Got my rune necklace from Elfmagick!

It’s wonderful! I love that I can adjust the size of the necklace too.

The patch I got is going on my jacket and the feather is right on my desk

So excited, my pendant from ElfMagick came today!

I’ll post some pictures of it’s prettyness either today or tomorrow! You can check out her blog here and her etsy here.

Haha, the parcel was addressed to my tumblr username (‘Like a rabbit hole’) and my mum was like “… is this you ? Because it’s certainly not me!”. She was a tad confused for a while until I just told her “It’s an internet thing” which she seemed to accept, haha.

soon to be necklaces, magick spell bottles, each invokes a different light being, either uriel, gabriel, azrael or venus.

each bottle contains dirt, sage gathered locally by me (under full moon light), tiny crystals, tiny animal teeth and bones…  oh and glitter.  and tiny little names of light beings..

fountain shrine to cerridwen on my altar.

when my pet rabbit/familiar bunnicula became sick after surgery to correct her molars, i watched helplessly as she grew sicker, and listless and less like the sweet frisky bunny i knew she was..

each night i prayed to cerridwen, the woman as a hare, that she might consider sparing the life of my poor sweet black rabbit.  i offered my servitude, my own health and happiness in place of that of my rabbit.  i swore that i would build her an altar if she could send some healing magicks to bunnicula.  i prayed each night clutching my rabbit/hare trinity pendant which is a common symbol amongst those of the old magick.  the hare represents fertility, the overcome of lust, the maiden, mother and the crone, the triple moon, and cerridwen herself..  the goddess attended by the hare.

bunnicula is on the road to recovery and i built this for my altar for cerridwen.

i got this fountain secondhand from a woman in town who was moving.  i have only very rarely seen the hare trinity, and i believe it was a kind of providence that sought to give me this fountain.

if you look close you can see the small rabbit carving that was the basis for my rune bunnies, seated by the quartz crystal.

i rarely pray to specific gods and goddesses.  it just has never been part of my pagan practices..  but i have found that when i do i generally see my prayers answered in part if not in whole.

i pray to you cerridwen, this fountain is for you.  goddess, mother, witch, attended by the hares.

i got this beauty-full wildfox ouija board shirt/dress/tunic in the mail today..  and i have to say GO WILDFOX!  i love this brand, and i am by no means a brand whore or do i know much if anything about fashion. 

i wanted to comment however, that i’ve seen a lot of folks asking the wildfox girls about the prices of their items, and why wildfox clothing is pricier than say wal-mart, or other fast fashion discount stores like forever 21..

and let me say this, and it rings true for just about anything..


it’s just fact.  if you spend $15 to get a tattoo, compared to the person who is spending $700, there’s going to be a marked difference in quality (unless of course you’re banging the tattoo artist in which case, discounts are generally awesome)..

if you spend $6 on a tank top from wal mart and wear it five times and it looks like shit..  you’ve gotten what you’ve paid for.  wildfox clothing might be a little pricier but in the grand scheme of things, i own several wildfox pieces and i’ve worn the hell out of them..  they’re soft and buttery and are still gorgeous as the day i’ve bought them.

the same goes for better quality jewelry (this includes wildfox, disney couture - don’t hate..  i love fairy tales)..  all it takes is to pick up a piece of that jewelry and feel the weight and the quality in comparison to say something from claires..  if i grab something cheap from claires i’m not surprised when it’s broken or half ruined a month later..

there’s also nothing saying you have to have a bling bling wardrobe either..  most of my clothes come from second hand stores, ebay, thrift shops, yard sales, and very occaisionally from sale racks at the mall.  i fork over my hard earned cash for quality pieces once in a while and i am glad of it.

i believe in supporting designers who are trying to make a difference..  fashion is an art form..  and plus - just go look at wildfox clothing.  it’s so fun and fabulous, and it makes me feel like a francesca lia block character!  now if only i could find a pair of those platform ballerina slippers in my size.  stupid size 8 feet, i will cut you off.

anyways, the point of the matter is..  go wildfox. 


i found varg vikernes’s knife at the local flea market..


and a kindly middle aged lady sold it to me..  and i told her i would write her name in the liner notes of my badger black metal band’s first album, and she just laughed and said “please do!”

now all i need to do is burn some stuff and drive 4 hours in the middle of the night to have a “talk” with my friend…