A hacker releases an unreleased open letter that was written on June 21st by Saiden Miller. This letter was intended to release on June 21st but was later rejected for unknown reasons. This information is not yet viral and it is only published on certain anti-government websites. By midnight, this information will no longer be available. Therefore, it will be invalid for a character to know about any informations after midnight, unless a citizen told them about it.

Dear Citizens of District 1215,

I am saddened to announce that our former president, Zeuhs Elhan, is dead due to an assassination that was taken last night after the hours of the festival. Many of you are grieving for his death because he had many plans to do for the citizens. Many of those promises he had announce in his speech seemed promising and it is sad he didn’t had the chance to take much action. Numerous things have been going on lately, such as the attack that had happened at the Carnival, the riot that had occurred after Election Day and the AID blood submission at the blood bank. Numerous stories coming from ABC news have been reported lately and we hope that things will calm down after a few weeks.

The Hiiipower Campaign raised enough bitcoins to repair the damages that were done towards the Hybrid among the week. Our former President had said there would be “equality”, but yet, human nurses have been secretly not giving the hybrids the proper treatment that they deserve. Another issue that we have is the Hybrids becoming target practices for the humans, or even Hybrids that are against their own kind. Our own President, who was a Hybrid, had been shot – live—in front of million citizens. Millions of these citizens had voted for “equality”, when yet, where is our former President now? Dead.

Due to the votes that had occurred on June 16th, I am fairly your new President. Therefore, the Roc Nation campaign will not be staying in the White House anymore. The Hiiipower Campaign and I will keep the promises we have made. Just right now, we are bringing back our troops from the countless and unneeded missions. As for safety in the streets, all human cops will be re-assigned on June 21st and will be replaced by our trained robots. Their system will be calm and they will only arrest a citizen if suspected. As for the human nurses, a member of the Hiiipower Campaign is currently is speaking to every hospital managers to add extra cameras in each halls, rooms, offices and bathrooms to spy on them. Do not think of it as a Big Brother move, but more for the safety for every citizen in this district since the moment we will need health help, our lives will be in their hands. And we do not want to keep our faith to land in the hands of untrusted workers in the hospital.

Starting on June 25th, a lot of changes will be beginning. For all the Hybrids that are still sick because of the blood that had AIDS, we will be giving you extra treatments with lower prices for a week since these treatments we have will cure you. There are going to be changes within the community centers around the district. Since we will be unable to keep an eye on all communities and foster cares, two new huge buildings have been placed near the city hall for those matter. One of them will be for Hybrids while the other will be for the Humans. Therefore, all communities and foster cares will be shut down and some of those workers will be working within the new buildings. If on June 29th we find a community or foster care still running without the Government’s supervision, the citizens being a part of the crime will be thrown in jail for breaking this new law.

Starting on June 26th, all human public schools will turn into private schools, which mean the parents will have to pay extra bitcoins for these private services. If you are a human that does not work and receives government pay, you will not be able to attend to those schools. June 29th also marks the day for all humans that are not working will no longer be capable of getting any jobs at all. So if you do not have a job as of now, I suggest you to find one now before June 29th because the bitcoins that will be sent from the Government will be less than any Hybrids’ pay check. Reasons for those are because we will be paying for all batteries and charges for the robots that will be helping the police force and firefighters during their shifts. Another, we will be using those bitcoins to cover every Hybrids insurance due to the AID sickness within the first week. After that, the bitcoins will be used for future health problems that may occur without our knowledge. The tax plans will be discussed until further notice.

The festival will still continue due to the dedicated workers that have worked hard for all of this to be possible. When it is over, we will have a proper ceremony for Zeuhs Elhan. Although, many have thought he didn’t had the chance to do anything. Mr Elhan was planning on making the jobs that were only offered to Hybrids and change them to both species. But as I explained earlier, we are already having issues with having both species working within the most important jobs in this district that is causing issues.

This has been a troubled day and we hope that every citizen understands these changes are only for the better. Also, a message coming from the police department, there are Hybrid cops at each corner of the streets watching the citizens in the streets due to a possible riot until the rest of the month of June. If they catch you disturbing the peace, you will be arrested and thrown in jail for 80 days. Neither bail nor court will be needed since rioting on that matter is a direct illegal act during this sad event.

We hope that each and every of you guys will be having a wonderful time at the festival. Please enjoy yourselves and continue to mourn for Zeuhs Elhan because we have lost a wonderful candidate that had wonders for America.


Saiden Miller.

End of letter. For all changes, the date is still valid and they will happen on the low. 

 News 9 with an important interruption with Anchorman Taylor: 

Here at News9 we send our condolences to the loved ones of now Former president Elhan. There will be a ceremony held Sunday at 6pm-8pm come by to pay respect to the late.
This is truly sad news, maybe Humans and Hybrids can at least come together and show remorse and probably open their eyes and see that the violence is redundant and plain ridiculous. Just a reminder Sunday is not and open or closed casket it is just a visual so the public can come together and mourn the great lost to this country. For once I would like to report positivity…for once

Narrator: We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You This Very Special Message From The President. 

– Former Vice President Saiden Miller walks up to the podium and looks into the teleprompter – 

Thank you. Thank you so much. Today, Even most are still mourning over the lost of my friend Elhan late president. We must move forward and do whats best for Hybrid kind which means a few law changes. In order for us to survive others must sacrifice. For starters I’m asking for all hybrid citizens to receive a Tax cut and to have the humans 5% tax raise. I’m abolishing all human rights from this moment on which means they are no longer allowed to drive, vote, eat with us, or anything else. And all Hybrids in involved with a human must consider the human they are with their responsibility. If the human they own was to  break any law the Hybrid responsible for them will pay for the humans crime and the human will be put to death. These are only some of the laws I have already put into effect since 12am this morning. 

– He nods at the teleprompter and walks away –

News9 with Anchorman Taylor: BREAKING NEWS
-walks along the streets and the camera pans the city and hybrids and humans running raged- It’s getting ugly out here, I think Hybrids have had enough of the negatively they have been hearing on the streets about them. As soon as the lights went out it was game on for the Hybrids. What would former president Elhan say about this? What will current president say about this? I don’t know but you will hear it first on News nine. Updates and development on this story coming soon. -cuts camera-

New President Saiden rides back into town with his team wearing a long black robe with a hood over his head. Walking into President Elhan old office.



Seems as though President Saiden as already stricken nerves in the white. Laws have been cracked down on the humans and lifted off of the Hybrids. President Saiden stands strongly by his decisions but has he created a new World War III? There’s already talk about riots and marches against this decision.

His speech has plenty of people concocting the idea that he himself has mastered the plan to have former president Elhan assassinated so he can become the new president. -shakes my head- President Saiden not a good look, and step back in American history. But I’m sure this law has satisfied ALOT of hybrids. Humans have complained for so long about Hybrids weakness and this is the outcome, hybrids have also complained for a while about hybrids trying hard to fit in. Now this is the outcome.

Both species please stay safe, and think before you react. If you want change please act calmly, violence doesn’t solve anything as this nation has learned I the past. By any means necessary moved some but Walk on Washington moved the WORLD. Keep that in mind America. Work together and not against each other.

Have a nice day and more about this story is in this upcoming week please stay tuned.