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Courting Customs (Thorin x Reader)

A/N: Hi guys!! So here is a request of @deepestfirefun The idea was so cute! I hope that you will like it! 

Request:  Thorin x reader (human, little smaller than average human) She has very long and thick hair and has problems taming it one (knots etc) Thorin notices that and offers to help. She agrees without really thinking about its significance to dwarves. While Thorin is busy with her hair, she suddenly remembers what it means in dwarven culture when a male us attending female’s hair. She actually has strong feelings for him but because he is a king, she has been quiet about it and is wondering how is it possible to someone so fierce and ruthless warrior like Thorin to be so gentle. Thorin is secretly happy that she has allowed him to help her and notice that she has fallen some sort of trance by his touch. Looooots of fluff!!!!

Fandom: The Hobbit 

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x Human!Reader

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Courting Customs (Thorin x Reader)

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You sighed as you sat on a log not so far away from the company at night. It wasn’t a particularly cold night but the wind was chilly and you started to shiver, alone on your log. The fire was surrounded by the dwarves, not that they didn’t try to make you sit with them but you were too pissed off to be among others for now. You groaned and almost threw your hairbrush on the ground as you tried to untangle your long (H/C) hair desperately. You had always love your hair, for a human you had beautiful long and thick hair, almost as soft as an elf and almost as thick as a dwarf. You were proud of your beautiful locks and you always loved taking care of them. However, now that you were riding on a pony in the wild all day long, you slowly started to get annoyed by your long and tangled hair. It was simply a mess, no matter how long you brushed your locks in hope to finally remove the knots and how hard you tired, you could never manage to untangle them. It was so infuriating that you started to get grumpier as the days passed. The company saw your struggle but no one dared to propose their help.

It was a serious matter for dwarves as no one other than the husband of a lass or the dwarf who’s courting them can touch their hair. Balin had told you about the courting customs among dwarves a while ago but it has weirdly vanished off of your mind as you slowly started to get angrier with each day passing. Even Bilbo couldn’t dare to touch your hair but only because he was afraid of Thorin’s wrath. You didn’t know it but the dwarf King had his eyes on you since the first time you met him at Bag End. You had intrigued him with your big (E/C) beautiful eyes and your charming smile. He remembered wondering how a daughter of men could be so small as you only reached Thorin’s height. You were indeed smaller than an average human but Thorin couldn’t care less, it even increased his interest in you. However, Thorin remembered looking with want and adoration at your hair. It seemed so soft and glorious. Slowly, the King started to fall in love with you and he hopelessly tried to keep you safe. Thorin tried to make you notice his care for you but weirdly, any attempt would go unnoticed. So much that the dwarf started to think that you would never return his feelings.

On the other hand, you were completely and utterly in love with Thorin Oakenshield. You loved everything about him, his kind heart, his courage, his strength, his love for his kin, his deep blue eyes, … You knew that your attraction toward the king was more than a simple crush. However, every time you caught yourself fantasying about what your life could be with Thorin by your side, you quickly remembered who he was and how unworthy a common folk like you was for the greatest king among dwarves. Your heart clenched every time you thought about your forbidden love for the soon to be King. It was simply impossible and you knew it.

Your hand clenched around your hairbrush as you closed your eyes, trying not to shout in desperation and anger as yet another knot got stuck in your brush. You sighed and let the brush fall on the ground as you finally gave up. From the other side of camp, Thorin was watching you struggle with your hair. The king sat next to Dwalin and Balin, wondering if he should make the final step and see if you would accept to be courted by him. The king was scared as he watched you, he had already accepted his fate. Dwarves could only love once and he had recognized you as his One. Thorin’s heart and soul were now linked to yours even if you might not feel the same.

“Go talk to her.” An annoyed gruff voice said from next to Thorin by the fire. The dwarf king wiped his head to look at his friend with wide eyes.

“Who are you talking about?” Thorin answered, trying to hide his shocked face.

“Who do you think I’m talking about! (Y/N)! She occurs to be the only one here I can refer as ‘she’.” Dwalin said sassily, making his brother smirk. Balin looked at you then at his king with a soft smile.

“My brother is right, lad. (Y/N) seems to have some issue with taming her hair lately. The lass would definitely need some help from your capable hands.” Balin said and Thorin groaned.

