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[Experiental storyboards/comic/manga] 星火: From the spark of fire Part.1

Here are page 1 to 5 and the rest of it I will do it next month; as the pages went I putting more work to it. I draw very slow and I was kinda experimenting as well. Excuse my English skill that is the worst part I knew… I tried. I will update pages on tweeter when I reached to 5 pages I will upload to Tumblr as well.

I didn’t have the dialogue  bubble so just use color to tell apart:
Ocelot: red
Eli: blue
Young Ocelot: orange
BB: green
onomatopoeia: black/white

This is the shortest project I have but why it took so long to finish. *sobs*
Note: 1.The route of duel in MGS3 here: none fire/ BB win 2. the pink thing is cotton candy
Thanks for all the support from my friends on Twitter. God bless me to figure out an efficient way to draw quicker… here goes my August


Metal Gear doodle-boodle-bops because this is how I improve~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

In Finland they actually do have cardboard box cribs for babies.

If you can spot the movie references kudos to you friend.


Elias Lindholm and Simon Bertilsson singing Karaoke


Leon had spent the last hour patrolling around the hospital, checking every nook and cranny he could think of for anything that wasn’t safe. Some demons were smarter than others, hiding in plain sight like it was some game, waiting for the right moment to strike, and any place he’d deemed at risk now had a nice ward sitting in it, courtesy of his blooded fingers. Now, he sits on the railings that had previously held him up right, fumbling with the cigarette box in his hands, ready to make his lungs feel like shit whilst the rest of him had a moment to relax. 

He knows company is coming; the newcomer’s blood pumping loudly through his veins. He was angry or… something, Leon didn’t give a shit, not until the other guy started to linger. 

He slips a smoke into his mouth and pulls out his lighter, taking a second to glance at the man as he lit up. He was either out here to cool off, get some air or smoke himself and upon the realization that it was probably the latter and that the kid was likely the type to come scrounging for someone else’s smokes than light his own, Leon stuffed his box away, exhaling smoke.

“Don’t ask. The answer is no.”