Things I Love to See:

- Elves of different cultures, in saris, and African Garb, Egyptian. 

- Elves of Color with natural hair, dreadlocks, cornrows. 

- Elves with disabilities, and realism. 

- Imperfect elves with things that break the stereotype of otherworldly perfection.

- Elves with personality flaws other than arrogance

- Elves with disfiguring battle scars


so this is SJ right now….

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and this is us right now…

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we are ready & proud…

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and for those of you who don’t stan SJ, well I feel really sorry for you ><

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like WHY don’t you stan SJ????

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but it’s ok, we are always here to rally around the boys ^^ hehehe so are you ready my dear ELFS?

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Dear ELFs

If you decide to boycott and be angry with Sungmin for choosing his wife before his fans, please unfollow me. After reading the articles and seeing it from both sides, I’ve come to a conclusion: ya’ll are immature, soft boiled, pansies.

The nickname thing, I understand. But the fact you want him to basically lose his job and what he’s worked for because you think you’re more important than someone he plans to spend the rest of his life with? That’s pathetic.

Unfollowed, blocked, reported.


super junior; a decade and beyond.

for over ten years, Super Junior has been present in the KPOP industry and they have long since gone beyond the boundaries of South Korea’s entertainment industry.

Many would know Super Junior as a boy band, a larger group, focused on music and dance performances. They are that, and so much more. They’ve never rested on their laurels even after their first win and the song that made them pitch headfirst into global, worldwide popularity.

They made their own raps, composed their own songs. Came up with the dance choreography, did up the set lists for their Super Show. Decided on the themes and prepared the costumes. All these and more in the midst of their own individual schedules. From emceeing to being a deejay. From acting to being an ambassador, they’ve pretty much covered every aspect of the entertainment industry. And they’ve managed to stay together, through tragedies, media frenzies and enlistment.

They have truly been running for more than 10 years without stopping.
Thank you & Congratulations, Super Junior, on your everlasting legacy and success.