“She does not need my help, or at least she does not want it.”

“How can you know?” Dwalin scoffed, rolling his eyes at his stubborn friend.

“She did not blink when I gave her my share of food, she did not…” Thorin started to explain but Balin stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

“(Y/N) is not a dwarf, Thorin. She doesn’t know how to react properly to what you’re doing for her. She might just think that you are being nice to her.” The old adviser said wisely. Thorin stared at Balin for a while before finally looking down in defeat and sighed.

“Very well… I will try.” Thorin muttered grumpily as he looked back up at you then finally got up.

Dwalin and Balin smirked at each other as they observed their king and friend walk in your direction. Dwalin sent a stern look Fili and Kili’s way as he saw them make a move to follow their uncle. The two young princes quickly sat back down next to Bofur and Bifur, scared to challenge the ruthless warrior. Thorin approached your shaking form with slow paces, the king squeezed his palms into fists with nervousness. The possibility of yet another rejection was too much to handle for the poor awkward king. Thorin was usually quite proud and sure of himself but every time he was around you, he didn’t know how to act. You made him nervous without even knowing. Thorin stopped before you, his boots only visible for your leaning head. You slowly looked up, your (E/C) eyes meeting his deep blue ones and you blushed.

“T… Thorin.” You stuttered his name, making him smile. Maybe he wasn’t the only one to feel nervous after all.

“My lady.” Thorin answered with a small bow of his head. You chuckled softly at his choice of word and smiled up shyly at him. “I couldn’t help but see you struggle to tame your hair.” His deep baritone voice made butterflies fly in your stomach but you quickly made them all fly away, trying to keep your brain focused on the conversation.

“Y… Yes. Unfortunately, it seems that I can’t untangle the mess the wind and the wild transformed my hair into.” You answered with an embarrassed chuckle. Thorin looked at you with kindness and another feeling that you didn’t think possible.

“Well, my Lady. Would you like me to try for you?” Thorin asked with the smallest but also gentlest smile you had even seen.

“You mean… You would help me with my hair?” You asked, confused.

“Yes. If you want me to, I can take care of your hair for you. I had to do it quite a lot with my little sister.” Thorin admitted, the memory of Dis young and giggling as he tried to brush her hair warming his heart. You smiled at his words and took your hairbrush from the ground with a soft smile.

“It would be very nice of you, Thorin.” You said and extended your arm in front of you to hand him the brush. Thorin’s eyes widen and lit up as he bowed before you and gently took the hairbrush from your hand. His warm fingers brushed against the skin of your palm, making a shock of electricity ran up your arm and shivers down your back. Once again you tried to catch hold of your emotions but the strange pull you felt toward Thorin was even harder to control with his hands touching yours.

“Thank you, my Lady.” Thorin breathed out but you frowned and shook your head.

“It’s me who should thank you, Thorin. And… Hm… I’m not a Lady. I’m simply (Y/N).” You answered with flushed cheeks as you slid from the log to the ground so Thorin could take your place on the log. The King sat behind you, your back between his knees and for the first time, he ran his rough fingers through your hair.

“In my opinion, you are a Lady.” Thorin breathed next to your ear, his warm breath mixed with his fingers touching the base of your neck making your eyelids heavy as much that you closed your eyes and a soft sound of approval left your lips. Thorin smiled as he saw your reaction to his touch and started to work.

Slowly and gently, Thorin ran the brush through your hair, enjoying the feeling of your silky locks brushing on the skin of his palms and through his fingers. He hummed softly just for you both to hear, his voice sounded fantastic, like heaven to  your ears. The deep vibration he was creating reverberated in your ears and in your chest, sending your body into some kind of trance, feeling too relaxed and at peace to even see the looks of shock and amusement the company was casting you.

Thorin was happy that you had finally agree to let him help and he tried to pour all his love and adoration for you in his movements. His hands finished brushing your hair, magically taming it with graceful skills and he started to slowly massage your scalp making you hum in appreciation. Thorin smiled, amused to see you in such a state. You couldn’t believe that such a ruthless and fierce warrior like Thorin could be so gentle and caring. Weirdly you had the impression that he saved this soft side for only the ones he loved. However, you couldn’t understand why you suddenly had the privilege to see his secretive soft side.

