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A little know fact is that I have interest other than US History and one of those is literally every LGBT character marvel has release, and since the young avengers is pretty much entirely LGBT i’m hooked. Also I literally can’t find an answer, is Teddy actually a prince or is it a different title? 


Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (2012) #2 (of 9)

“If it’s a race you want, nephew…”

“Do I get a say in this?”

“…Then a race you shall have.”

“Yeah. I didn’t think so.”

“C’mon, Old Man, is that the best you’ve got?

And of course there is absolutely no way that this idea can end badly for anyone. 

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Okay but have you considered a roleswap where Sorey is the mystical being and Mikleo is the human


  • from the get-go, the idea of a role-reversal makes Sorey and Mikleo’s origin story that much more interesting because it suggests that Michael must have held some form of affection for his nephew. After all, it means he chose not to actually sacrifice Mikleo, but another random babe from the village (which is awful for Selene)
  • THAT BEING SAID that also makes their origin story that much harder to hear because I imagine this gives Mikleo some guilt because that was his uncle who killed an innocent boy
  • This also probably gives Mikleo a whole lot more worry and fear as a Shepherd about somehow “following in his uncle’s footsteps” 
  • Also as a result this makes Mikleo, as a Shepherd, far more vulnerable to malevolence than Sorey turned out to be in-game
  • After hearing about their origin story, I have soft feelings about Sorey wondering about his mother and the aftermath of having him stolen from her so horribly. I can imagine that even though he may not know where she is–though she’s probably dead after Camlann–Sorey gets an idea to start writing her letters that tell her about their journeys and that he’s okay and happy and she doesn’t have to be sad anymore about what happened
  • (This is also probably what leads to Sorey doing the very same thing for Mikleo once Mikleo goes to sleep with Maotelus–he starts writing him letters about everything that’s been happening while he’s gone; but this time he can look forward to the day where someone will actually read them.)
  • ((And read them, Mikleo does. All of them.))
  • The role-reversal also makes the beginning sequence of how the boys left Elysia that much more great?? because let’s be honest when Sorey and Mikleo find Alisha in St. Mabinogio, Mikleo’s gonna want nothing to do with the poor girl. Sorey meanwhile is going to be the one who’s convincing his human friend to go meet her because “hey she’s the first and only human you’ve ever even seen, man! Don’t you at least want to say hi to her?”
  • Also, when Alisha leaves and the duo find out that Lunarre is after her, it’s still Sorey who wants to go to Ladylake and help her. And he would–a lonely seraph all by himself–if his human friend didn’t know him better and still decide to stop him and go with him because, “You idiot. You’re a seraph. What did you exactly think you would be able to do, huh?”
  • Mikleo still refuses to form a contract with Sorey (just like Sorey did with Mikleo), but this time, even though they argue about it (a lot) Sorey doesn’t ever actually leave him. He convinces Mikleo eventually, but it’s not because of absence.
  • Mikleo purposefully “mistranslates” sometimes what Sorey wants to tell Alisha during the time in which she can’t see or hear him or Lailah. Sorey is very put-out by this because Shepherd Mikleo is getting in the way of him making human friends. Poor Sorey.

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (2012) #2 (of 9)

“We are not teaming up with Magneto.”

“I don’t recall inviting you, Patriot.”

“We’re a team. If you want me and Speed, you get the whole team.”

“I don’t recall volunteering, Billy.”

I love that the kids are cautious and wary beyond their years, it’s not only a commentary on how seriously they’ve taken the lessons they’ve learned since they formed, but also of their awareness of the risk in general. 

It’s also interesting that Tommy is the one who is quickest to give Magneto some room for negotiation here, not Billy. It really does show a foundation for more development in a relationship between the two of them that I wish we saw more of.

And finally, I just adore that exchange with Eli because it’s hilarious. 

Despite being a leader of the Young Avengers, poor Patriot (Elijah Bradley) looks like he had been demoted into the background while Kate Bishop the second-in-command is front and centre. This looks like a foreshadowing to Kate Bishop’s popularity and her rise to Hawkeye series as well as the demotion of Patriot by sending him to Comic Book Limbo after this storyline. 

- Avengers: the Children’s Crusade #1

So… would anyone be interested in a Young Avengers Secret Santa?

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EDIT: Yes, I’d go with art and fic as both being acceptable gifts, with minimum word counts and image sizes.

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (2012) #1 (of 9)

Back when the Young Avengers was really taking off on tumblr a few years ago, I was a little confused on where they had come from. I was familiar with Young Justice over at DC but since I had been spending so much time with DC stuff it was like, to me, the Young Avengers just appeared out of the blue. 

So I didn’t know where to start to catch up so it was actually this limited series that was my first real introduction to the team. That might seem fairly random (and it is) but as such this story has kind of held a special  place for me as one of the reasons I began getting invested in Marvel again after years of having gone turncoat in aggravation and sticking with DC instead. 

