• Nesta: how do i make Cassian fall in love with me
  • Feyre: well this is surprising.. just be yourself then, say something nice for once
  • Nesta: wait so which one do you want me to be? i can't be both dammit
hogwart au (seokjin)

this is a continuation of this:

kim seokjin (pt.1)

  • seokjin was not at all nervous to go to hogwarts for the first time, as his older brother told him many things about it.
  • he spends the ride on the train with his brother and a couple of strangers that he makes fast friends with.
  • when they arrive at the castle, jin starts feeling anxious despite his confidence on the train.
  • he steels himself and waits for the sorting hat to sit on his head.
  • jin isn’t sure which house he would fall under, he thought maybe hufflepuff or gryffindor.
  • so it wasn’t much of a surprise when the sorting hat said: “GRYFFINDOR!” within the one minute it sat on his head.
  • a wash of relief went over him, he was glad he was in one of the two houses he had expected to get.
  • during his first year, he wasn’t great at potions but he is surprisingly good at transfiguration and a history of magic.
  • he befriends peeves and the two of them discuss different jokes and puns for different situations and his classmates cringe at every single one he comes up with.
  • in the second year of hogwarts, jin feels superior over the cowering first years in line despite his brother’s teasing about how he was the same.
  • when min yoongi is called out, jin locked eyes with a slightly drowsy looking boy who seemed a bit tense.
  • the hat boomed with the word: “SLYTHERIN” and jin went back to talking with his friends, only glancing to see the younger boy sit at his house table.
  • his second year had passed like a breeze and his studies were going fairly well. the sorting had begun once more for his third year and jin watched jung hoseok walk to the hufflepuff table.
  • he had pulled another joke when kim namjoon had been called. the younger boy had a serious atmosphere around him so when namjoon sat down next to him, jin decided to befriend him.
  • “are you dazed by my beauty?” “um sure, i guess you’re handsome?”
  • due to the lack of students in the school for the last couple of years, jin became roommates with the first year namjoon.
  • with him, jin would spend many years laughing with friends he could never give up for anything.

“Boys Over Flowers” musical with Sungmin, cast introduction film making.

La comédie musicale “Boys Over Flowers” avec Sungmin, fabrication du film d’introduction des acteurs.


Here are the Kingdom Hearts World Logos of several cartoons that is made by PortadorX from Deviant Art. Enjoy