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for the first time hoco was actually SUPER FUN!!! these four kids FINALLY danced in the giant circle of sweat and terror but it was fr the best thing ever and by far the best dance i’ve been to! like we went in at 8:30 and got out at 11 and it felt like no time has passed at all ??? it was liiit 🤙

(plus we got ihop after that was a fun time)

(also for homecoming antics maybe add me on snapchat ? @ jilleebillee33 !!)

Love Live Monster AU: μ’s

Images references are included where possible, but sadly not all these things have been made into sets! Descriptions are provided in addition to pictures in some cases, so please read those!

Nozomi: Nozomi is a mere human shrine maiden, caught in the middle of the ridiculous array of monsters and spirits that make up her friend group. She’s extremely curious about them, going out to look for them as much as they seek out her. Among some she’s known as a bridge between humans and monsters, due to her fantastic social skills with both. Althogh people tend to stay away from her due to this reputation, seeing her as “That weird girl who talks to monsters.” she doesn’t mind very much though, she enjoys her life.

She just looks like Nozomi normally does in her shrine maiden gear.

Eli: A kitsune who hangs around Eli’s shrine a lot of the time. While she can come across as very serious and cold, she’s still very tricky, as kitsunes tend to be. However, she doesn’t really do it to anyone but Nozomi. Even then her plans mostly go awry. Despite her attempts, she and Nozomi get on well, with Nozomi flirting with and almost courting her. Eli is largely confused by the human’s behaviours, but she gets chocolate out of it, and she is very pretty. So she accepts it, although she does get very, very flustered by it.

Just like this card.

Honoka: Honoka is an oni, known for her strength and energy. She tends to not bother humans very much, occasionally going into human towns to steal bread and other foodstuffs. Although at this point they’re used to it and give it to her. She lives a pretty relaxed life in a cave, spending a lot of time training herself in combat. She’ll likely never need it, but she enjoys it a lot. When she’s not sleeping in her cave she’s spending time with Umi and Kotori. She likes showing off her newest tricks and things to them. 

She has red skin and unkempt hair, however it still retains the same style. Only its a lot less neat. Kotori always offers to brush it, but she refuses. Her horns are somewhat small for an oni, she usually doesn’t care about it but will get a bit self conscious if they’re pointed out. She tends to wear clothes Kotori’s made for her, mostly because they’re more comfortable than typical oni stuff.

Kotori: Kotori is a harpy who lives the mountains near Honoka’s cave. Despite having the temptation to eat humans sometimes, she always keeps herself restrained. She uses a lot of her time to make clothes, usually incorporating her feathers into it. She’ll always test them out on her friends, usually Honoka and Umi. Due to her ability to fly, she has a lot of friends in a lot of different places. She can most commonly be found at the beach with Umi though. They really enjoy talking to eachother, due to how different their lives are. With Kotori being able to fly and with Umi constrained to the sea.

Her feathers are grey and fluffy looking. They’re very soft to the touch and she uses them to hug. She also has the bird feet as is typical of harpies, she uses them hunt down animals that she makes her food with.

Umi: A mermaid, she doesn’t tend to socialise with anyone but Kotori and Honoka, as she’s stranded out in the ocean. Even then she’s moreso with Kotori. Whenever she wants to go somewhere, Kotori has to pick her up and fly her around. She finds it embarrassing. She’s also a very skilled archer, both in and out of water. She uses it to defend her beach from humans. She rarely hits them, just using it to scare them off. She pretty much just wants to be left alone by anyone who isn’t a friend of hers.

Rin: A bakaneko (basically a cat yokai that can shapeshift into a human and has a few other features). She lives in the forest, she ended up wandering there after humans drove her out of her town. She was a danger to everyone around her, not intentionally, but she couldn’t control her magic and would end up setting things on fire and bringing about misfortune. Luckily for her though, the forest was a lot better for her. The other magical creatures weren’t affected by her bad luck, and the local spirits could stop her fires before they became a problem. In that forest, she met Hanayo, who gave her a place to stay and started helping her with controlling her magical powers.The two of them got really close quickly, they’re rarely found without eachother. They’re a bit of an odd combination, a bakaneko and a dryad. But no one really minds.

While she appears mostly human, her magical powers are really flawed, so she’s unable to hide a lot of her catlike features. With her ears, two tails, claws and teeth being completely obvious. She doesn’t mind not disguising them though, she finds them really cool and enjoys showing them off.

Hanayo: A dryad, she’s lived a pretty secluded life in the forest for most of her life, however with an unusual curiousity about other creatures and.humans. She would research them as best she could, but would never leave her community in the forest. Eventually however, she met Rin. Who helped her satisfy her interest in other creatures, both by simply existing and being Hanayo’s friend, as well as taking her out of the forest to explore and meet new people. They always return to the forest together though. Rin means a lot to her, since even among the forest dwelllers she didn’t have many friends. But almost as soon as she met Rin, they got along greatly.

