Finally ! This is my version of the fellowship of the ring ( and Arwen :B ), I’ve tried to not be influenced by the movie but as per the Tolkien’s story. Hope you like it :D


so this is SJ right now….

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and this is us right now…

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we are ready & proud…

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and for those of you who don’t stan SJ, well I feel really sorry for you ><

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like WHY don’t you stan SJ????

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but it’s ok, we are always here to rally around the boys ^^ hehehe so are you ready my dear ELFS?

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It’s gonna be Monday soon in Korea and that means we need to make as many views on YouTube as we can, so that Super Junior’s chances for wining were bigger. Views are a BIG deal in ranking! Right now our situation is really not good. This week Super Junior are ending their promotion on music shows and we need to WIN at least ONES. So… LET’S DO IT! 


Instruction to streaming on YouTube:

  1. You need to sign out from your YouTube account. Close YouTube tab (tabs, if you have several opened), clean your browser history (if you’ve watched Black Suit MV before), open new tab and paste this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvqB6JsRbsc&list=PLn5QFsrq_pJWFnWVzzQDHzI1SHInPib8D&index=1
  2. If volume is disturbing you, than turn it down/off on your computer/laptop, or turn off on the tab, but NOT ON THE VIDEO.
  3. After streaming for about one hour close your tab, clean your browser history, open new tab and paste that link again.

RULES, that you need to comply for that the steaming would be effective:

     ❤  Video MUST BE from official SM Entertainment channel!!!

     ❤  Quality of video MUST BE 720p or higher. YouTube counts only views with high quality.

     ❤  Video MUST BE watched with volume NOT lower that 50% and without PAUSES.

     ✖ Under NO condition you MUST NOT re-upload video on to any other resources!!! Views are badly damaged because of this.

      Do NOT stream video on several tabs at once. 

     ✖ Do NOT use Infinite looper(or similar sites and programs) for streaming YouTube will NOT count those views.

     ✖ Do NOT press REPLAY, after video ends.

     ✖ Do NOT refresh your tab, after video ends.



…. i see no difference  (ノ・ω・)ノ …Yesung is literally  living anime ajsdlkjasdfkj♥♥:P♥


Being an Elven Queen in Middle-earth. Having you’re own kingdom. Being as graceful, beautiful and powerful as Galadriel, maybe even more. Being also named the Kind one, the gentle, Everyone’s mother. You may be kind, but you can punch if you wanted. You were loved by all races, Elves, men, and even Dwarfs. Everyone, your people, even your guards, were like your own children. But never had a lover or children of your own. The lords/kings of other kingdoms were in love with you. They would go to war with you or even for you.

Art by Raikoart.

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I don’t own anything. :P