But let’s talk about this cover: this is like, basically a movie poster. They could not fit more dynamic character poses into this if they tried. And while there’s definitely some math problems so far as even rep for girls and boys, I do like that Kate and Cassie get like actual poses instead of just busts out looking vaguely sexy. 

Wanda gets the short end of that particular stick. Her head’s not nearly as big and menacing looking as Steve and Tony’s!

Carol’s.. there. Much like her role in the comic itself. But we’ll get further into that.

That’s what we have last heard of Elijah Bradley a.k.a Patriot. According to Tommy Shepherd (a.k.a Speed), Eli had been depressed that he had been in bed for two weeks since his retirement from superheroics and his relocation to another place in the Midwest. 

Also, Tommy Shepherd is getting sick of too much legacy heroes (which are done in a cheap way). I feel the same way about too much teenage legacy superheroes in current Marvel NOW(er). 

- Young Avengers v2 #6, 2013

what young avengers taught me

eli taught me to stand up for what you believe in no matter who tells you you’re wrong

kate taught me that you don’t need powers or training or much of anything to fight for the right thing

teddy taught me that being kind to everyone is not a weakness and neither is unexplainable love

billy taught me that having depression is something that you can recover from and that believing in yourself is an important step

tommy taught me that it doesn’t matter where you started it just matters where you’re going

jonas taught me about being an individual

cassie taught me to respect my roots

noh varr taught me that a positive outlook on life is a good thing

david taught me that intelligence and wisdom are badass

america taught me that sometimes you just need to kick ass

nate taught me to not fuck around with time travel or you might become kang the conqueror


Time for the Pushing Daisies AU Nobody knew they wanted!!!

Okay so I was thinking about Billy and Teddy because of the Avengers Academy event and then I happened to unearth my Pushing Daisies DVDs like five minutes later and then this happened! This is an AU that still takes place in the Marvel universe, so everybody still has their powers, which is why it works! 

Billy is a chaos magic user like his mother but unknown to them, he has the power to wake the dead with a touch, first touch life, second touch, dead again forever. Billy and his brother Tommy live in Avengers Mansion with Wanda. Also at the Mansion is Captain Mar-Vell and his son Teddy. When Wanda dies, Billy resurrects her with his magic, discovering his powers, but Wanda remained alive for longer than one minute, Mar-Vell dies in her place. Wanda doesn’t know about Billy’s ability, and accidentally touches him again, thus dying again. 

Years later, Billy has renounced all his ties to the Avengers and his magic, choosing instead to open a pie shop with Tommy,who has little interest in being a super hero either. He’d rather stay and annoy his brother and eat pie. Billy bakes therapeutically like his mom did. 

One day while Billy is taking out the trash, he witnesses Patriot, one of the Young Avengers, chasing a perp who falls to his death next to Billy’s dumpsters. In an effort to see if he’s okay, Billy accidentally resurrects him, and quickly touches him again before he can run to fix the mistake. Patriot sees this, and recognizes Billy, so he tries to convince him to rejoin the Avengers, but to no avail. Patriot instead reveals himself to be Eli Bradley, and tells Billy that he can still help do good without being on the team, and the two join forces in secret to help Eli solve his crimes with the Young Avengers, as Billy wishes to remain anonymous. 

Teddy is one of said Young Avengers now, using his powers for good when he is murdered on one of his missions. Billy, devastated, convinces Eli to take him to the funeral, where Billy brings Teddy back to life and in a split decision, decides to keep it that way, and kills a super villain by proximity, much to Eli’s displeasure. 

Billy brings Teddy back to the pie shop where Teddy laments he can probably never speak to Iron Man or Captain America [EDIT] I realized that Phylla-Vell and Moondragon should totally be Lily and Vivian because I had no idea who to put there before ever again, even though they raised him after Mar-Vell’s death, retiring from hero business and becoming quite recluse over the years. Tommy becomes increasingly more irritable now that he has to share his brother’s attention with a dead guy. 

Kate, Cassie, and Jonas are Young Avengers that gradually find out about Teddy of their own accords. They decide to help around at the pie shop from time to time, as covers while they go out and solve crime. 

Billy’s father, The Vision, who he hadn’t seen in many years, left Billy and Tommy both at X mansion after Wanda’s death because of their abilities and their ties to Professor X. Unknown to them, he went on to have Viv and Vin, Billy’s twin android half siblings, who he meets on a mission with the Young Avengers. They have a minor obsession with slight of hand, as they figure hobbies would make them more human like. Billy and Tommy feel slightly betrayed but also grow to very much like Viv and Vin. 

I even drew pictures!!!

A bonus note, Tommy has taken the place of Olive and rest assured I’ve cut those romantic ties Olive has for Ned they don’t exist, it’s just Tommy being salty that his brother doesn’t have time for him as much now.