• Me:A NaLu post here, and a Gruvia post there, a dash of Gajevy, a speck of Jerza, and a little bit of ElfEver.
  • Brain:Dude go to sleep it's 2 am.
  • Me:Don't tell me what to do!
  • Brain:Those ships are taking control of your life. You have work tomorrow, try to get some sleep. Besides, shipping is for girls, what are you gay?
  • Me:I can't believe you just said that! I'm not talking to you anymore!
  • Brain:And you shouldn't really, I'm just a personification of your subconsciousness, I don't even exist. You keep talking to yourself, those ships fried your brain (that would be me).
  • Me:Yeah whatever brain just go to sleep!

Ah, so I have finally finished these, and now I shall share theme~ Affectionately termed as “Fairy Tail Girl Huggies,” these will be available as mini prints at Zenkaikon at my art table with my two besties. Keep an eye out for “Magical Kitty Studios,” ‘cause that’s where we’ll be!

Mini Prints now available!

So as long as I live I'll love you
Will have and hold you
You look so beautiful in white... 

♡ Bixanna Week ♔ - Day 6 - 7: Family/Future ♡

I told myself to skip day 6 because of reasons, but I’ve had this idea for a long time so… guess it’s better to merge these two prompts and make a happy ending for this week <3 Click for full view.


This was incredibly sappy and then I ruined it.