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Ready to ski and ice skate today! ⛸🏔⛷ (obviously not in my long green coat, that would be a disaster 😂) Also since I get asked this often, it is all my real hair. I haven’t cut it in 5 years, only skimmed. I might do a post or video on hair care and frequently asked questions~ thoughts? 😌✨❄️

The signs as creatures from Harry Potter
  • Aries: Dragon
  • Taurus: Acromantula
  • Gemini: Goblin
  • Cancer: Merperson
  • Leo: Hippogriff
  • Virgo: Owl
  • Libra: House-elf
  • Scorpio: Thestral
  • Sagittarius: Centaur(bc obv)
  • Capricorn: Gnome
  • Aquarius: Basilik
  • Pisces: Cornish Pixie

My makeup is really goddamn good lately (just saying’)

elf foundation, pixi blush, anastasia dip brow, essence princess lash, wet n wild contour/highlight, becca moonstone highlight, trap by colourpop on my lips, pajamas, unbrushed hair/best haircut ever, sick as hell tattoo, cute as HELL

Bitesize Korean Weekly Vocab Recap: WEEK FORTY-FOUR

Try and cover the English, or the Korean words to test yourself and find out what you remember!

  • 목도리: Scarf
  • 모자: Hat, cap
  • 장갑: Gloves
  • 겨우살이: Mistletoe
  • 요정: Elf, pixie, fairy
  • 사탕 지팡이: Candy cane
  • : Bell

Well done for getting through week forty-four! Let’s keep going!

공부 열심히하세요. 화이팅!

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