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I’m gonna do some dream Euros EFs so I can look at them tomorrow after quals and cry

VT: i literally do not know who is doing two vaults so masha, ellie, zsofi, gelya (is she even doing 2 vaults???) and ioana/oly if they’re doing 2 but i don’t think they are??? lol

UB: nina, kapi, elena, becky, varinska, eli, kim, alison

BB: cata, lari, sanne, gelya, elena, melanie, marine, ilaria

FX: ellie, frags, cata, eythora, idkkkk i guess tabea, gelya, kapi, nora fernandez


[Experiental storyboards/comic/manga] 星火: From the spark of fire Part.1

Here are page 1 to 5 and the rest of it I will do it next month; as the pages went I putting more work to it. I draw very slow and I was kinda experimenting as well. Excuse my English skill that is the worst part I knew… I tried. I will update pages on tweeter when I reached to 5 pages I will upload to Tumblr as well.

I didn’t have the dialogue  bubble so just use color to tell apart:
Ocelot: red
Eli: blue
Young Ocelot: orange
BB: green
onomatopoeia: black/white

This is the shortest project I have but why it took so long to finish. *sobs*
Note: 1.The route of duel in MGS3 here: none fire/ BB win 2. the pink thing is cotton candy
Thanks for all the support from my friends on Twitter. God bless me to figure out an efficient way to draw quicker… here goes my August

It had been a few weeks since Bianca moved in, and she was sure she had learned her two roommates schedules. Clare was usually out of the house by 9 at the latest, though Bianca heard her leaving around 8 most mornings. Eli was around the same time, classes or work. She however only had a few classes scattered through the week and the same with her job; not to mention her job consisted of a few hours in the studio before she was back home, it paid well which kept her from having to find a second one. Under the impression that she was indeed home alone, she had found her way into the kitchen and fixed herself a bowl of cereal, nothing fancy but usually she wasn’t hungry in the mornings anyway. This morning she donned nothing more than a pair of underwear and an old t-shirt that just barely covered her bottom, even coming up just a little too short, figuring since she was home alone there was no need for pants. With her phone on the counter, she was leaned over, bowl on the counter as she lazily ate from it, scrolling mindlessly without a care in the world.

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Elias Lindholm and Simon Bertilsson singing Karaoke

anonymous asked:

What are your Euros predictions?

Hmmm I’m gonna try to be as realistic as possible and not let personal preference get in the way

AA: Ellie, Tabea, Elena (Lari and Gelya and Eythora could probably challenge here too but I don’t have much faith in Gelya lol and I’d have to see how Larisa’s floor looks)

VT: Masha, Ellie, Zsofi

UB: Nina, Kapi, Elena (though I wouldn’t could Becky and Alison and Eli out)

BB: Sanne, Cata, MARINE PLEASE GYMGODS (also i’d be thrilled with Elena or Melanie or Gelya if she gets it together lol

FX: hmmm Ellie, Cata, Eythora? or Frags? or Gelya (again if she gets it together)