elf pallet

imkerf-uffle-d  asked:

artificial sunlight, for the palette meme :)

@imkerf-uffle-d Thanks for the prompt!

Didn’t use the middle color because it just didn’t show at all with the rest. And yes, I’m pretty nuts by doing this stuff with colors… I’m not even sure they mixed well.

Anyhoo, I can’t say I hate it, and I actually had fun.


the slow arrow in #6, for benefaris

because I too need Felassan/Inga in my life. this is his modern incarnation with hair, as opposed to his Arlathan self (Inga) who didn’t. because the hair was too much to resist

dreamtheatersmetropolis2  asked for it so you shall have it

apparently drawings without shadows looks good, well I wanted to try it out

ps. I haven’t drawn him in a while and always my sketches were terrible I just couldn’t catch him right …but this looks surprisingly good ..

ps2.I know that that 3 dost on his forehead are non-canonical but they were on almost all concept arts and I just love to draw them so piss off

Edit: so I’ve been told that the dots are apparently canon huh you learn something new every day