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Santa’s Lap

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Word Count: 1169 
Pairings: Bucky x Reader 
Warnings: Christmas, Dirty Santa, Sexy Husband, Smut, Smutty Smut Smut!

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“C’mon, baby! Time to sit on Santa’s lap!” You exclaimed, pulling your four year old son along. The mall’s Santa looked extremely realistic this year and your son lit up like a Christmas tree. 

“Santa!” He babbled over and over again, making grabby hands toward the man’s face. Bucky chuckled deeply behind you. 

You grinned and nodded, “Gotta be nice, okay? You can’t pull Santa’s beard like you do your daddy’s.” 

Santa was quick to pull your son onto his lap before he could run away. When he looked up at you, his mouth seemed to drop slightly. He cleared his throat, and in a low tone he asked, “Would Mommy like to sit on my other leg?” 

Your brows furrowed.

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Dance of the Sports Elf

((Based on This))

Sportacus did odd things sometimes. A lot of the time. Most of the time. Like now he was sitting on a bench weaving a net. Seeing him sitting was strange enough compared to his usual activities, but weaving was new. The children took notice and asked what he was doing.

“Hey! Sportacus is sitting down!” Trixie had called out.

“Moving your body is important, but your brain is important too!” He began to explain, still happily turning bits of thin blue and purple yarn into abstract patterns. “It’s good to get creative and make things, if you can.”

“What are you making?” Ziggy asked.

“Can I have it?” Stingy added.

Sportacus chuckled. “No, Stingy. This is for something important. It’s going to be a special shawl.”

“What’s a shawl?” Pixel asked this time.

“Something you wear on your shoulders. Usually it’s to keep warm, but this is decorative.”

“What’s it for?” Stephanie spoke this time.

Sportacus set the partially done project down with a grin.

“Where I come from, when somebody really likes somebody else, they make something like this for who they like. They make a shawl, and in the spring when the flowers bloom they put flowers in the shawl, or feathers, or whatever they think the other person will like.”

He didn’t go into further detail than that, though everybody tried to pry about who he was making the shawl for. After a few minutes of the children asking to learn to make a shawl of their own Sportacus caved easily and began teaching them all to knit. Only Pixel and Stingy seemed to have the patience to stick with it though.

They all tried it out, which was what mattered most.

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Saccharine [V]

{{ adjective // excessively sweet or sentimental ; sugary, relating to or containing sugar }}

All I want for Christmas is you.

Fluff. College AU. 3,421 words.

Joie De Vivre Series: a holiday collab with @dreamscript and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi + Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook


College is incredibly difficult. You’re struggling to balance five classes, a three hour lab, two clubs, and a social life. It sounds crazy, you now know it’s crazy, but your stubborn freshman mind was too excited to comprehend that when you signed up for everything at Freshman Orientation. And most days, you feel like dying from the workload or moving onto Plan B: dropping out and finding a sugar daddy instead. But fortunately for you, you have your temporary salvations. They arrive every week on Friday at 9 PM on the dot.

Every Friday night, your dormitory holds a Cafe night. Cafe night is when a different sweet is given out in the common area each week. You usually have to come early because the line gets long fast and the food may run out. After all, it is free food.

And anyone who’s been a broke college student would know that the two most favorited words in college are “free” and “food,” especially when they are combined together.

“Hi, _______!”

Although, those two words uttered by Kim Taehyung may be your absolute personal favorite now. Not that you were biased or anything. Of course not.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do a scenario about a mc who sleepwalks and the rfa's reactions?

Catching up on the reqs we got from the US election aftermath, so sorry this took so long!!!!!

I’ve never actually sleepwalked (I do other more embarrassing things in my sleep >____>) so I hope this is to your liking!!



  • it’s 2:58 in the morning
  • he’s dead asleep
  • or so he thought?
  • what is that rustling????
  • “________…. are you awake…?”
  • we’ve all been blessed hearing his raspy I-just-woke-up voice
  • reaches over to your side of the bed
  • but you’re not there?????
  • sits up and rubs his eyes when suddenly
  • jumps out of his skin
  • internal shrieking
  • grabs the baseball bat stashed under your bed just in case
  • bangs his shoulder into the door frame
  • “________?”
  • flicks on the light and sees you bumping into the wall before turning down the hallway, past the knocked over table lamp and skewed side table, muttering about a treasure map
  • manages to coax you back to bed, insisting the treasure (sleep) is in your bedroom (please) (you’re super cute sleepwalking but he’s so tired)
  • keeps it a secret that he knows for a really long time actually
  • you find out he knows via finding videos of you sleepwalking on his phone
  • RIP yoosung


