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KPOP Fandom’s day

ANNOUNCEMENT For all KPOP fans [save this post or do a screenshot to be reminded]
On SEPTEMBER 1,2017, we should put a MARKER / PEN LINE across our ARMS or WRIST according to our FANDOM.
EXO : Blue
BTS : Green
INFINITE : Silver/Golden
CN BLUE : Grey
SNSD : Orange
HYUN-A : Pink
2NE1 : Purple
BLOCK B : Light Blue
BTOB : Lavender
BEAST : Dark Green
B.A.P : Lime Green
NCT : Dark Blue
Seventeen : Neon green 

With the bame of the group written in black. LET SEE IF HOW MANY FANS ARE WE GOING TO MEET AROUND WHEN WE LEAVE OUR HOMED.
[Please spread]


Honestly %70 of bts fans are fucking nasty, immature and just horny for every Asian man there is. It pisses me off as someone who has been their fan since before their debut. I hate the armys. I will never call my self an “army”. Even at TRB they were so fucking mean. I was told that I shouldn’t be there because bts only came here to see American fans and not Asian fans…. I’m half Asian and I had never been to Asia so I really consider myself American….. and I got attacked because I was wearing heels. This bitch just came out of no where and said that I need to move because she short. WELL WEAR SOME FUCKING HEELS NEXT TIME BECAUSE I CANT SEE ANYTHING EITHER. I couldn’t move either and she thought it was okay to just grab my arm and push me. Then this other bitch said I was in her way and she grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to the ground. I purposely arrived to the wings tour late because I wanted to avoid the crowd if fucking immature fans. Then I get told by them that I’m lying when I say that I have been listening to Kpop since 2011. And I also get yelled at when I tell chicks my age to chill with the whole Kpop thing and fetishizing because it’s immature and they say “you probably act like that too”. Okay, I will admit that I did… but I was 12 not 18.

And the thing is the new kpop fans feel the need to listen to every single fucking Kpop group… even when I was first introduced to Kpop (which was by mychonny) I only listened to super junior, shinee, u kiss, Big Bang, block b and mblaq. Then when b.a.p had their debut i became their can and then when bts had their debut I became their fan too. After bts I stopped with the Kpop groups, I tried to like ikon but I no…

Now I only listen to bigbang, b.a.p, and bts. So I’m not a Kpop fan


Sooo T.O.P 😂😂😂❤❤❤ #bigbang #top #gd #taeyang #daesung #seungri #kpop #music #vine #funny #exol #army #vip #sone #elf #ikonic #blackjack #starlight #shineeworld @choi_seung_hyun_tttop
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Another thing being a 90s kid taught me: In ten years, no one will care if you were an EXO-L or a VIP or an ELF or a Shawol. What will really matter is the great music you loved and the memories you made while listening to your favorite bands. Even the bands you rooted against will be part of your memories, and I bet you’ll love them for it.

How do I know this? Well, it’s been thirteen years since N’Sync disbanded and Backstreet is much quieter than they were in the past. But, when a BSB or N’Sync song comes on, I jam like it’s 1995 all over again. It doesn’t matter that I liked N’Sync better and actively decried BSB on the playground. The fanwars we used to have just…don’t matter - not anymore. What matters is that those groups are pivotal parts of some of the best years of my life. What matters is that we had music we loved.