His hands were now playing with your locks, secretly enjoying their texture on his skin. He took a deep breath and started to braid your hair as your eyes opened slowly, a content smile on your lips. However, a frown appeared on your features as you saw the smirks on the company’s faces. Balin smiled at you and casted him a confused look, why were they all looking at you as if another head had popped out of your neck? You tried to understand, your brain fuming and trying to remember. Then, your eyes widen and you gasped, making Thorin stop braiding and look at you.

“Are you alright?” Thorin’s deep voice asked from behind you, one of his hands squeezing your right shoulder.

“Yes.” You squeaked out, your eyes still wide open. You cleaned your throat then started to talk. “You know… I had a long talk with Balin the other day…” Thorin kept braiding your hair and hummed to make you keep going.

“And we talked about courting customs.” At your words Thorin felt his cheeks slightly flush. “He told me that dwarves were really protective of their women and that dwarves could only love once. You call those ‘One’ if I remember well. He said it is like a soulmate.” You said, twiddling your thumbs nervously.

“Yes, this is true.” Thorin said, trying to understand where you were going.

“He also talked about the importance of hair in your courting customs.”

“Did he?” Thorin said but at the same time the King glanced up to glare at his old friend. Balin smiled then leaned in to say something to Dwalin.

“Yes, he did.” You said. “So, there is something that I must have misunderstood. Balin told me that touching the hair of someone was reserved to family or your lover.” Your cheeks were as red as a tomato as you felt Thorin clip something in your hair.

“You understood perfectly, Ghishavel.” Thorin whispered as he finally let go of your hair. You turned around slowly, your eyes landing on a smiling Thorin.

“Then… Why did you propose to help me with my hair?” Your voice was shaking, scared to hear the answer. Thorin staid silent for a while his eyes never leaving yours.

“Because I care for you. Deeply.” Thorin breathed and your mouth fell agape.

“This… This is impossible.” You breathed out and Thorin frowned.

“Why? Why is that so hard to consider?” Thorin asked as he got up in a start making you jump on your feet as well.

“Because you are a king and I… I am nothing.” You answered sadly. “I care for you too, Thorin but we could never…” Thorin shook his head and stepped forward then cupped your cheeks in his calloused hand.

“Stop. Don’t say that.” Your heart stopped as Thorin’s forehead touched yours. “Don’t say that we are not meant to be.”

“Thorin…” You breathed out.

“(Y/N), I don’t care about what other Lords could think. You are my One, my soulmate, my one and only love.” Thorin said, his nose touching yours and his breath ghosting over your lips. “I will always love you, even if you don’t feel the same I will forever care for you, I will forever try to keep you safe.” Thorin’s hand slowly shift from your cheek to your hair, his fingers softly brushing over the new braids in your hair including the one with Thorin’s bead clasped at the end. You closed your eyes, trying to process everything. It seemed too surreal, too perfect to be true but for once in your life you deserved to be happy.

“I love you, Thorin Oakenshield. More than anything on this earth, I’ll love you until my last breath and even after death.” You whispered, making Thorin’s eyes shine with happy tears.

“I love you too, Amrâlimê. With all my heart. My soul is yours.” You smiled and giggled happily at his word then Thorin asked something that made you blush.

“Amrâlimê, may I kiss you?” Thorin breathed. Your lips were brushing as you both breathed heavily and you nodded your head slowly, not trusting your voice.

Thorin smiled then slowly closed the distance between your lips, pulling you into a gentle but passionate kiss. His lips were surprisingly soft for someone who was spending so much time in the wild. His kiss was breathtaking, literally. Your lips moved in sync and you both tried to pour all your love for each other into this single moment, as well as all the longing and passion you had tried to hide for months. You smiled as you finally pulled away to breathe and Thorin pulled you in his arms then span you around in circles, laughing in joy as the entire company cheered for you and their king.

You didn’t know what you had done to deserve his love but you were never going to complain.

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Imagine Haldir Giving You His Cloak

You lost your cloak in Moria, the Balrog had lit it on fire when you rushed up to save Gandalf. You were so consumed by grief and loss that you hadn’t even noticed how cold you were until you looked at your hands, saw the veins under your skin and realized that you were shaking.

The Balrog had swung it’s forked whip of fire, effectively burning your side as well as part of your hand and leg. Now, after being wracked with grief and pain, your body gave in and you lost consciousness. Boromir carried you, following behind or beside Aragorn towards Lorien, where they hoped to find refuge.

