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(Rule 63) Shiro - Voltron Legendary Defender @ Anime Expo 2016

These are the entirety of my fem!Shiro cosplay photos folks. Sorry! I got distracted then had to change for dinner. I’ll try to get some nicer photos taken later. Thank you to the lovely Artist Alley folks who snapped pictures with me, of me, and tagged me when posting them. Much appreciated; y’all are the best!


The mystic orb for the staff of my Beryl costume is a solar light, so it does a cool thing.


Anime Expo 2007 – Fakir from Princess Tutu

I love finding photos of old cosplays that you really loved something about even if the final product wasn’t particularly great. With my knight-version Fakir costume, it was that I did all the tunic’s coloration differences and symbols on the back using grey gabardine and a black patterned suede. This was also my first costume that ever made it into the Japanese magazine, Cosmode.


DragonCon 2015 Line-Up

  • Zeno from Akatsuki no Yona (Friday)
  • Lisa Snart/Golden Glider from DC Comics (Saturday 1pm Flash Mob Shoot)
  • Rule 63 Winter Soldier/Becky Barnes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Sunday) Fanart Ref: [x | x | x]
  • Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon (try to make the Sat 4pm photoshoot - possibly late)
  • Zinda Blake/Lady Blackhawk from DC Comics (whenever)
  • Toy Story joke (rule 63) Winter Soldier (whenever) [x]

Reference link for my crew: #cosplay poses


My Anime Expo 2016 Cosplay line-up.

  • Saturday – Edgar Roni Figaro [FFVI] with group
  • Sunday – Jiji [Princess Jellyfish] with group
  • Unknown – Zeno [Yona of the Dawn]
  • Unknown – fem!Shiro [Voltron Legendary Defender] 

Y’all. If any of you are gonna be at AX and recognize me, come up and say hi.

Zeno and Shiro will probably be half-day costumes, I’m tentatively thinking Friday for Shiro and Saturday or Sunday second half for Zeno. We’ll see though It’ll depend on what my friends and I end up doing. I may switch that.