ElfQuest is a fabulous comic, features so many story aspects I see people asking for on this site. Women of colour? Check. Men looking after the kids while the women go fights? That’s covered. Healthy poly relationships? Don’t get me started on how wonderful Tyldak-Dewshine-Scouter is. Elves with PTSD, mental disorders, adoption, racism, parent-child relationships, and queer people who don’t exist just to be a joke.

That’s right. ElfQuest has queer characters. And it’s all available online to read, for free.

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Let's talk about a thing

I will never understand how people don’t talk more about ElfQuest. Feral elves, wolf bonds, adventuring, POC characters, diverse, loving relationships of EVERY kind (poly, het, homosexual, entirely fluid and completely undefined) AND WHAT, THE ENTIRE SERIES IS ONLINE FOR FREE?!

This is one of the longest independent comics running to date, since 1978, and tumblr should be on FIRE with it. Please, PLEASE take a peek! Start at the Original Quest!


It will be the best thing you’ve ever read. 


RinHaru Week Day 8: Crossovers AU: Elfquest

Elfquest is a story about elves and Wavedancers are sea elves. Here Haru’s elf name is Foam and his soul name is Haruka and Rin’s elf name is Sharktooth and soul name is Rin. Soul name protects the elf’s inner-most self and is revealed when two elves go through Recognition. Recognition happens, when two elves having exceptionally compatible qualities for reproduction meet (they may have met before) and then they experience a sudden and immediate compulsion to mate. This often leads becoming lifemates. While Recognizing the elf involuntarily surrenders his or her soul name to the other recognized elf. This is described by the phrase, “soul meets soul when eyes meet eyes.”

So here’s Haru’s and Rin’s Recognition (◡‿◡✿) 


By Patrick A. Reed

When Wendy and Richard Pini released the first issue of Elfquest in 1978, the landscape of the comic industry was wildly different. The “direct market” model of retailing was still in its infancy, with a loose network of regional companies distributing titles to comic shops around the country, and there was a sharp divide (in both content and style) between the mainstream superhero titles of Marvel and DC, and the adult-themed “comix” from underground publishers. Star Wars was a pop culture sensation, and the public was hungry for more adventure, seeking out all manner of sci-fi and fantasy in theaters and bookstores.

It was the perfect moment for Elfquest to appear, and almost immediately, the Pinis had a best-selling comic on their hands. Within a few years, they sparked a second revolution, collecting Elfquest in a series of full-color paperbacks that pioneered the influx of comics into mainstream bookstores, and effectively laid the groundwork for the graphic novel market.

Now, 36 years later, they’re still working on their signature creations, and have partnered with Dark Horse to publish a new series, Elfquest: The Final Quest, as well as new collections of the original series and a special “Gallery Edition,” shot from the original artwork. ComicsAlliance got the chance to catch up with them at the Dark Horse booth at San Diego Comic-Con, and discuss how Elfquest has impacted the world of comics, both creatively and business-wise.