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2017, October - A kiss from Amanita the Seer to Kasaanda the Mercenary, mine and @rashkah‘s Dragon Age characters. :3



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kravitz is a big softie. he might get a bit flared up but not interpersonally. he just wants to compromise and come to an understanding and be gay. because he is gay. i love him. he wants to listen and understand and smooch an elf. hell yeah

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Hi! I've been feeling kinda off today and I was wondering if you could cheer me up with some fluffy blitzstone head cannons? Thanks!

hey sorry i couldn’t answer this yesterday,,, i hit post limit? but i hope this makes you feel better friendo!! i am here for you!

- blitz makes it a life mission to make hearth smile & laugh more

- it is in the course of this mission that he discovers that hearth is v ticklish and hoo boy is that useful information

- sometimes they like to sleep in and just kind of cuddle in bed instead of getting up. it’s on one of these days that they get engaged, on accident. they’re having a deep conversation in bed at like eleven in the morning (but it sucks bc to talk they can’t really be holding each other. they manage tho) anyway they’re talking about what life would be like if they’d never found each other & hearth signs but now we get to spend the rest of our lives together and blitz is just kind of stunned into heart-eyes silence for a few seconds & then he asks did you just ask me to marry you? and now hearth is blushing really deeply but he answers, i guess i did. what’s your answer? And blitz just laughs and signs of course, you silly elf! and smooches him,,,,,, wow i got myself emotional here

- sometimes hearth comes up & hugs blitz from behind & puts his chin on top of blitz’ head. blitzen pretends to be annoyed but he actually loves it

- blitz loves making hearthstone blush, so he compliments him often

- blitz & hearth arguing like an old married couple over literally anything. wait that’s canon,,

- some of the people they knew on the street hear about Blitzen’s Best so they come to see for themselves. they’re all very pleased to learn that hearth & blitz are getting married soon. some bitchy middle-aged people complain about blitz having homeless people in his high-end shop, but blitz says his store is always open if anyone needs a place to get out of the cold & he often makes clothes for people on the street, especially warm coats

- hearth really likes kisses on the cheek even if he pretends he doesn’t (and he does)

okay so while me and my Tauriel have not exactly been here for a long while, we’ve already come to a milestone !! 200+ beautiful people are following us and we’re so awed, and grateful! when I firstly set her up, I did not expect so many of you to be here, both from the Tolkien fandom and from other fandoms as well. it has been a great deal of joy and pleasure to be here, and you made me feel like home. 

below, there are some mentions that need to be done. it is BOTH people who have actively been writing/talking to me and people I kinda sorta admire from afar from now. elf captain smooches to all of you:

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★ swords & broken shields || part 6

Pairing: Cullen Rutherford / Alistair Theirin
Summary: In which Alistair has an interesting conversation with Dorian and realizes that, even in the midst of chaos, in a world where nothing is certain, there should always be time for those we love. More of an interlude than a full-fledged chapter, because I need all the POVs ever. We’ll be in business soon, fear not ♥
Word Count: 1651
Warnings: The Maker’s breath, Dorian’s villain mustache, Fluff, Sap, Swooping is bad, Cullen runs into things, Alistair’s stubble, sad feels, I just want Dorian to be happy srsly, gonna need a side story for him now, 
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 2 ½ || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 4 ½ || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7

“So, uh… hm. Dorian. You’re a… you’re a man. Aren’t… you.”

A whole foot, perhaps even two, effortlessly shoved into his mouth—this is what it feels like—a question he didn’t mean to ask, a question he asked anyway, because he doesn’t know how else to break the ice, antsy on a bench, surrounded by flowers and stoned walls and he knows they have ears, the walls, gossip in the halls, and he doesn’t wish to be heard. He wouldn’t even have approached him, Dorian, were it not for Iron Bull’s odd encouragements, as if they all knew, and still he did, seeking advice, or perhaps just a tap on his back, a reassurance he doesn’t need because he knows him, Cullen, nearly two decades now, and yet it feels so new, so overwhelming, he wobbles over his own thoughts and he frets, concerned, anxious and oh Maker, this is real now, more than a trivial affair, but it always were, more, concealed before and revealed at last, and he doesn’t want to disappoint.

Dorian must have sensed his unease—a blasted nug would have, because he’s so subtle—and he inches closer to him, a flash of warm understanding in his eyes before he grins, and the sweep of his mouth along the refined curve of his mustache is so sly it causes Alistair to swallow.

To recoil.

Just how fast could he reach the tavern from the garden, and flee to safety?

Oh, right. There’s no way he could manage that.

Because he’s crippled.

“What a wonderful and astute observation,” Dorian’s grin deepens, and Alistair cringes, grip tighter around his cane. “Is it the taint, I wonder? No one told me that the Grey Wardens were such keen creatures. I am a man indeed. I’m glad you noticed.”

“That isn’t… that isn’t what I meant, ” Alistair flushes, babbles, a knot in his stomach as he idly rubs at his jaw—his stubble is much thicker now, since he came back from the Fade, scruffier than Cullen’s even, and he coughs on that thought, vivid imagery as his chest churns and jostles. “What I meant is… uh… argh. You knooooow.”

“Do I? Does he always know what you blather about?”


“Our dear Commander, of course.”

He knows—of course he does—and still he smiles, foolish, bright and proud, looking around him as if to avoid Dorian’s gaze, but he’s searching, for him, Cullen, cheeks warmer as his eyes take a momentary dive, down, into his lap, and he sighs.

“He does, actually,” he wriggles his nose, catching himself scratching at the back of his neck and instantly stiffening because when has he started doing that, and he hums, promptly lowering his arm, a cough on his tongue. “He… always has. When nobody else ever bothered to listen, mostly when we were younger, he… he did. He, uh…”

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What would Bree's parents first kiss be like? ( I'm seeing all these posts about them and I'm very interested in them)

So to give people context for this first kiss: Bree’s granddad (Fausten) tells Bree’s mum (Revka) and her ladies-in-waiting that there’s an elf in the forest and no one, absolutely no one, is to go into that forest. Revka promptly goes into said forest. She picks a double rose (thereby disturbing the earth) to purposefully summon the elf and then smooches the fuck out of the very same dangerous elf her dad explicitly told her not to go near because you’re not the boss of me, Dad.

…And people wonder where Bree’s stubborn, contrary, forward nature comes from.

(If people wanna read more about them here is her mother’s tag–Revka Amell is canonically the Mage Warden’s mum–and here is her father’s tag.)