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Hello everyone. We have a new mission ! We need to reach the 100M views with the Music Video of “Bonamana” !!! So please watch it at least one time per day ! Let’s make our Super Junior proud of us !

Bonjour tout le monde. Nous avons une nouvelle mission ! Nous devons atteindre les 100M de vues avec le Clip de “Bonamana” !!! Donc s’il vous plaît regardez le au moins une fois par jour ! Faisons en sorte que Super Junior soient fiers de nous !


-> Vote Kyuhyun and Ryeowook for Best Male Solo for Soompi Awards here : https://www.soompi.com/soompi-awards-2016-vote/?c=2

-> Vote Leeteuk and Heechul for Best Variety Star for Soompi Awards here : https://www.soompi.com/soompi-awards-2016-vote/?c=21

The vote ends on the 16th January 2017 ! Let’s support our oppa ! Let’s go ELF ! We can do it !

-> Votez pour Kyuhyun et Ryeowook pour le Meilleur Solo Masculin aux Soompi Awards ici : https://www.soompi.com/soompi-awards-2016-vote/?c=2

-> Vote pour Leeteuk et Heechul pour la Meilleur Star de Variété aux Soompi Awards ici : https://www.soompi.com/soompi-awards-2016-vote/?c=21

Le vote fini le 16 Janvier 2017 ! Soutenons nos oppa ! Allez ELF ! Nous pouvons le faire !

The gifting was over
And all through the ‘shop,
Many elves were still stirring,
They just couldn’t stop!

Santa was resting,
And the couriers, too.
So Elf said to Bauble,
“What else can we do?”

The elves are done making presents for SantaClaws to send out this year, but they want to have one last hurrah before the New Year! They’re going to test out their enchanting skills by crafting magical scrolls to transform a lucky dragon into what they truly wish to be! 

This is a giveaway of a full set of scrolls of your choice: 1 Primary, 1 Secondary, 1 Tertiary, and 1 Breed! There are two conditions to the prize: Only one gene can be a gem gene, and only treasure breed scrolls are available for this. There will be one winner, but not all of the scrolls have to go on one dragon (although that’s generally the spirit of this giveaway.)

To enter, reblog with your username and ID number and post what dragon you’d use the scrolls on! Before and after or just Before pictures not necessary but enjoyed. Giveaway will end January 1 at 23:59. 

ONLY 13.7% ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Come on ELF!  We can do better than that!!

This is their first korean comeback and probably the last one before their enlistment…

Don’t you want to see them holding a trophy ?Don’t you want to see them smiling?

It’s not complicated, its free…you JUST need to CLICK and VOTE!!

Our party has been chasing a Mithral Dragon with delusions of becoming Bahamut, and he’s stolen a Deva Invoker who possesses Bahamut’s spirit. We’re directed to a bridge in Moradin’s domain that leads to the place where the Creation Spark can be used to bring Bahamut back. We spy the Mithral Dragon, squaring off with an Angel who’s guarding the curtain they need to go through.

Oh, and my character got a magic item that gave a massive boost to Diplomacy.

Rest of the party: So do we get to fight them both?
Me (the party Cleric): Keyleth’s official position is that we might want to deal with the dragon first. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, you know.
Elven Ranger: And then we can kill the angel!
Me: I dunno, I mean, we do now have a beautiful half-elf that can charm the angel…
Dwarf Fighter: So we kill her first?
Me: You really want to kill the girl who’s keeping you alive?
Ranger: Oh well, we’ll destroy the Dragon, then we’ll decide what to do.
DM: I doubt you’ll kill the Dragon in one turn.
Ranger and Fighter: Challenge accepted.

We didn’t beat it in one turn. We beat it in two, between our Controller and the Ranger. But with the Angel blinded, we had the guard in a vulnerable position…

Me: Before we kill him…let me try this my way first. *steps forward* You know who my goddess is. You know why we are here. For the good of all things, our Deva friend here must become Bahamut. So I ask you politely, for the good of all, PLEASE…get the fuck out of the way.
Rolls a 56 Diplomacy (epic tier and a +37 to Diplomacy, y'all)
Fighter: That wasn’t really polite.
Me: It was effective, though.

After the blindness wore off, our Ranger flourished an artifact that gave us a bonus, and our Controller appealed to the Angel’s sense of religious duty…

Me: Look, you can see now that we are telling the truth. We have the Arrow of Fate. Our friend here is in rough shape, and she will die if she does not cross the bridge. I beg of you, please…step aside and let us pass.
Rolls a 44 Diplomacy to cap off the skill challenge
Me: I told you. I’m irresistible now. Eyes of Charming, yo.

Super Junior really need to stand up for themselves. I swear there’s only so much we, ELFs, can do. SM keeps doing shit like not promoting them properly, letting Yesung sing while he’s sick, the 14 year old lead for Devil, giving them CD covers that look like they were made in paint by a 5 year old, and now releasing Jonghyun’s album one day after they will release “Magic”. It’s totally not fair, and it makes me mad, because they don’t deserve such a terrible treatment.


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  • RTs count ONLY if you have not already voted from that account that day.
  • Unlock your Twitter account to be sure your tweets will count.
  • Tweets must not contain Images, Gifs and Emojis.

My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceMusicGroupMale is Super Junior.

My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceFandom is ELF.

We can do it ELF!! Let’s go.