  • Rehearsals ran late
  • god damn fuckin newbie can’t get their shit together what was the director thinking
  • he is ready to pass tf out
  • barely manages to make it through the door he’s so tired
  • super surprised to see you pacing back and forth in the living room
  • he’s about to ask you what you’re doing up so late (it’s 3 IN THE MORNING _______ GET UR TUSH BACK IN  BED)
  • but you suddenly dash off for the kitchen, running right into the wall
  • “pardom me ma’am” you mumble at the wall, petting it gently
  • dies
  • just fucking dies of laughter
  • can’t keep his phone steady so the video he takes of you wandering around bumping into things in the dimly lit apartment looks like a shaky cryptid video
  • wants to go wake you up but you’re just too funny you keep apologizing to the walls
  • you curtsied at the toaster ffs
  • finally, sides throbbing in pain, breathy chuckles escaping, he approaches you and places a hand on your shoulder
  • you jump and swing your arm around, feebly papping him in the chest
  • “C’mon babe, let’s get you back to bed” *picks you up and carries you to bed like the royalty you are*
  • “…..yeah okay. …..my nose really hurts.”
  • “I know, don’t worry about it and let your lovely Zen take care of you~” *tender nose kiss*


  • She was up late finishing up some paperwork (for what? who knows?? cafe? Jumin?? letters of recommendation for Yoosung??? you decide!)
  • parked at the dining table, nose deep in paper and ink, half empty mug off coffee long gone cold
  • she hears clattering and looks up, neck crackling from keeping it in the same position for ages
  • you’re standing by the sink, sponge in one hand, paper towel roll in the other
  • “_____?”
  • “tell me your secrets” you whisper at the sponge “or the puppy gets it” you hold the paper towel roll out threateningly
  • jaehee stifles a giggle as you squeeze the sponge and leftover soap bubbles around your fingers
  • “I knew I could make you talk” you grin, dropping the sponge in the sink and shuffling away towards the living room
  • Jaehee gets up and follows you, smiling when she sees you passed out on the couch cuddling the paper towels
  • considers moving you to bed but decides to just leave you on the couch
  • brings your phone and plugs it in and covers you with a blanket
  • goes back to work tO BED


  • he had just gotten to sleep when your moving about woke him back up
  • he rolled over to drape an arm around you but you weren’t there?
  • he felt your weight leave the bed
  • grumble grumble grumble
  • doesn’t even sit up, just kinda lays there watching you out of the corner of his eye
  • you just wander back and forth for a while before flopping back on the bed
  • wraps you in his arms to keep you from getting up again
  • kisses you gently until you fall back asleep
  • in the morning though……..’
  • “_______, I’ve scheduled an appointment for you later at a clinic.”
  • “what for?”
  • “Your sleepwalking.”
  • you slowly shrivel up inside as he rambles on about why he thinks you should see someone about it


  • he’s up late working (surprise surprise)
  • he goes to the kitchen to grab another soda
  • jumps out of his skin when he runs into you standing in the hallway
  • “_______? What’re you doing?”
  • _______.exe is not responding
  • you’re just kinda standing there??
  • staring off into space?????
  • what do your elf eyes see, ______?
  • waves his hand in front of your face
  • scoots around in front of you
  • does a funny dance
  • no reaction (????????????)
  • outrage
  • you start shuffling forward and bump into him
  • “….s’cuse me Your Honor…” you mumble
  • also records your antics
  • uploads them to the internet
  • piggy-backs you to bed
  • regrets uploading his videos of you sleepwalking the next morning when he wakes up to a facefull of pillow

Oh, man, it’s been a while. I hope you remember Dahlia, my character on a Smuggler’s Shiv play through.Well, while she and her friends were swimming back from an island, she was the last one to step out of the waters, and…

I need to work on my dramatic lighting a little bit, but practice makes perfect right?

YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!! - A junkers fanmix!!! made possible by Suuvesi! art by me!

