elfquest spoilers

another thing about ElfQuest...

I really think my favorite part of ElfQuest was the concept of Recognition. Not because the “destined soulmates at first sight” thing has never been done before or since, but because of how thoughtfully the series addressed it.

We had one couple (Cutter and Leetah) that fell into the classic mode where they initially hated that they’d bonded but wound up falling in love and forming a lasting relationship.

We had one couple that Recognized, were not happy about it, and decided to move on with their lives independently.

And we had one couple that did not Recognize but nevertheless had one of the most romantic and lasting relationships of the whole series and wound up claiming everything Recognition was supposed to give them for themselves anyway.

This is Nightfall:

And this is Redlance:

(he’s growing seeds with his mind!)

And this is from my favorite scene, wherein the generally nonviolent Redlance just had to warp his plant powers to fight a bunch of trolls:

And Nightfall (who just got back from a battle in full plate armor) tells him:

I am the sword, the spear, the arrow. You are the flower, the tree, the vine. Never will I, or anyone, force you to be other than what you are. Never again.”

….Seriously, people, look at these cuties: