New cosplay! 

I made Kahvi from ElfQuest for Desucon Frostbite ^^ I’ve been wanting to cosplay from ElfQuest for the longest time, and I needed something quick to make for the convention. Now that I finally managed to find a decent yellow winter fabric for it too.

I had a small photoshoot on Sunday, so I’m actually getting a few nice photos to share of this soonish (going to share them later). I’m still going to add the hip armor and the baubles to the gloves but I didn’t have time for them before the con. And the best part is that I decided what to leave out based on what’s left out on some of the pages lol

another thing about ElfQuest...

I really think my favorite part of ElfQuest was the concept of Recognition. Not because the “destined soulmates at first sight” thing has never been done before or since, but because of how thoughtfully the series addressed it.

We had one couple (Cutter and Leetah) that fell into the classic mode where they initially hated that they’d bonded but wound up falling in love and forming a lasting relationship.

We had one couple that Recognized, were not happy about it, and decided to move on with their lives independently.

And we had one couple that did not Recognize but nevertheless had one of the most romantic and lasting relationships of the whole series and wound up claiming everything Recognition was supposed to give them for themselves anyway.

This is Nightfall:

And this is Redlance:

(he’s growing seeds with his mind!)

And this is from my favorite scene, wherein the generally nonviolent Redlance just had to warp his plant powers to fight a bunch of trolls:

And Nightfall (who just got back from a battle in full plate armor) tells him:

I am the sword, the spear, the arrow. You are the flower, the tree, the vine. Never will I, or anyone, force you to be other than what you are. Never again.”

….Seriously, people, look at these cuties:

anonymous asked:

Is bb galra named Leetah for that girl of Brother Bear 2?

Nope! (although thats a heck of a thing to remember. props anon)

shes named after Leetah from elfquest :)

Elfquest is a super old comic that my parents were obsesssssed with when they were my age (I really loved them as a kid and the comics are literally why i got into character design) . 

They were so obsessed my middle name is actually Ember because of Leetah’s daughter, Ember 

Here’s the weekly graphic novel round-up!


This first volume of the collection contains books 1 and 2 of the series: The City of Shifting Waters – in its original two-part, 9 pages longer format – and The Empire of a Thousand Planets. It also includes book 0, Bad Dreams, translated into English for the first time: the very first adventures of our two heroes, published after City and retroactively numbered. Finally, linking the volumes of this collection together, a long, exclusive interview with the authors and director Luc Besson is illustrated with new art as well as numerous sketches, studies and photographs from the latter’s upcoming big-screen adaptation.

ELFQUEST: The Final Quest Vol. 3

The late Angrif Djun’s destructive fleet looms closer, seeking to wreak havoc on the elves and any humans that stand defiant. Rayek, influenced by the dark, dangerous spirit of Winnowill, fights back and fights for control of his very nature. And the Wolfriders fight to track down their chief who’s own spirit hangs in the balance.

Winner of the Golden Pen Award from the Young Adult Advisory Committee!

Collects: ElfQuest: The Final Quest #13 -18

SHE-HULK Vol. 1: Deconstructed

Collects Hulk #1-6.

Jennifer Walters has survived the second Civil War…barely. But, having risen from the rubble, she re-enters the world a very different kind of hero. Fueled by a quiet rage, she is determined to move forward, to go on with her life - but the pain of the past and all that she’s lost is always there. An undercurrent, a pulse waiting to quicken -and trigger Jen’s transformation into the one thing she doesn’t have control over…

DEATHSTROKE Vol. 2: The Gospel of Slade

Slade Wilson is a man without a family…and without a purpose. Now he must pick up the pieces of his shattered life and fight to regain the killer’s edge.

To do it, he’ll test his mettle against the Man of Steel himself-Superman, who’s been tasked with taking him down. He’ll journey back into the past, to the first mission he and his old ally Wintergreen ever worked on together. He’ll take to the streets of Chicago, where a series of murders brings him face-to-face with the madcap hero called the Creeper. And he’ll navigate a menagerie of mercenaries, from Red Lion to Raptor. He’ll even power through the pain with the help of Power Girl.

Will Wilson pull himself together? Or has Deathstroke reached his point of termination?

ADVENTURE TIME Vol. 1: The Ooorient Express

Candy, suspicious conductors, and weird science make up this all-new Adventure Time original graphic novel written by Jeremy Sorese (Curveball, Steven Universe) and illustrated by Adventure Time veteran Zachary Sterling. Don’t miss out on this action-packed journey based on the award-winning show on Cartoon Network! Lady Rainicorn has come down with a case of taffy fever and there is nothing Jake can do to help her. After many failed attempts with Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Jake learn of a special cure that can help Lady Rainicorn get back to normal. The catch? They will have to travel on the Ooorient Express on an infamous train ride that no one returns from…