eli thompson

Boardwalk spinoffs I would watch
  • For Richard or for Poorer: When Richard married Julia, he never realized she was heiress to… a capybara farm? Now our favorite disfigured sniper is going to find out that balancing a wife, a sister, two kids AND the world’s largest rodent takes patience of unusual size.
  • Shark Tank with Gyp Rosetti: Entrepreneurial goons present their business ideas to their boss Gyp, hoping he’s impressed and that they don’t accidentally click to the next Powerpoint slide before he’s done reading, driving him into a murderous rage.
  • Meyer Little Lucky: Friendship is Magic: Adding Machine, Bugbomb and Lucky Scar may be new to Ponyville, but that won’t stop them from making new friends and/or ruthlessly killing them to consolidate their power when it becomes necessary!
  • Minute to Winter: In this new gameshow, members of the Speakeasy have 60 seconds to yell interesting facts about Team NY at Terence Winter to get him to include them in the show. Sounds easy, BUT our boy Terry has on a pair of Beats by Dre [tm] playing a recording of the time Martin Scorsese told him he was “going places” on a constant loop.
  • Eli, P.I: Former sheriff Eli Thompson investigates who could have murdered his older brother, because no one ever tells him anything and he doesn’t realize the guy who did it was immediately arrested.