i’m going back 2 kodi’s roots in circus au where he was a contortionist with massive anxiety issues and unfortunately for eli, the meanest twunk in the circus. he has a problem with pulling out his feathers due to stress and he hATES being touched… the only other person in the circus who can touch him is their seamstress, who gently threads in fake feathers through his wings so they don’t look so horribly ratty during his acts. he also likes picking fights with people who come up to him after shows to see if his wings are real bc he’s an asshole

eli has a huge crush on him though :’) he owns doves (being a magician) and likes to let them preen kodi when kodi actually allows eli to be closer than 5 feet from him

hellgirl-x  asked:

What are your favorite or underrated female slashers/villains?

Oh gurl I got a couple of them, here goes:

Sadako Yamamura from “Ringu”

Samara Morgan from “The Ring”

Kayako Saeki from “Ju-On”/”The Grudge”

Eli from “Let the right one in”

The girl from “A girl walks home alone at night”

Countess Marya Zaleska from “Dracula’s daughter”

The Bride from “Bride of Frankenstein”

Carrie White from “Carrie”

Rachel Lang from “The rage: Carrie 2″

Tiffany Valentine from “Bride of Chucky”

Mary Shaw from “Dead Silence”

Esther Coleman from “Orphan”

Queen Akasha from “Queen of the damned”

Annie Wilkes from “Misery”

Jennet Humfry/The Woman in black from “The Woman in black”

Diana Walter from “Lights out”

Jennifer Check from “Jennifer’s body”

The Alien Queen from “Aliens”

Elvira mistress of dark

Matilda Dixon/The Tooth fairy from “Darkness falls”

Regan McNeil/Pazuzu from “The Exorcist”

Mademoiselle from “Martyr”

Dawn O’keefe from “Teeth”

Female Cenobite/Deepthroat from “Hellraiser”

Morticia and Wednesday Addams from “Addams family”

Lily Munster from “The Munsters”


Angela Baker from “Sleepaway camp”

The nun/Valak from “The conjuring 2″

These are the ones I can think of for now, but there probably many more.