eli's dorm life

eclare fangirls are all like “phew eli still loves clare everything is good the webisode wasn’t bad!!”

WELL NO FUCKING SHIT IT AIN’T BAD, like goddamn everyone knows you’re getting your couple handed to you at the end of it all because epitome. plays. favorites.

no matter what the fuck eli does, clare is gonna forgive his stupid ass EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS MORE COMMON SENSE THAN THAT because she can’t NOT forgive him! then how the fuck would epitome market their show? there would be no “bad boy good girl la-di-fucking-da so romANTIC” couple to shove down people’s throats

so yeah of course the mini’s aren’t gonna show eli in a bad light are u fucking kidding me omg i’m gonna go bash my head into a wall now