Second gen mothers (here)

Man I am late on this bandwagon, anyways…This is first gen only, 2nd gen mothers will be done later! Btw, they’re captioned!

edit: Yes, I am aware I forgot to do Effie!Kanna’s scarf. 

F!Kanna with mothers A-E (You’re here!)

F!Kanna with mothers F-M (Here)

F!Kanna with mothers N-Y (Here) 

If it’s not bold I have not linked it yet.

Wanna see the males? (set one here)

(Set 2, here)


“Eleka nahmen nahmen, Ah tum ah tum eleka nahmen…”

This art comes thanks to my awesome roommate Sarah (anacrinecomplex) who SPECIFICALLY requested storyboards!! Here they are! Want so see more Wicked art?  ANY donation to the Doommates Patreon or Paypal (hair.of.gondor@gmail.com) will unlock it! THANK YOU SARAH!!!

ALSO once this month’s Patreon money rolls through we will have hit $200! That means I’ll be posting a GIF!!!!!