LISTEN HERE!!! Tracklist:

1. Jerk-Off - Tool // 2. Its Good News Week - Hedgehoppers Anonymous // 3. Rats - Clutch // 4. Fast - Butthole Surfers // 5. Eventually - Ornette Coleman // 6. Hurdy Gurdy Man - Donovan // 7. Temporary Arm - Elf Power // 8. Waving My Dick In The Wind - Ween // 9. My Many Smells - the Dead Milkmen // 10. the Air is Getting Slippery - Primus // 11. None Of Them Knew They Were Robots - Mr. Bungle // 12. Surprise!!!


As requested by Anonymous.

Sequel to Fancy. With a little help from this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit.

Warnings: Grumbles. Word stumbling.

Word count: 950


Well, he’s definitely not in the bush. There is, however, a frisky looking squirrel.


Last you knew, Dwalin was not that tall or hairless, but you wave the Elf down anyway.

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Pairing: Cullen x f!Lavellan

Rating: SFW, fluff

Summary: Cullen learns more about the Inquisitor’s hobbies.

Note: I use my own Inquisitor here. She’s an elven mage and her name is Othinus.

A short, somewhat cracky follow up here: Caught

He always noticed when she was drawing. Even at Haven, where the snow covered almost any possible surface, he’d see her perched somewhere, scribbling intently into a notebook. At the time he didn’t feel it was appropriate to ask about it.

Even at Skyhold, where their duties grew significantly, he’d still sometimes find her sitting cross legged in some impossible place. She would be in all kinds of different locations: outside on the wall overlooking the injured, sitting snugly in the library, under a tree in the garden. She even took her supplies with her on her journeys outside of Skyhold. He would wonder if she would draw any dragons and giants…and then shudder at how she could even find the opportunity to portray the beasts.

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D&E 2nd Tour - Osaka Day 3

Mc prentation
Hae said he really wanted to see us since this morning
When saying “hello” they are joking by saying it in 2 differents way
But hyuk murmured to us so say his word when introducing, so hae laughed XD
hae said in cute way that he loves us

When hyuk was taking hae was bothering him streatching in front of him
Hyuk then wiped off the sweat of his neck with a towel with a very perv face lol then he murmured on the mic “we are the sexy D&E” and made really sex noises “ohh” “ahhh” very softly then touched his neck with 2 hands ….FML
he kept going “we really wanted to meet you”

Hae then talked about I think about hyuk marks on his hand, saying he took a shot of IV mediscine
Hyuk said he got a lot of power tonight thanks to it and did some push ups on the stage XD
hyuk continued by saying “lets have some fun until the end”
Hyuk asked hae abt osaka foods, he said okonomoyaki, takoyaki, and did the glico move

Hyuk said hae was smart XD
then that he his really thakful for being here today, and he is learning japanese very hard so today he will speak only in Japanese !
But then he didnt know what to say XDDDD

Hae askes if we listened to the present album we said yes and hyuk said “ok so test’”
Hyuk then continued in korean and elf screamed “ehhhhhh”
Hae said that hyuk was stupid XD

hyuk didnt know what to say so the translator mumured to him what to say lol
He then said in japanese (with a little help haha) lets have fun on all the album songs or sth like thay ^__^

Hae introduced the next song and asked to put the light up on ELF and asked us if we could see well
They played with the cam a bit before singing light camera actiob

hyukjae said today is Donghae’s turn to be cute and its his turn to be sexy

Donghae pushed hyukjae then hyukjae started panting. After that Donghae touched hyukjae abit and hyukjae let out a “ah~”

Hyuk said that he‘s in Charge of being sexy so he started moaning. donghae
laughed and kicked him then hyukjae moaned even more. hyukjae then threw
his head back and started wiping his sweat with his eyes closed. He wiped
his sweat and let out noises at the same time

Hyuk: u look very happy today donghae
Hae: oh bc we were injected with
something before the concert»
Hae: it’s just'proteinsl!

Eunhae going around the venue touching the hands of so many ELF omg

DH: I was in charge for handsome and cute / EH: Today Donghae in charge on cute~ cute~ while me sexy eunhyuk~

lee hyukjae did a lot of weird sound when donghae was kicking him.

when donghae kept saying the wrong greeting hyukjae said “aigoo so cute uh.”