You opened your eyes only when Boromir came to an abrupt halt, shaking you unintentionally.

“What’s… happening?” You whisper to Boromir.

“Elves, stay quiet.” He whispers back and you look up, not tilting your head, to see an arrow pointed right at Boromir.

“What is wrong with her?” You find the voice, a light-haired, broad-shouldered elf standing in between two archers.

“She fought a Balrog.” Boromir adjusts you in his arms and you now have a better view of the elf, who was staring intensely at you.

You close your eyes and fall back to sleep.

When you wake you’re no longer in Boromir’s arms and you’re instead laying on a wooden platform between Merry, Pippin, and Frodo. The light-haired elf sits in the corner on a stool, watching you. Next to him on a table is a small candle. On the floor is a chest.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Haldir.” You wrap your arms around yourself and move away from the hobbits, sitting now on the other stool at the table. You lift your shirt, or rather the burned remnants of it, and look at your wound.

It had been wrapped but you could still feel the pain, you put your shirt back down and shiver, looking back over to Haldir. You watch as he stands up, walks over to you, kneels in front of your knees, takes off his cloak and wraps it around your shoulders. It was big on you, much too large for your shoulders and height but it was warm.

“Why did you do that?” Your voice was a low whisper because of the hobbits sleeping so close by.

“You were cold.” His hands were still on the clasp as he talked, and you were suddenly very aware of your breathing and of where your eyes were looking: right into his.

“Thank you.” One of your hand touches his wrist and he takes his hands away, standing up and taking a deep breath to steady himself.

“You’re very welcome.” You smile, suddenly proud that you made an elf flustered. He sits down, eyes away from yours and ears tinted pink.

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One Love, One Lifetime

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Arthur x Reader

Summary: You are of Elf-kind who was tasked to save Arthur from his execution and you follow him in his journey to defeat Vortigern. Over the course of that journey you had both fallen in love and after the defeat of his uncle, you decide to give up your immortality. (Inspired by LotR)

Authors note: My first time doing a request XD Thank you @wisewinnerstrawberry for requesting and I really hope you like it :) I also did borrow one of Arwen’s famous lines from the movie cause that was iconic. I hope you guys like it.

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Growing Up Orc

A Wattpad request. I do not own Azog or Bolg. They belong to J.R.R.Tolkien. 

Warnings: Violence, blood…yeah that’s about it. 

Pairings: Azog x elf!child reader, Bolg

Originally posted by mugiwaranoclo

A scent caught his attention first. Elf flesh. Then he heard a sniffle. The pale orc growled as he followed the sound. There, hiding behind the bushes, was a small elf female. An elf child to be exact.  You looked up at the orc with wide eyes and whimpered.

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Hoobaes About Super Junior

Sunny: People will often say there are no idols above us. We’ll say no, above us there are senoir idol groups like Super Junior and TVXQ who are still active. They are from our company too. It feels great to have our seniors taking care of us.

Kai: Super Junior is already at the top but members are still doing their own activities and when they get together as a group, they are so cool. Hope we can become a group like that. Ten years twenty years thirty years later, we can still hold concerts like them, sit with fans singing and drinking jujube tea together. 

Kai: We feel like we are really good at having fun already. But when we see our seniors Super Junior, that is truly an insurmountable wall… How do they come up with those ideas? Washing hair with fanta…
Baekhyun: And splashing water when sleeping…

Q: Why do you think T-ARA is popular in China?
Soyeon: Because sunbae-nims has pave the way for us. Especially Super Junior. We just followed it, because we were lucky.

Nichkhun of 2PM was asked: Who is your favourite boy group?
Nichkhun: Super Junior
Host: Why?
Nichkhun: Because they are funny, nice & kind. In general they are great sunbae!
Minho of SHINee nodded & said: Among the sunbaes they are my favorite, they are not like other sunbaes that intimidate & bully hoobaes. They are like real hyungs who will support & teach you the right entertainment.
Nichkhun & Minho: They are our mentor & inspirations.

Red Velvet: Super Junior sunbaes, when they usually talked to fans and create the exciting atmosphere, but when the recording started, they changed into professionals.

