astraltactician  asked:

How about Christmas with the Quartet Night guys (either scenarios or headcanons, whichever you prefer~)?

Reiji Kotobuki

  • Much expected of Reiji, he likes to spend an exciting Christmas with his s/o
  • He’ll take them out to a fancy dinner, and take them in his car to see christmas lights
  • He LOVES driving around and seeing the houses that do a full out light up house
  • He wouldn’t go crazy with a present, but instead pick out something small and meaningful to him and his s/o
  • You can bet he will put on a santa outfit to get his s/o to sit on his lap
  • He also loves to make a gingerbread house with his s/o, even if he eats most of the candy and icing before it can make it on the house
  • Gets him and his s/o matching christmas onesies

Ranmaru Kurosaki

  • He isn’t huge on holidays, so he would rather spend Christmas at home with his s/o
  • Will probably cuddle up with his s/o and drink hot cocoa as they watch Christmas movies
  • His favourite is Elf
  • He insists that they don’t exchange presents, but he ends up getting his s/o something anyways
  • insists Christmas is a hoax to make companies money but will buy Christmas cake/ decorations if his s/o really enjoys them

Ai Mikaze

  • His first time really celebrating Christmas is with his s/o, since being an android he never found the need to before
  • He doesn’t really understand what the fuss is about, but after he realizes his s/o is looking forward to it he spends HOURS researching everything about Christmas
  • Ai’s Christmas tree is literal perfection. He has strobe Christmas lights and he even calculated the perfect places to put the bulbs
  • Will not be outdone with his lights outside either. He has to one up literally every house he sees
  • Wants to spend his Christmas the ‘traditional’ way. And by traditional meaning waking his s/o up at 5am on Christmas morning to open presents under the tree.


  • Christmas is his holiday, and he will not hesitate to go all out
  • Takes his s/o on a carriage ride on Christmas eve, most likely through a park that is holding some sort of Christmas event (light shows, ice sculptures)
  • Gets his s/o an ornament with their picture
  • Wants to see his s/o in a santa dress
  • LOVES all of the Christmas pastries and sweets and orders a crap ton for him and his s/o
  • Sets up a super fancy Christmas dinner, and completes it by serenading his s/o

anonymous asked:

Fairy Tail AU with Aobajousai? Not the anime, but just anything to do with fairies/traditional fairy stories. Feel free to add some reader insert too if you like~~~

OKAY TO BE HONEST I HAD NO CLUE WHAT TO DO FOR THIS, I really really like the idea but I don’t know how I would write this so I’m going to do what they would be in a fairy tale and some head cannons!

Oikawa would be a dragon shapeshifter

  • Most of the time he spends exploring the mountains
  • He has scales and spikes along his spine even in human form
  • He has a secret cave full of trinkets he likes to hoard

Hanamaki would be a merman

  • He isn’t noticeable, as he knows how to hide himself, but he is interested in humans, listening in on their conversations with frequency
  • He lives among a pod of dolphins
  • He can come on land and transform into a human for a short while but his legs and torso are still covered with scales

Matsukawa would be a centaur

  • He’s not very aggressive like other centaurs, and so he doesn’t hang around them, sticking more to himself and wildlife.
  • He lives in a very secluded part of the woods but always helps lost children and returns them home

Iwaizumi would be a demi-god

  • He is offspring of Zeus, giving him an incredibly high power level
  • He is extremely strong even for a demi-god, with enough power to level a forest.
  • He tends to stay away from society and others because he always ends up using too much strength and hurting people.

Kunimi is an oracle (think Tiki from fire emblem)

  • He was made immortal by a goddess so he could speak for her in the human world, but she has long since died, so he sleeps a lot to pass time (because he literally has all the time in the world)
  • His sleeps usually last a century or so and the forest animals protect him while he sleeps.
  • Every time he befriends someone, he’ll stay awake all their life to be with them, but once they die he usually ends up sleeping for a millennium to forget.

Kindaichi is a fire elf

  • He isn’t graceful like most elves since he’s half human
  • When he gets angry, everyone steers clear since he sometimes blows up and accidentally sets fire to trees and can start a wildfire
  • He doesn’t like how the other elves treat him, because he’s not as in control of his powers as they are.

Yahaba would be half-angel

  • He has large wings that rival that of a dragon
  • He spends most of his time flying or in the forest with the animals who take an interest in his wings
  • He likes to be treated normal, even if he is immortal and celestial.

Kyoutani would be a Werewolf

  • He can actually transform by will, not only during the full moon
  • He gets more and more aggressive closer to the full moon
  • His wolf form is gigantic, and nearly bear sized

Watari would be an Earth Fairy

  • Very gentle
  • Works hard to make sure the forest he lives in is always healthy and thriving
  • Flowers bloom under his feet whenever he lands.