She appears much like Hanayo normally does, except she’s got a light green skin tone and a large portion of her body is covered in bark. In terms of clothing, she wears quite loose, robe-y things. They’re very simplistic. Rin promises to buy her cuter clothes someday though.

Nico: A fairy that prides herself on her cuteness and beauty. She appears very sweet and kind, but in actuality it’s merely a facade to mess with other beings, most commonly humans. She mostly enjoys playing around with them and scaring them, rather than causing any actual harm. Whenever she does choose to go a bit more extreme, it’s only temporary, and is moreso uncomfortable than outright painful. The main thing she enjoys is turning people’s feet into roots, trapping them in place for a while. Unfortunately for her, she tends to have Maki watching over her, preventing her from doing all the mischievous things she wants.

She appears just like her Fairy Set appearance (Pictured below) Except she has rows of sharp teeth. She also uses magic to scale herself to her friends. Despite that magic though, she’s still the shortest in their group.

Maki: She’s a Gorgon although she can control her ability to turn people to stone, she only really uses it to keep people away from her home, since she kind of just likes being left alone. (She also occasionally does it to her friends if they’re getting too rowdy). She lives around the same area as Nico, resulting in them seeing eachother a lot. She’s probably the only person actually allowed in her home. She actually ends up defending Nico a lot, when her schemes go wrong and she has to save her from the angry humans. She doesn’t often turn them to stone though, she just scares them off with her snake hair. She still composes music and stuff for fun though.

Her hair is composed of red scaled snakes, they’re a duller red than her normal hair colour. She also has scaly skin and fangs. She tends to wear long dresses and robes.

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Thank you! ren and I are really glad people show interest in our stories and ideas. We’re grateful always…

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Ahhhhhhh, I wanted to see a Honoeli draws by you, but you specialized yourself so much on Maki..!! Like you are the master of Maki drawing in the entire LL fandom..!!

ajdfjkdasnfk Thank you anon! I’m no master whatsoever but I do my best to draw Maki ;w; 

And because you made my day! Here’s HonoEli for you


Yo! I decided to finish this request (a mix of both @nishikinonico & @deathgremory ) that was sitting in my folder for…who knows how long orz (Totally not doing this because I have a math midterm and I should be studying instead of drawing…)

Here’s your angsty soldier game trio in suits! (I don’t remember the actual reason for their angst so you all can decide lol)

I’ll disappear again now…

P.S.: Made it a print because why not so here


The left picture is my favorite part of the first ending: Nozomi appearing in the doorway gleefully and Eli right behind her, stiff and embarrassed. Given that, as well as the gap Eli leaves between herself and Honoka in the right picture (the only gap in the whole line of them), I like to think that this ending takes place in those couple weeks after Nozomi and Eli join and before the concert.

I understand why the anime skipped over those weeks, but it’s one of the most disappointing things the anime does, in my opinion. We see Eli go from antagonist to best friend in the span of 30 seconds, when the actual process wouldn’t have been anything like that. Eli’s stubborn. At this point she knows she’s in the wrong, that she has to be nicer to Honoka and the rest of the girls, but she’s too awkward to do it naturally. She’s going to keep being stubborn simply because that’s all she knows how to do it, and it’s going to cause friction in the group until she can calm down. There’s going to be arguments, disagreements over leadership (who’s in charge? Honoka, as the person who started muse? Nico, as club president? Eli, who’s been in charge of everything her whole life?), and while in the end it will bring the group closer, you could have an interesting story where they almost fall apart.

The one saving grace, aside from Nozomi’s magic, is that most of the group can’t hold a grudge. Nico and Maki are the only ones who stay angry (and Eli should be really glad the subunits didn’t exist because bibi meetings would have been awful), but eventually Maki decides she doesn’t care enough. Nico is good at staying silent and angry for a long time, but once she’s alone she gives in too, and it’s only then that Eli can start to relax and truly bond with the group.

This post didn’t quite end up where I expected it to go but basically: those two weeks after Eli joined would be full of character development and awkward bonding moments and I really wish we had seen them.

So fall’s been rough, huh?

This is another apology for this LONG absence. My brain’s been in a tough place recently, so things have just been all over the place.

I love my boy Harley (the main admin, who will be back in December) and I’m trying to kick myself into shape a little bit with regards to this blog.

We’ll see how this 3rd start goes! Gonna keep trying, y’all, I promise. Thanks for being so patient – and keep sending suggestions!!