EH : we will only speak japanese. But at the end still with korean. DH: dnt speak korean speak jpan. strict bb ㅋㅋㅋ

Eunhae asked us to deat down and sat on the back of the stage near ELF ~
Hyuk asked us if we liked the balads
Hae said he couldnt see elf face clearly and that he wanted see our faces too
Hyuk theb showed us their bottle of water with D and E written on it
Then they raise the bottle and said “kampai” (cheers) with everyone and asked us to raise too our water
Then he joked about being a little “drunk” like if they drank beer lol
They talked abt their america trip and how they had fun (hyuk mistaked and said sth like, we went there and lets drink lol)
We are watching their america video now :)

Hyuk: you have such good eyesight~
Hae: that’s because I have hawk eye!!

Afterrhe vid eunhae were waving at the cam ~~^^ hae did it a looong time~
They were talking abt marriage XD hyuk said “not yet”
Hyuk asked elf to help them (with japanese)

Lottery time,.. Hae and hyuk put their head in the box in the same tiiiime then hae took the box (still on his face) and lyed down on the stage on his back with the box covering his head.
Hyuk then laughed at elf because they screamed so loudly and was miming us screamine to “ahhhhhhh”
Hae looked inside the box and said “kore ? Kore ? Kore ?” (This one?) many times
Hyuk showed the paper and we could only see super show 5 then hae wanted to take the paper off his hand and they endes up touching each others hands and playing omg ITS ROCKSTARRRRTT

Hae and hyuk singing a bit of rockstar~~
Hyuk said its a very cute song XDD and miming the sounds “piupoupiu” lol
Hae kept hitting hyuk because he was making these little noises XD
Hyuk said they wont take off their clothes… But maybe at the end of the concert ?
(Pray for us ㅋㅋ) lol

They are asking abt the men in the venue, but hae said its too bad he cant see their faces
Now hyuk said they were looking for a girlfriend and asked who and elf were waving to them XD
where is she~~^^

Hae: looking at your face makes me dizzy
Hyuk: oh? Why?
Hae: you just have a face that makes people dizzy
Hyuk: Because I’m too handsome? Fans think so too right?
Hae: then we’ll have to see who it is

Eunhae told everyone to take out the bottles to drink together. Then donghae
said “Is there anyone who brought alcohol here to drink? ” Then hyukjae
said “that’s okay! Let’s just be happy today” so donghae drank his water
and said “I’m drunk”

Hyuk: has everyone made a new year wish?
Fans: Get married!!
Hae: What? Get married with me?
Hyuk: No! Can’t get married!

During kimi ga naitara, hyukjae went half a key lower and donghae used falsetto to help hyukjae sing the part where he always cracks

Hyuk: why did we strip during rockstar the other time? we weren’t even buff.
Hae: I still have abs!
Hyuk: I’ve decided that that’s the last time stripping for a concert.
Hae: if there’s another concert this yea I’ll strip.
Hyuk: oh oh?

When hae took the little car during teenage queen he jumped to put his feet higher on the metal bars OO and stayed like that while the car was moving around fan
He got down and when he crossed hyuk, hyuk tried to touch / slap haes butt XD
hyuk made a heart sign and hae dis the butterfly move

Hyukjae trying to popo Dh during I wanna dance

On I wanna dance they were so hyper and kept smiling all the time, they started to fight at the beginning, but they had to dance in the same time XD hae then sang while laughing XD

Then hae put his hand on hyuks mouth and pushed him away twice!
On oppa oppa at one moment hae went behind hyuk and put his harm on hyuk shoulder and stood there

When doing the dance solo hyuk moved his hips but hae tried a move and I think he fell because he was holding his head a bit but i didnt see very well, but just after he went hyper on the stage again so he is ok :)

After satuday night hyuk said “tonight its really saturday night !!”
And then bowed and said the show is over XD and hyuk faked to cry before leaving XDDDD

Hyukjae faked asleep before encore and
Hyukjae said “are you asleep?!”
Hae: no no I’m not asleep
Hyuk: ah is it because you’re already 30…
Hae: what are you talking about? How can you say that

On kiss kiss dynamire they are supposed to do a part were the 2 of them approch the other while the other go away, except the 2nd time hyuk didnt move and they were close omfg

At the end of hello they stood in the same cute position for a long time, haes team started to move but hyuk said “mada mada” (not yet) then trolled at the cam “n….. Now!”

Then they asked if we caught the ball but we said no, so they asked if at least we caught the confetti and hae asked pple to the pple who got many to share
They tried to speak with a STRONG osaka accent loool like japanese bad boys lollll they last at leat 5min talking in japanese like that

Hae then started to explain that “present” has more than one meaning but he spoke again with the bad boy accent and hyuk followed

The translator missed a sentence so hyuk asked her to look at him and waited XD he spoke with the osaka accent and asked her to repeat with a normal accent  
He said this accent made his throat hurt so he spoke in Korean And drank water lol
Hae was sitting on the floor for a while hyuk was speaking XD
Hae spit water on hyuk who ran way !!

