elfgrove cosplay

A nice photo from our Shance shoot with @whitedarryl at Anime Expo!

So I got more of that #Shiro and #Lance #Voltron #cosplay stuff for y'all today with @elfgrove and Tara slowly working on all the random stuff I had no idea what to do with.

Anime Expo 2017
Voltron Legendary Defender
- fem Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane: @elfgrove
- fem Lance: Tara
Photographer: @whitedarryl


(Rule 63) Shiro - Voltron Legendary Defender @ Anime Expo 2016

These are the entirety of my fem!Shiro cosplay photos folks. Sorry! I got distracted then had to change for dinner. I’ll try to get some nicer photos taken later. Thank you to the lovely Artist Alley folks who snapped pictures with me, of me, and tagged me when posting them. Much appreciated; y’all are the best!


I’m obviously not going to be able to score some round curved pink plexiglass by next Saturday. So I’m thinking either a Captain America adult-size shield. Or a snow saucer…but it’s summer and idk where I could fine one for a reasonable price.

also any suggestions on the sword prop-master elfgrove?