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denseumi  asked:

I want to you to take a break from Umi mercilessly killing you after each head cannons you would make about her so.. just make a NozoEli daycare head cannon, since I'm also a fan of NozoEli..

All right here we go!

Note: Original Idea stems from skiretehfox

  • NozoEli are caretakers at a local daycare
  • They have to take care of 7 kids
    • Honoka, Rin and Nico are the troublemakers
    • Kotori is the very sweet baby
    • Hanayo and Umi are the very very shy babies
    • And Maki is the loner
  • NozoEli loves them all equally, but the kids definitely picked favorites
    • Honoka and Rin love to play with Eli because she doesn’t get too fussy when they go and rough house on her
    • Hanayo and Kotori like to play with Nozomi because she’s so gentle
    • Nico likes both as long as they humor her as the best idol
    • Maki and Umi don’t really have a preference
  • By the end of the day, Eli is usually exhausted  because of the Orange twins
  • Nozomi’s practically in heaven because often, Hanayo and Kotori will fall asleep on her lap
  • Nico constantly tries to get people to watch her perform, but the only free people are Umi and Maki
    • Well, Umi runs away to find a quieter place and she’s just a really shy baby
    • And then Maki thinks it’s pointless, cue the NicoMaki arguing
  • NozoEli have a very hard time trying to get Umi to play with the others
    • She’s constantly reading a book if she’s not playing with NozoEli
      • And then, there’s the fact that if you try to approach her, she runs away, and mind you, she’s really fast
        • Only Rin has managed to catch up with her before
  • Maki’s a different problem
    • She’ll play with others, it’s just that she rubs people the wrong way, especially Nico
      • The most you will probably see her do is either argue with Nico or get dragged into a game of tag by Rin, Honoka and the others
  • Hanayo and Kotori are just constantly playing with Nozomi
    • Hanayo draws cute little pictures of NozoEli and everyone else
    • Kotori draws lots and lots of alpacas
    • Nozomi keeps all of their pictures
  • Meanwhile, HonoRin with Eli
    • Often throwing something around or running or causing some sort of mischief
      • It’s not uncommon for Eli to start dragging them to the bathroom to get them cleaned up from a paint fight or a mud pie contest
  • The only time everyone actually gets together is snack time, lunch time and nap time
    • Umi typically helps out carry the bowls and plates to the table
    • Nico tries to do the same, saying things like “Nico is the best idol! She can always help out!”
    • Honoka and Hanayo are always the first to start eating
      • They are often scolded by NozoEli to wait for everyone before eating
    • And then it’s almost impossible to get HonoRin to take a nap
      • Except for maybe that time they woke Umi up from her nap
        • It was the first time that they were quiet, Eli was in heaven
  • And then when it’s time for everyone to leave, HonoRin latch onto Eli and KotoPana latch onto Nozomi
    • Nico will eventually cave in and grab onto one of them
    • Maki doesn’t seem to care much
    • Umi’s kinda fidgeting behind the tree
      • Doesn’t move until either Nozomi or Eli goes to pick her up
  • Once all the babies leave, NozoEli have to clean up the mess that they often can’t pick up
    • It’s often HonoRin’s activities, but sometimes Nico does something ridiculous too

I think I just got a cavity from the amount of fluff and sweetness in here. Enjoy!

(skiretehfox, hope you don’t mind me borrowing your AU)