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HEY, cus I know you a nerd eli “ you’re wrong ” this starter with carver/fenris :}

“–having to put with it all the time, everyone just constantly… I mean, you all think I’m just a child and it’s–”

Fenris sighed into his cup before taking a drink. The Hanged Man was quite empty, not odd for a Tuesday night, but Carver was chatting enough for ten men. The younger Hawke was rather deep in his cups; a pink flush crept from high on his cheeks down to his neck and there was, of course, his endless nattering.

“–insults and, and complaints about everything I do, everything! As if I’m some inept, bumbling… incapable, whining–”

“You’re wrong.”

Carver looked up suddenly, blinking at Fenris like he forgot he was there. “What?”

“I said you’re wrong.” Fenris set his cup down and looked at Carver sideways. “At least partly.”

Carver sniffed and squinted at him. “Which part?” he asked.

And, oh, that face was cute, if Fenris had to admit it. Pink from his eyebrows to his collar, scowling as if it would earn him a prize. A short laugh slipped out before Fenris could stop it and Carver’s frown deepened. Fenris coughed but didn’t bother wiping the smile from his face. “I just mean,” he said evenly, “that I do not think any of those things are true.”

“Um… oh,” Carver said, face softening.

“You’re not inept or incapable. Quite the opposite in my opinion.” Fenris sipped at his drink, his smile turning sharp. “And you’re only bumbling when you flirt.”

Carver opened his mouth and shut it again, his pink face darkening a shade. His frown returned with fervor and he snatched up his cup and drank to avoid another attempt at talking. Fenris laughed but made sure to soften his voice, so Carver would not take offence. If the little glances young Hawke kept throwing him were any indication, he didn’t mind it much at all.

Wizard!Thrawn has me so whipped I’ve reverted back to my horrible old manga art style. For those of you who missed my previous foray into the weird world of Hogwarts AU Eli and Thrawn:

Part 1  Part 3  Part 4

The Duelling Club had always been a popular activity among Hogwarts students who were encouraged to learn how to defend themselves in a safe and carefully monitored environment. Several teachers would always be present and the Great Hall would be emptied of its long tables to make room for the sizable number of participants.

The spell of the day would be demonstrated at the beginning of the lesson and then the students would be broken up into rotating pairs to practice with each other. Some used the opportunity to concentrate on perfecting the spell rather than beating their opponent while others simply endeavoured to pick on the weaker students which often lead to rivalries between the Houses.

Eli had joined the Duelling Club under the sage advice and persistent nagging of a young Gryffindor named Ezra Bridger and there was no doubt it had benefited them both. Though Eli’s power was quite tempered compared to the other boy’s, his technique was flawless and Eli was capable of holding his own against Ezra’s powerful stuns and jinxes which actually threatened to flatten some of the first years.

It was a fornightly activity that Eli enjoyed very much but when he arrived at the Great Hall, his good mood was instantly dampened.

In the far corner on the right, Eli spotted a tall, black figure observing the magnicent cylindrical sandglasses that displayed the Hogwarts House points in four brightly bejewelled colours. 

It was Thrawn. 

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Chase My Blues Away

Pairing: NozoEli

Rating: Teen and Up

Summary: Nozomi’s an uber driver who picks up a super nervous (and super cute) Eli on her way to a date. Can Nozomi calm her down and get that five-star uber rating?

Birthday fic for Nozomi based on the prompt “I’m your uber driver.”

Nozomi Toujou: Hey this is your uber driver. I’m outside in a blue Prius.

Nozomi hits send, then locks her phone and sets it firmly back in its stand. She taps her fingers on the steering wheel to the beat of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody.’ She savors it. She’s about to turn on some indiscriminate jazz, generally a good choice for when the customer gets in the car, but if she were picking the music, she’d pick this.

She leans her head back against the seat and grins as the music blasts from the speakers. God, this is a good song. She glances out her passenger window to see if her customer is coming–

–and stops dead, her face coloring.

Standing there in a pale blue dress and obviously waiting for someone is the most beautiful woman Nozomi has ever seen. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. Probably. It’s in the realm of possibility. But whether or not this woman is the most beautiful doesn’t detract from the fact that Nozomi finds her very attractive. She’s tall, she’s got blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail, and she has bright blue eyes that are looking right at her!

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Manga!eri has already kissed at least a couple dozen girls by the start of the story.

Alright the sender already knows what’s up, but I saved this ask for the sole purpose of tellin the rest of y’all a lil somethin about Manga!Eli. We all know the Eli Ayase from the anime. She’s powerful. She’s stunning. She’s got the voice of an angel. We love her. Nothing can top that right? Wrong. She ain’t got nothin on Manga!Eli. U wanna see powerful? Read the fuckin the manga cause that girl has so much raw power that she puts to shame even the suavest, most competent headcanons that ur lil gay minds can come up with.

