat interactions they know the drill but I must not forget what they’re capable of. You can spot which one is which by their different markings. They have various scratches and scars so you see them all the time. Hook is one of my darlings and Alex is always around too. I’m able to get them to roll 180 degrees in the palm of my hand.

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So, I couldn’t find one of these floating around, and obviously it will be easy to watch forever in america. Because you can just watch it on the ABC website. Us non-americans arent so lucky. So: I have decided to make a masterpost of the forever episodes so that people outside of america can watch it! ^-^

Series One [Will be updated as it continues]


Lemons are awesome sharks too!  
Taxi is such a daddy’s girl  XD


"Let’s face it, people save what they love.  And I want people to love sharks."

-Eli Martinez

Pt. II of Charismatic Mammals Aren’t The Only Animals Worth Saving; coincidentally, also Pt II of Holy Shit, Fish Have Personalities.

Sharks are one of THE BEST CREATURES.  They’re so important ecologically, their physiology is AMAZING, they’re some of the most evolutionarily ancient species on the planet, and, apparently, they likes them some pettin’s.


"I’ve seen a lot of death, a lot of pain, a lot of suffering; but I’ve also seen a lot of life, a lot of beauty, a lot of wonder."