elf promise


To follow Park Jungsoo, wherever he leads us, to cheer for Kim Heechul at any cost, to respect Hang Geng in his every decision, to sing with Kim Jongwoon, every note and melody, to accept Kim Youngwoon, as well as all his flaws, to appreciate Shin Donghee, regardless of appearances, to adore Lee Sungmin, every side of him, to watch over Lee Hyukjae, as he rocks the stage, to support Choi Siwon in everything he does, to protect Zhou Mi and his beautiful smile, to give strengh to Lee Donghae, when his tears threaten to fall, to take care of Kim Ryeowook, the way he cares for all of us, to believe in Kim Kibum, no matter what, to listen to Cho Kyuhyun, for as long as his voice exists, to stand by Henry Lau, every step of the way. To cover the world with Pearl Sapphire blue, to love SUPER JUNIOR, for as long as my heart allows me to. 

My name is ELF.
And this is my promise. 



Super Junior- where a group of people is not just a group but a family 💕

Those who’ll always keep their communication with you eventhough you’ve never promoted with them for 6 years. Those who said that they’ll welcome you anytime you want to promote with them. And those that congratulates you even after you’ve left the company.

Not everyone can have those kind of people in their lives.
I guess you’re really lucky.

Congratulations, Kim Ki Bum! You’ve worked hard, and now you’re free! 💕

Don’t worry, we’ll always support you the way we’ve supported you before you go in hiatus from the group.

And please, if ever you have time, please come back and promote with the rest of the members.

We’ll be waiting! 💋💕

Now I know, I supported the right group. A group that doesn’t abandon anyone. A group who cherishes everyone. 💙

Ryeowook on twitter: “Ki Bum, I’m always cheering you on!!! I sincerely hope that you go on to somewhere better and be happy~ I hope that the memories we made together in Super Junior will stay with you for a long time. ^^.”

Sollevan hell is like..

You play a female elf inquisitor and try very hard NOT to romance Solas.. only to find yourself drawn to him again.. then you go to Haven with him and yup.. and you continue to talk to him and then you have a balcony talk.. and you still chose the red heart option.. and then you follow him to Crestwood and..

So next time when you play a female elf inquisitor you promise yourself you will NOT fall for him again.. only to have your will crumble once he calls you ma'vhenan.