eli nixon

There is No Mathematics to Love and Loss | Eli & Molly
  • Molly: [leaves her room barefoot, hopping from foot to foot as she runs across the freezing cold floor to Eli's room, knocking on the door] Open the door, it's cold out here! [mutters to herself and continues to hop from foot to foot while she waits]
Psycho in the Shower | Eli & Molly

Running a hand through her hair, Molly jumped off of her bed and hurried to meet Eli in the shower room. She hadn’t seen much of him recently, and figured it had a lot to do with their respective emotional issues with the month of December, and her own with January. Still, it’d be good to actually see him in person - something she hadn’t done since camping week - and it’d be even better to get an orgasm out of it. She really was starving. Stripping her clothes off, she stepped into the shower and turned on the taps, shivering at the cold water that hit her. Adjusting the temperature, she turned so that her back was to the spray and tipped her head back, letting her hair get wet as she waited.