Hyuk continued to explain the second meaning of present “time”
Hae was then faking crying a hand on his face elf did “ohhhh TT” and he made a cute face XD
Hyuk stretched and touched haes nose ~~~^^
Hae did the same, hyuk took haes hand and put it near his face alsjsjskqlsl

Hyuk asked after gift if we enjoyed and if we were happy and we all answered “neeeeee” (yes)

Then hyuk said “because you are here, I am very happy” TT

Hyuk: we are getting old and unable to dance and play around as much anymore. But it’ll be good if everyone can stay by our side

Hae stretch out hand. Hyuk take his hand and bite it, saying taste like garlic

Hyuk: throat pain
Hae pass hyuk drink,
Hyuk drink but didn’t swallow and spit all over Hae face

Hae also drink water. Hyuk tap him  to ask him swallow.
But Hae still spill on him. Hyuk: Thanks Chingu

Bwhahah they showed masao san the producer of the show pushing the play button for choki wa
elf screaming “one more time” and masao danced near the camera like crazy XD

Elf screamed masao name to put the song again XDD
The dancers left and every body was screaming “lee donghae” he danced choki like craaaazy moving so hard jumping and ended up on the floor XD
then elf screamed lee hyukjae and choki started
Hyuk started with a cute move and ended up crazy XD
ELF then screamed eunhae eunhae and they did it again, and finished both on the floor tiredXDD

they talked a bit then hae said “i love u” and kissed the mic
Hyuk talked also, abt seeing in us so many friends, like family.
Hyuk continued by saying with this tour he became closer to ELF and its making me him happy~

He also said because of our love, they are and will do their best, he is also happy to be able to dance and sing on stage. He thanked elf many times~
Then eunhae joined hands, and hyuk asked us with a bad but very cute japanese to take care of us~

They bowed 90deg and stood there…
Thumb kiss~ they thumb kissed every part of their body and elf, then masao sm avex lol

Before leaving they said to take care of us and hyuk said we will meet in our dreams~
Hae kissed the mic~

And boys left the stage TT

cr. Mininin_87, moaningEUNHAE, ddaalki, justhyukjaez, sj_iriszhu

ELF/ SCALAR/ HAARP Waves – Mass Mind Control

The Jun-July, 1989 issue of the West German scientist publication, Raum & Zeit carried an article by Dr. W. Volkrodt, titled: „Can Human Beings Be Manipulated By ELF Waves.” The article stated:

The technical principal of receivers for electromagnetic waves is fully analogous with biological information and communications system. If several thousand of the hundreds of billions of nerve cells in our brain resonate with man-made centimetre waves, the carrier frequency has to be suppressed when the signal is passed on to the synapses.

To overcome cell membranes, living organisms use electrochemical processes involving sodium and potassium ions. This suppresses the carrier frequency in the high-frequency range just as the demodulation circuit does in man-made receivers. What remains is the signal impressed on the carrier frequency, e.g. in the low frequency ELF range. This is also the frequency range at which our own nervous system normally works.

Using these frequencies, the nerve fibers convey pain sensations, the feeling of hungry, tiredness, nausea, and signals on the sense of balance to points in the brain which invoke these stages in a awake consciousness.

If interference signals are superimposed on the natural signals generated by the body as a carrier, the brain could be presented with stimulated states that we consciously perceive, but which do not appear as reality.

A state of disturbed sense of balance, which seems to us to be real, is enough to stop people from being able to run or make them fell dizzy even they are lying down.

In a ‘psychotronic war’ using microwaves modulated using ELF Waves, it would no longer be necessary to kill whole armies by inducing cardiac or respiratory irregular signals. The enemy can simply be incapacitated by disturbing their states of balance or confusing the ability to think logically.

The manipulation of human beings, by means of ELF Waves is relatively easy to perform.

Government authorities and military would have to overcome no insurmountable difficulties to modulate carrier frequencies with ELF Signals in existing centimetre radio-relay links.

…an army of occupation could then manipulate a nation’s ability to make decisions in confusing political situations or disable undesirable activities. ELF-modulated microwave transmitters employed in this way could also serve to obviate the use of force (non-lethal weapons).

