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[Experiental storyboards/comic/manga] 星火: From the spark of fire Part.1

Here are page 1 to 5 and the rest of it I will do it next month; as the pages went I putting more work to it. I draw very slow and I was kinda experimenting as well. Excuse my English skill that is the worst part I knew… I tried. I will update pages on tweeter when I reached to 5 pages I will upload to Tumblr as well.

I didn’t have the dialogue  bubble so just use color to tell apart:
Ocelot: red
Eli: blue
Young Ocelot: orange
BB: green
onomatopoeia: black/white

This is the shortest project I have but why it took so long to finish. *sobs*
Note: 1.The route of duel in MGS3 here: none fire/ BB win 2. the pink thing is cotton candy
Thanks for all the support from my friends on Twitter. God bless me to figure out an efficient way to draw quicker… here goes my August

msmayorvi  asked:

give me badboi Luke headcanons (it makes me so happy for some reason,, who knew I needed a badboi Luke in my life)

god christ damnit frick

- no one really knows why he’s Bad?? he just Is. he’s just a hard lad because he’s scruffy and unshaven and wears his hat backwards and has this satirical sense of humour
- he and ian are the dream team if you wanna roast
- he does surprisingly well in school… you wouldn’t expect it but he does pay attention
- however it’s super easy, once he’s flustered, to keep it going and make him giggle n blush n hide under the brim of his hat
- ppl judge him on appearances a lot n don’t really Get To Know Him which explains that good ol reputation
- he holds these little concert type things where after he does a few songs, it’s essentially an open mic night n everyone who’s anyone goes to either watch or participate

masterswordkeychain  asked:

What would the first date between Eli and Bad Boy Luke™ be like?

i had to wait until i got to my computer to answer this bc i got flustered just thinking about it i hate myself,,, he takes her to record some stuff bc shes v interested and its easy for him to talk about music

  • okay so he comes to pick her up at her door n people are whispering n watching which doesn’t bother him at all
  • ( it bothers her but that’s for later )
  • he leans on her door frame n waits for her to answer when he knocks which swoons the fuck out of her but he slips a little bit when she opens the door bc hes an idiot
  • they walk out to the recording studio n eli gets all confused and freaked out by the Amount Of Stares
  • ‘c’mon, ignore them. i got you.’
  • S W O O N E D.
  • shes essentially way more nervous around Bad Boy Luke™ than she is around regular wholesome luke it’s the Thrill
  • otherwise it’s just the same – she loves to watch him perform and is very, very shy on their first date
  • it ends w him being all suave n pushing her hair from her face to give her a lil cheek kiss at her dorm door – she leans against the door when she closes it and sighs all cute like 
  • he, after checking no one is around, does a cute little ‘yes!’ n punches the air all cute like bc there is a Softer Side