Got my rune necklace from Elfmagick!

It’s wonderful! I love that I can adjust the size of the necklace too.

The patch I got is going on my jacket and the feather is right on my desk

Some of you may have noticed that I changed my username.  I’m no longer going to be using the elfmagick handle and will be permanently closing my elfmagick.net and elfmagick etsy.  elfmagick was my first online business that I opened, back when I primarily did business on an old Mexican blanket at various music festivals, and more often than not, I traded my crystals for drugs.  I’m not 22 anymore.  I don’t go to those festivals, and it’s hard to believe in faeries when you spend your day watching people die.  Oldblackgoat represents for me, personal growth, spirituality, wisdom and my own personal brand of darkness.  I will continue to offer handmade occult and sacred objects, but will be drawing a focus to my photography, illustration and screen printing.  I’m scared and excited because I am always so hesitant to share my artwork.  I’ve had some great responses thus far and will be posting updates here as I go.  I hope you all will join me on this journey and I look forward to creating with you.  For all the artists on tumblr who continue to be my inspiration and my salvation during my darkest moments - thank you.

TL;DR  I’m relaunching my business and brand as oldblackgoat.

So excited, my pendant from ElfMagick came today!

I’ll post some pictures of it’s prettyness either today or tomorrow! You can check out her blog here and her etsy here.

Haha, the parcel was addressed to my tumblr username (‘Like a rabbit hole’) and my mum was like “… is this you ? Because it’s certainly not me!”. She was a tad confused for a while until I just told her “It’s an internet thing” which she seemed to accept, haha.