An entire nation can be gradually subjugated psychically by the means of long-term radiation using ELF-modulated centimetre Waves.

Once any kind of desire to defend or capacity to resist has been dispelled, political activities by negotiation are sufficient to incorporate into one’s power a nation subjugated in this way.
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Revas Lavellan, post-Trespasser

I’ve been writing something, a little fic taking place years after Trespasser, giving her and Solas their happy ending (trying to heal my broken heart) and this is exactly how I pictured she would look. When I saw this hair I squealed.

Mods used:

I hope all the links work, tumblr’s giving me trouble with them…

Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere US 4686605 A

The earth’s magnetic field is somewhat analogous to a dipole bar magnet. As such, the earth’s magnetic field contains numerous divergent field or force lines, each line intersecting the earth’s surface at points on opposite sides of the Equator. The field lines which intersect the earth’s surface near the poles have apexes which lie at the furthest points in the earth’s magnetosphere while those closest to the Equator have apexes which reach only the lower portion of the magnetosphere. 

At various altitudes above the earth’s surface, e.g., in both the ionosphere and the magnetosphere, plasma is naturally present along these field lines. This plasma consists of equal numbers of positively and negatively charged particles (i.e., electrons and ions) which are guided by the field line. It is well established that a charged particle in a magnetic field gyrates about field lines, the center of gyration at any instance being called the “guiding center” of the particle. As the gyrating particle moves along a field line in a uniform field, it will follow a helical path about its guiding center, hence linear motion, and will remain on the field line. Electrons and ions both follow helical paths around a field line but rotate in opposite directions. The frequencies at which the electrons and ions rotate about the field line are called gyromagnetic frequencies or cyclotron frequencies because they are identical with the expression for the angular frequencies of gyration of particles in a cyclotron. The cyclotron frequency of ions in a given magnetic field is less than that of electrons, in inverse proportion to their masses. 

If the particles which form the plasma along the earth’s field lines continued to move with a constant pitch angle, often designated “alpha”, they would soon impact on the earth’s surface. Pitch angle alpha is defined as the angle between the direction of the earth’s magnetic field and the velocity (V) of the particle. However, in converging force fields, the pitch angle does change in such a way as to allow the particle to turn around and avoid impact. Consider a particle moving along a field line down toward the earth. It moves into a region of increasing magnetic field strength and therefore sine alpha increases. But sine alpha can only increase to 1.0, at which point, the particle turns around and starts moving up along the field line, and alpha decreases. The point at which the particle turns around is called the mirror point, and there alpha equals ninety degrees. This process is repeated at the other end of the field line where the same magnetic field strength value B, namely Bm, exists. The particle again turns around and this is called the “conjugate point” of the original mirror point. The particle is therefore trapped and bounces between the two magnetic mirrors. The particle can continue oscillating in space in this manner for long periods of time. The actual place where a particle will mirror can be calculated from the following:
sin2 alphao =Bo /Bm(1)
alphao =equatorial pitch angle of particle
Bo =equatorial field strength on a particular field line
Bm =field strength at the mirror point

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Artificial Clouds

HAARP was the research facility utilized to learn and test the technology
which was then applied (upgraded) to all NEXRAD weather radar stations
nationwide. You can go to the government’s websites and see what “mode”
a particular NEXRAD station was operating in and for how long. You’ll see
many that say “unknown operating mode”. These are the modes where they
are conducting HAARP-like weather control in conjunction with the
nano-particles of metals sprayed by the aircraft deploying the aerosols
which are utilized for the purposes of geo-engineering.
The NEXRAD pulses are now steerable, polarized, and can create rotations.
Now, consider the number of stations in operation, imagine what they can
do now with the weather. This is why the DoD wanted to just shut down
HAARP. It’s not longer needed. They learned what they needed, applied the
new technologies to each NEXRAD station and voila, they have a national
network of “HAARP” stations which can manipulate storms, weather fronts,
and the jet stream. If you pay attention to the National Weather Service
Doppler Radar sites you’ll sometimes catch their activities, although they
are really good at stripping out their activities from the data and it’s cleansed
and then displayed for you. You are not seeing what’s really going on unless
you have high-tech weather tools that don’t “clean up” the images but
instead provide the raw data. You’ll witness some very unusual activity.
And watch the Clouds they are moving in different Directions. Really Strange