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Imagine Eomer when he sees you for the first time


You were running after your brother, constantly looking behind to check on Gimli. You could see that the dwarf was tired of so much running, but kept up the pace. You had no idea how you managed to go for such along time with no rest. The next thing, all you heard is heavy stomping of horses. You fell to the ground behind a big rock in between Legolas and Aragorn, desperately trying to catch your breath; you couldn’t take it for much longer.

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Christmas Mini-Series Part 2

Written by Danielle

Category: Christmas fluff 

Word Count: 811

A/N: Hey guys! Here’s part 2 of our miniseries and I hope you guys enjoy! This one is short but sweet. Christina is writing the next part and it will go up on Friday, December 23rd. Let us know what you guys think of this mini-series! I am so excited for you guys to read more! This is our first time trying something like this so we would love the feedback!! :) 

We have also gotten a couple requests and couldn’t be happier- THANK YOU!! We are going to try and work on those in the New Year and can’t wait! Requests are still open :) 

Part 1 - Part 3 - Part 4

When you and Peter get to the mall he decided to take you into all of the Christmas-y stores before you met the big guy. And that meant every store that even had a touch of Christmas in it. You guys smelled about every Christmas scented candle in not one but TWO candle stores, you tasted about a dozen cookies, went into Hallmark to see all of the ornaments, and tried on practically every Christmas sweater the mall had to offer.

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Thank you for these 11 (and more to come) years, SuJu

Thank you for existing. Thank you for sticking with each other for so long. Thank you supporting every member on everything they do. Thank you for always giving us happiness. Thank you for always making us laugh at your humor. Thank you for your wonderful, perfect performances all the time. Thank you for your beautiful songs. Thank you for loving all of us unconditionally. Thank you for making us proud that we’re an ELF. Thank you for never changing. Thank you for always being humble and never forgetting about us. Thank you for letting us love you all. Thank you for being the best idols we could ever ask for. Thank you for promising that you will always be Super Junior.

Thank you Leeteuk for protecting and leading all of the members for 11+ years.

“We’re going to continue on until the day that Pearl Sapphire Blue balloons cover the entire world…it’s not an end but an AND.”

Thank you Heechul for standing up for your little brothers and friend whenever they need you; also for forever including Hangeng, Kibum, Zhoumi, and Henry in SJ.

“If you can’t accept all the 15 members of Super Junior then what kind of ELF are you?”

Thank you Hangeng for always supporting SJ and never forgetting about and still caring for your brothers. We miss you!

“What ex-group? Super Junior is still my group.”

Thank you Yesung for always posting on SNS everyday to keep us updated about SJ.

“For me Super Junior is like water, I always need it and it’s very fresh for me.”

Thank you Kangin for secretly taking care of each member by being the “father” of the group. We miss you!

“We are Super Junior because there’s 13 of us. We have to be 13 to be Super Junior and to be on stage; it’s not a team where a member is bad or good, but we shine the best when all 13 of us are together.”

Thank you Shindong for always helping SJ behind the scenes, making sure everything is perfect at concerts. We miss you!

“I kept thinking it was because I couldn’t fit in, I can leave Super Junior. But come to think of it, although there might be this determination, but it’s impossible to leave and forget about everything. The members who have always been worried about me. The worried members who called back from China upon knowing that I was on diet. Then did I know my thought of leaving is not being good to them but just pure selfishness. I wish to stay by your side…and a Super Junior member that does not embarrass the group.”

Thank you Sungmin for willing to sacrifice so much for SJ and staying in the group even though you are married now. We miss you!

“Whenever we are together, things don’t seem as hard. The most difficult years were the ones before our debut, we almost gave up.”

Thank you Eunhyuk temporarily leading SJ for the 2 years when Teukkie was in the military and still helping him lead the group. We miss you!

“I think of us as brothers more than members.”

Thank you Siwon for sticking with your brothers while maintaining acting and always showing affection to them. We miss you!

“It doesn’t matter how long you are an ELF from the beginning, what matters is that you’ll be an ELF until the end.”

Thank you Zhoumi for helping bring up SJM when Hangeng had left as you were the most fluent in Chinese.

“No one can please everyone, and I hope that a certain few people can respect themselves while respecting me.“

Thank you Donghae for never forgetting to remind ELFs that we are beautiful just the way we are and that you love us no matter what. We miss you!

