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Catch us if you can

I’ve always liked how closely the symbols of the Jedi Order and the Rebel Alliance resembled each other, and I have this headcanon that after the rebellion started to gain traction, some of the straggling Jedi left in the galaxy came out of hiding (Kanan, lookin’ at you) to make their final stand against the Empire. Maybe a few of them started embellishing the Rebels’ graffiti with their own taunts.

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Welcome to Starfleet the Science Bros

I stole a line from Bones McCoy’s book because, in case you haven’t already seen, Marvel’s new Spiderman is barely nineteen and he looks even younger.

(It’s only a matter of time before Tony and Bruce adopt him.)

You know, I don’t even like Ahsoka Tano that much (I don’t dislike her, either) but her concept art is so pretty and those head-tail things whatever they are are so much fun to draw…

guys I didn’t realize I missed the Star Wars fandom this much I’m regressing BACK TO MIDDLE SCHOOL HELP ME

As often happens, I was actually working on a digital painting, or trying to, but I got bored/frustrated because those things take so freaking long and started doodling instead. I saw this phrase a while ago and thought of Halt, and also thought of the fact that he would never, ever, ever say anything of the sort. 

It’s okay Halt, I get you. Mornings are for coffee and silence. 

-It’s not funny, Padawan.-

-Of course not, Master. You’ve driven Master Windu to name-calling. In session. On the record. There’s absolutely nothing funny about that.

-You’re a brat.-

-And you’re never living this down.-