RPG365: ElfQuest

“Our kind does not die. We build new vessels to house our spirits. Do you hear me, Guin?! WE DO NOT DIE!! We live… forever.” - Haken, Elfquest: The Hidden Years

It was late in 1979 when I discovered the Elfquest comic book in a hobby shop  their was an issue sitting on the shelf. I had just started playing AD&D in September that year and was hooked on the fantasy gaming and picked up the issue and a couple of back issues to read and mine for adventure ideas. I liked the stories and the artwork.

So it was no surprise that when the role playing game came out in 1984 that I would snapped that one up as well. It was a good little game and system, and I ran a session or two of it between AD&D games when a player or two didn’t make a regular session as well.

In 1987-88 I sold a few role playing games out of my collection to try and make ends meet. Elfquest was one of them.

I was between jobs and bills had to be paid and the next thing you know my beloved Elfquest rpg and a whack of comics I had collected were sold to a person I know would keep good care of them. When times are tough, you must do what you got to do.

A few years ago I manage to get another copy of the role playing game, when a person around my table had it and he wanted to know if I would trade my Armored Trooper VOTOMS rpg for it. I did it in a heartbeat!

The Elfquest Companion, cover by Wendy Pini, written contributions by Elizabeth Cerritelli, Jeff Okamoto, Steve Perrin, Sandy Petersen, Richard Pini, and maps by Carolyn Schultz, Chaosium, 1985.  The Elfquest RPG was released in 1984 and based on Chaosium’s Basic Role-Playing (BRP) rules, which were derived from RuneQuest.