i am so ecstatic to finally share this omg!!! here is the pin-up for the tales from the holo john issue of bravest warriors that i did (i decided to draw the kids using the holo john to go to 2015)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some people already have it because this issue was also in may’s loot crate! but this issue is officially available to get may 27! please get it i am so excited about this!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Papercraft of the Doof Warrior on the Doof Wagon, made for androdjinni, who won one of my giveaway slots.

For those of you not familar with Mad Max: Fury Road, here are the vry important things you should know about the Doof Warrior:

  • He is blind.
  • He survived the apocalypse by living in a pitch dark mine, eating rats and playing his guitar for himself.
  • He now rides a giant truck made almost entirely of speakers and plays an electric guitar that shoots fire.
  • Because he’s a badass, that’s why.
  • The actor who played him is an actual musician who rode an actual 18 wheel drive while playing an actual guitar that shot actual fire.  While blindfolded.
  • Mother. fucking. badass.

The Ballad of The Urchin of Skyhold, Part 2. Part 1 is here!

There were two scenes that got cut out–one with Morrigan and Kieran and one with Hawke–because I honestly forgot to write them and only recalled them just now. WHOOPS