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Get ready for the Hogwarts Thrawn and Eli AU that nobody asked for! XD

I had a magical influenza induced dream last night that Thrawn and Eli somehow ended up at Hogwarts together and Thrawn was dressed like Percival Graves for some reason and Eli was like ‘dafuq?’ and Palpatine was there… 

It was a good time.

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And then I wrote a little fanfic to go with it and I think it’s fun. Here we go:

Eli trundled through the halls of Hogwarts castle, taking the longest route imaginable to Professor Palpatine’s office. It was the coldest day of winter yet and all the usual outdoor passages were covered in snow and swept by howling winds. So he decided to take a sizable detour through the much warmer hallways. Though warmer, in this case, did not mean entirely warm.

He reached an open window and quickly pulled out his wand to shut it but the icy wind had already covered the sill in snow. Eli shivered, hugging himself and rubbing his hands up and down for warmth.

“Stupid cold,” he thought to himself bitterly.

Eli was born in much warmer climates and had been enjoying the ever changing scenery while his parents moved him from place to place. Along the way he’d picked up a myriad of languages, cultures and friends but then he turned eleven and his magical travelling childhood came to an end. Eli’s parents had been offered a full time position at one of the courier companies in London and upon settling down, a letter from Hogwarts had arrived without delay.

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This is for my own reference more than anything, but I’m trying to see who we’ve all got for minor Elf characters in the Hobbit. Feel free to add more if I’ve missed any or correct names/actors/images! I’m fairly confident on everybody except Elros; I’m sure I have Lethuin’s image right, though it’s a common mistake to label him as Elros.

  1. Lindir/Figwit (Bret McKenzie)
  2. Feren (Simon London)
  3. Lethuin (Eli Kent)
  4. Galion (Craig Hall)
  5. Elros (Robin Kerr)
  6. Meludir (unknown actor)
Past & Presents: Day 9

Tumble & Fall

“I’m telling you, babe, you put up a single Christmas decoration before Tyler wakes up, he’s going to be wicked pissed,” Nick said without looking up from the book he was reading.

Eli rolled his eyes and threw his head back, trying to be dramatic about it because he knew it would get on Nick’s nerves and maybe also get him what he wanted. “Papá, are you telling me we have to sit here with this entire jug of lights and shit while he fucking sleeps it off all day?”

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Memorable Moment Spring Summer 2015.- “My favorite moment was, without hesitation the Betsey Johnson show. It was the best show ever; the best show I’ve ever done in my whole career. I love Betsey. She has so much energy. I went to the fitting before the show, and I was feeling bad when I arrived but I left my fitting with a smile and ready to do all the rest of my castings and fittings because of her energy and happiness. On the day of, I had fun backstage. I had fun during the show. I had fun after the show. Because of the marriage theme I felt like I was in a real wedding during the show and it made me want to kiss Eli [Hall]. So right as we were exiting the runway I gave him a big kiss. I was so happy and feeling so in character and in the moment. I was really thinking it was my wedding, so I couldn’t control it. I’m sorry Eli, but I had to do that”…….

….*tears* he was sad…:(…. u can’t do that to Alexander ..coz he’s one of the sweetest and amazing person in this world!!…