eli faraday

finished watching ATLA a few hours ago. something I couldn’t stop thinking about during the entire marathon (besides motorcity obv) was an avatar AU for teacups… I mean the show was about kids playing with elements and saving the world right?? h-hahah

I think the clothes are pretty self explanatory; Jackie would be an airbender and he’ll manipulate the air around him to move super fast. Adam is a firebender and this would be like the only AU he will actually have fire powers. baby’s dreams coming true. Eli is a highly experienced firebender and mostly uses lightning, and Oliver is a pro metalbender because you know, robot and stuff.

i wanted to cover all elements but the bteam never had anyone who specializes in water/ice?? most of them would be fire/air……….

So, yesterday I left in the morning and spent the day with Ana and Kitey~

these were some of the doodles i did on the bus/train ride over and when i was at Ana’s place. =w=  (sorry for bad quality… i dont have a scanner and i sketch really light)

I also did some others that weren’t teacup, but, not many.

also gonna finish replying to Josh’s questions/comments in a little bit.  :)  If anyone still wants to ask him anything, feel free.  just drop whatever in my ask box