Thre’ticaton were not known to live in close proximity to each other, so we were a little unnerved to begin finding multiple pairs within scant light years of each other. It was theorized we were getting close to their home system; luckily we were careful enough to avoid being detected by any.

We then began to encounter a great deal of Ecur'thym, a species we’ve encountered very few times but seemed rather friendly, even if it was difficult to decode their language of flashing lights. They say their two forms has nothing to do with age and is instead some kind of hyper fast ‘evolution’ but this is possibly a translation error.

We came upon their home planet and had brief discussions; apparently Thre’ticaton did, in fact, come from this system. But the Ecur'thym told us of a planet closer to the star that we may be interested in studying as part of our scientific quest through this unexplored part of the galaxy. Apparently it was teeming with life of incredible diversity and they had sent their own scientists down there (though it had also become a place where criminals and ‘enemies of The Light’ liked to flee to).

They tried to explain as much of the wildlife as they could before we checked it out for ourselves, but the combination of looking at and translating lights, plus the pressure on the brain that comes from being around psychic life forms was making things difficult. They did manage to warn us of the dominant creature, a race called 'humans’, that by all appearances should be weak and powerless but had the innate ability to bind with anything. We weren’t really sure what that meant.

Mega Beheeyem, based on the Flatwoods Monster

Think this is more fitting to base the mega of an alien encounter like the rest of the line, than just giving it some bigger details. Gave it steel typing as Flatwoods Monster had some metallic clothing, and levitate because well, Beheeyem already does and Flatwoods Monster was said to do as well. And also good to make it immune to ground. Another option could be adaptability as ability.

The shiny one is colored to look more like the Flatwoods Monster, with darker clothing and reddish face.

shiny hunting on route 121…

this was another one of those drawings that i started ages ago, only did a little bit of, got unmotivated to draw and left it for like 5 months, then came back to it and finished it in like 3 days

for this one, i started it in september and i had only done the sketch and the lineart

…anyway, the reason i started this in the first place is because, at the time, i was trying to shiny hunt for a shiny elgyem using the dexnav on route 121 in alpha sapphire, and thought it would be a nice scene to draw. also featured is dedede the plusle, my best friend and obviously the best pokémon on my alpha sapphire team.

…i still haven’t found the shiny elgyem haha

Pokemon watching; extraterrestrial sightings
Pokemon: Elgyem and Beheeyem
Location: Forte Pozzacchio, Italy.

Rumors of their origin are linked to a UFO crash site in the desert 50 years ago. They are said to use their strong psychic powers to cause unendurable headaches. Apparently, they communicate by flashing their three fingers, but those patterns haven’t been decoded. 

Medium: Colored markers and watercolor on fuji instant film.
Following the recent release of the mobile app PokemonGo, we decided to paint our take on this fun game.


Can we take a moment and talk about this thing for a second? Has anyone realized just how many pop culture references these things are stuffed full of?

Grey Aliens: The first evolution, Elgyem, is designed to look similar to the popular grey aliens.

Roswell: The pokedex says that they were discovered after a UFO crashed in a desert about 50 years ago. This is based off of the story that a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.

Close Encounters of the third kind: They communicate using the colored lights on their hands, similar to the large ship in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Men in Black: Its second evolution, Beheeyem, can alter people’s memories. This is based on the movies Men in Black in which they use technology to alter people’s memories.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Elgyem evolves at level 42. This is the supposed answer to life, the universe, and everything in the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Hidden Aliens: The second evolution, Beheeyem, has features that resemble a hat and trench coat which are clothing commonly used to hide. This is based on the theory that aliens are hiding among us.

anonymous asked:

Are Elgyem and Beeheeyem affectionate Pokémon? And what are they like with an affectionate Trainer?


* Elgyem isn’t too affectionate but it can be if the affection is initiated by someone else. It’ll sometimes try to hold hands with it’s trainer but that’s about all it’ll do on it’s own.

* With an affectionate trainer, Elgyem doesn’t mind the affection at all. It’ll often return it back, although sometimes it can be too much for the Elgyem and it’ll back away if it doesn’t want anymore affection.


* Beheeyem is a bit less affectionate than it’s pre-evolution but it’ll still show it if their trainer gives it to them first. It still keeps the habit of holding it’s trainer’s hand when at home together and occasionally it’ll hug it’s trainer’s arm before and after a battle.

* With an affectionate trainer, Beheeyem is more open to the affection than before. It’ll accept as much of it’s trainer affection and especially likes it when it’s trainer hugs them.