shiny hunting on route 121…

this was another one of those drawings that i started ages ago, only did a little bit of, got unmotivated to draw and left it for like 5 months, then came back to it and finished it in like 3 days

for this one, i started it in september and i had only done the sketch and the lineart

…anyway, the reason i started this in the first place is because, at the time, i was trying to shiny hunt for a shiny elgyem using the dexnav on route 121 in alpha sapphire, and thought it would be a nice scene to draw. also featured is dedede the plusle, my best friend and obviously the best pokémon on my alpha sapphire team.

…i still haven’t found the shiny elgyem haha

Day 15 - Favorite Psychic Type

I have let my watercolors fall so low

Or maybe I’m just lazy?

Let’s talk about Elgyem here for a little bit. It’s pretty much generally accepted that it’s an extraterrestrial Pokemon, and its appearance on Earth is shrouded in mystery, possibly because it’s able to change memories. It challenges foes by squeezing their brains. The dex entires say that it causes massive headaches, but I’m pretty sure that’s not all you suffer if your brain is being squished.

And somehow, it’s still a helpful and intelligent alien that flies around and tries to protect people. And it flashes its little hand lights! Imagine a bunch of Elgyem and Beheeyem suddenly communicating with their hand lights over your neighborhood in the middle of the night. I bet it looks amazing!

Mega Beheeyem, based on the Flatwoods Monster

Think this is more fitting to base the mega of an alien encounter like the rest of the line, than just giving it some bigger details. Gave it steel typing as Flatwoods Monster had some metallic clothing, and levitate because well, Beheeyem already does and Flatwoods Monster was said to do as well. And also good to make it immune to ground. Another option could be adaptability as ability.

The shiny one is colored to look more like the Flatwoods Monster, with darker clothing and reddish face.