“If I don’t have you (ELF), I can’t see. I can’t hear. I can’t smile. I can’t cry out of happiness. I would rather die in your arms.”

Thank you Ryeowook for always making sure every member is well fed and healthy. We miss you!

“I always believe that being apart is only a matter of time. We will definitely return by their sides again.”

Thank you Kibum for silently supporting the members and never forgetting about them and us ELFs. We miss you!

“I seldom attend activities with the members, including 3 jib, therefore there are many times where people ask me “Are you a member of Super Junior?”. I’ve never been able to express how apologetic I am to the members. Compared to other forms of addresses, Super Junior is still my favorite. Although I’m unable to be on the stage with the members, my heart is still with our 12 members. Please believe me.”

Thank you Kyuhyun for loving each and every one of the members by constantly showing affection and teasing/bullying to them as the evil maknae. 

“The most important is my nest SJ Jungsoo, Heechul, Hankyung, Jongwoon, Youngwoon, Donghee, Sungmin, Hyukjae, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, Zhoumi, Henry, ELF. I love you a lot and thank all of you always.”

Thank you Henry for treating all of us ELFs as your wife and being the cute little baby maknae to hyungs. (btw yes I’m aware it’s not Henry, Zhoumi, and Kyuhyun’s 11th debut anniversary, but I added them here anyways ^^)

“No matter what hardships/difficulties you encounter…you must never give up. I believe that anything is possible. As long as you try hard and believe in yourself!”

When the members are 80 years old and have to wear dentures and need a cane to walk, when all of your hair is white and skin is wrinkly; ELF will still continue loving and supporting you all. Happy 11th anniversary!


Kyuhyun won 7th Digital Bonsang at the 2016 Golden Disk Awards!

Kyu: Before the award ceremony started, members in army called me. Siwon, Eunhyuk. Members are cold and are going through a lot, I’m waiting for the day they finish army well and return coolly to the stage as Super Junior. I dedicate this award to members, ELF and everyone who gave my song love [c]

here’s ur reminder: sugg edition
  • joe and zoe are both incredible singers and bless us with christmas carols every year during the festive season and other abrupt singing in vlogs and videos which no one complains about
  • joe likes to have the same pizza as zoe when they go out :)
  • they prank their mum and are probably the best team in every group game imagine playing paintball with the sugg siblings their coordination and extraterrestrial psychic-like communication skills would be Lethal
  • their phone conversations last at least an hour because they’re both actually huge saps who miss each other a lot
  • “today i’m here with my broseph joseph!”
  • joe and zoe share the habit of standing on one leg without noticing it when they’re concentrating on something and zoe thinks it’s cute and makes them like flamingos
  • joe saying “that’s the only reason i’m here, to be honest” at the christmas party when zoe asked if he’s missed her (he said he was kidding but yanno i don’t belief that elf)
  • “i’m so proud of my sister for quadbiking today” “are you?” “i was so proud”
  • when they went to the 1d concert and he moved over to be next to her after a while probably because he wanted to make sure she was doing okay with her anxiety and everything im :): imagine all the times growing up and him taking care of her in social situations or making sure she’s feeling safe and comfortable this is giving me a headache
  • joe in australia saying he needs to have a picture of/cover of a magazine with (i’ve forgotten) zoe everywhere he goes and smiling about it :)
  • they used to put sticks in their paths and pretend to be horses so they could jump over them and probably invented tons of amazing games to play in their own little countryside and rode the bikes together everywhere
  • them talking about the cartoons and films and games they loved as kids and doing amazing impressions and singing theme songs together
  • zoe is the one person joe doesn’t care that he’s being sappy and extremely cute and lovable about and i ?? love that?? so much??
  • remember when they took that cat in or something
Home security in the Underdark

Half-Elf ooc: They probably have whatever “ADT Underdark” would be.
Drow ooc: That was good.
Half-Elf ooc: Thank you! I was proud of myself.
Drow ooc: Is it like a demon activated portal for ADT Underdark?
Half-Elf ooc: ADT Underdark, What’s your emergency?
Drow ooc: There’s flowers and happiness everywhere! Send help!
Drow 2 ooc: I don’t feel comfortable!
DM: And three random people in the street said “thank you” or “excuse me” today!
Drow ooc: *graveled batman voice* My god!
Half-Elf ooc: What is this world coming to??