I want y’all to take a second and just look at this. Look at it. How tf does Kimino Sakurako expect me to enter Eli’s intro chapter with confidence in myself when I gotta look at this on the first page? It ain’t fair. It’s already bein established that Eli is too hot for my gay heart to handle. This page is a ploy to get y’all to fall into Eli’s trap, and it works. Pls love urself and stay away.

Yeah same Nico. U saw it right. From first glance, Nico and Maki understood what kind of majestic gay goddess was roaming their school. Or did they? Do they really understand? Nah I doubt it cause no one understands the kind of power she possesses. But I will try to enlighten y’all anyway.

Ok look at this small child. She’s happy. She’s smilin. She’s ready for school. U see this face, and u feel inspired. U wanna work hard at school, show up like this, be like her, or maybe, just maybe, be wooed by her. Nah, she’s playin u. That is the face of a hunter. She’s gay, and she’s ready to play.

Manga!Eli has a type of control u could only dream of havin. And I’m not talkin about her being the student council president. That girl has well-honed, keen gay senses, and she knows how to use em to assert dominance.

U see that face in the top right? That’s her chillin in her natural habit. Megane is doomed cause she about to pull some serious shit talk on Otonokizaka when Eli is on her home turf. U see that blush in the bottom right? Megane underestimated Eli and allowed her to get too close. She’s done. Sacrifice her and run. And for some reason, u might think u and ur girl are safe, but think again.

Manga!Eli don’t give a fuck. She’s got a school to run and girl’s to woo, and she will do w/e she wants. Umi is ready to fight, but do u think she’ll win? Nah, she don’t stand a chance cause Eli is too goddamn powerful. All she gotta do is take some gyoza in her gay lil hands and feed em to ur girl. Ur done. Bye Umi. Idc if u do kendo. U can’t top that. But it don’t stop there. 

Eli just evolved to stage 2, and she ain’t messin around. Eli don’t like the way things are playin out, so she’s doin what she does best. Control. That hand on the shoulder and her lips that close to Honkers’ face is 100% pure gay power. Honkers belongs to her now, and there’s nothin Umi can do bout it. Now that Eli got ur girl, u think she’s done right? 

Nope. Final evolution. The mastermind behind boob. The ultimate boob master of the LL universe. If u got the boobs, u ain’t safe from that gay thirst. Eli will come at u full power. Lil tiny baby Manga!Nozomi tried to play it kind, safe, and modest, but that’s weakness, and Eli sensed it. She moved in for the kill, and she got it. Rip Nozo u were a brave soul.

tl;dr Manga!Eli is an absolute powerhouse. She’s got looks, talent, and gay thirst that goes unrivaled by anyone. She’s too gay and powerful for this world, and if y’all knew what was best, y’all would stay far, far away from this manga because she will take u, ur girl, ur boobs, ur house, ur dreams, and ruin ur entire life. Trust me I would know. And don’t even get me started on Manga!Nico.


Walk The Moon meditation before I Can Lift A Car

before I started recording Nick asked the us all to close our eyes and to breathe in and out

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*sees the fanchild self shipping ask* *immediate Will to smooch Eli's face bc we have the same name and are both nb, also they're cute n blessed* (sorry if this comes off as,, weird,, I'm 15 and Eli??? Is a chaotic Bless??????)

ok omg thats cute, dude i hope ya have fun selfshipping with eli bless you ?? IM GLAD YOU LIKE MY CHILD THAT MUCH, 

TREAT ‘EM WELL !! ! ❤️👌❤️👌❤️👌


comic book meme → [2/5] favourite teams → the Young Avengers

↳ “We don’t just act like Avengers anymore. We are Avengers.”

the world offers itself (1/9)

Pairing: KotoEli
Summary: Otonokizaka’s last royal ruler died 900 years ago, leaving the Ayase Seneschals to guard the throne. The gods haven’t spoken since. But on the eve of Eli’s traditional journey to search for the true ruler before her coronation, her prayer is answered by an angel.

So I’m super super excited to show you guys what I’ve been working on the past three months! This is my Big Bang fic, a collaboration with the amazing @yuyurialyusia​ (thank you Yu^3 for putting up with my procrastinating…)

Updates are every twelve hours, the accompanying art for this chapter linked here when it’s posted, and everything will be under my tags the world offers itself and love live big bang 2016!

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  • Maki: where are they?
  • Nico: don't ask me ask Eli, she said 'I know where we're going.'
  • Maki: well Eli, where are they?
  • Eli: don't worry I got this. *puts hands together like a megaphone* YUME NO MEIRO!
  • Nozomi: *down the street* YUME NO MEIRO!
  • Eli: La L-!
  • Nicomaki: De den deeen....
  • Umi: *drops to her knees* I knew they would corrupt maki. I just didn't think it'd be so fast.
  • Nozoeli: *doesnt care / starts preforming garden of glass in the street*